Learning from the Best. Secrets of Success – 3

Namaskar. we are continuing with the secrets of success. Now is the third principle. The third principle is Tritiiyam Guru Pujanam. It means following the teacher. Not only following, but cultivating a special attitude towards the teacher. If you want to accomplish something great You must have a great teacher. You can learn yourself, Actually yourself, you don’t learn anything yourself. you always learn from the teacher. But the teacher may be internal, the teacher may be external. If you’re tenacious and you practice concentration, at some point your conscious and subconscious mind gets still. And you come in touch with the infinite portion of yourself. That infinite portion of yourself is called Guru, the teacher. But that takes a longer time. If you have the Guru, the teacher from outside, it saves you so much time. Guru pujanam means not only following the teacher, trying to understand the teacher. But actually developing such a respect and adoration for the teacher, love for the teacher That love will create a direct pipe, a direct conduit of the knowledge and you will receive that knowledge. This principle is applicable, especially in spiritual life when you attain the Guru of the highest sort. But also it is applicable in all day to day life. When we are born, from the very beginning, we have teachers. Our first teachers are our mother, father, sister, brother. The company of the people who I am with; they are all my teacher, the school teachers. But we have to understand, that all those teachers; they are not themselves teachers. They are just conduit of a teacher. The real teacher is the Supreme Consciousness. Even in the case of mathematics, you are studying the Pythagorus, laws, Thyrium, you are studying maths, trigonometry. But that knowledge has come from the Supreme source. Many thousands years ago. And has been simply passed onward by the people. Someone has manifested that knowledge, because of the connection with the inner Infinite layers of the mind. And latter on that knowledge was repeated and transmitted through the worldly media, human beings, the worldly teachers. But actually, they are only the transmission pipe, but that knowledge is the property of the Supreme Consciousness. Every knowledge, every, spiritual and mundane. So we have to develop the reverence for the teacher, for the Supreme Teacher. and also for the conduit. it Is said, in Philosophy, it is said, “Brahma Eva Gururekah na parah”. It means only Brahma, the Absolute Consciousness is the Guru, nobody else is the Guru. Only that Brahma, only that consciousness is the guru. But when we develop the reverence for that Brahma, and also you develop the reverence for the conduit, then you you open up yourself for that knowledge. I was studying in the school and then I was very good with the subjects of literature. and subjects of Russian language. When I move to another school, I have become very bad with those subjects. And I love language. I love literature. But somehow I was not able to make a good marks. Why? Because I really hated the teacher. And the previous teacher, I was in love. I really adored her. I was really genuine in love, I really somehow, as a child, I almost worshipped her. She was such a nice lady. And with that love, the knowledge, is just coming so easily into your heart, into your mind. If you love your parents, you will learn so many things from your parents. If you love your teacher in the school, you will learn so may things. Now people will say, “I cannot respect just any body.” He has such and such and such defects. Well it is your choice. Of course every conduit, every form, every shape, has some demerits and and has some merits. And it is your choice, you may pay attention to the demerits. And as you think so you become. He will still be your teacher, but he will teach you the demerits. But if you focus on the merits, you will get the merits. You will get the knowledge. So, we need to educate our children to respect the teachers, to respect the parents. We are not the same. No, this sameness is very detrimental in the process of learning. Of course fundamentally, existentially, we are souls. There is no higher soul there is no lower soul. But in the process of learning, a disciple should adore the teacher, should respect the teacher. And may be sometimes we hate the teachers. There is a personal disagreement. There isn’t the right chemistry between us. But again, what is my choice? If I want to master the teaching, I must develop the reverence for the teacher. Without that, nothing is working. So, the reverence is very important. And if you have mastered the teaching, then you are successful. Then you are enjoying the fruits of the teaching, for your whole life. I remember in the university, there was one teacher, we were really so afraid of her, and we didn’t like, rather we disliked her. But now, I feel she gave me so much. So now I am enjoying the fruits of her action. She was doing something, I didn’t like. But now my whole life I am getting benefits from that. Is she not worthy of my respect? Is she not worthy of my reverence ? She is very much worthy. So this adoration for the teacher. And it starts from the very basic, means the success of spirituality is built in the family itself. If the child is inculcated with respect towards the parents. “I’m not your buddy. No, I am not your friend.” “Yes, we are friendly. But I am your father.” “And as a father, we will never be the same.” “You are my son, I am your father.” And as a son you adore the father. If you are able to do that, Even if the father is very bad, but still you find the goodness, and you adore, you respect, you have the reverence. So that quality will allow you to learn many things from many many teachers. You will be just so smooth and very fast in learning. And become successful in anything you do. I had difficult times with my father. But I always loved him. whatever…..I loved him. He died already, he passed away. But I really love. I have this adoration. Some how it was created. There is a story in the Mahabharata epic. You know, when you come to yoga studio, or you come to a place where they practice Karate, Kung fu, Aikido, this sort of things, the eastern arts, you will always find that there is a picture of the teacher there. Why is that so? This was my question, when I saw there is man in the frame, you know, under the glass there is a picture and people place some flowers there sometimes I don’t know why? What for? Then I ask, “Who is that?” They said, “Oh! this is Guru”. Then I said, “Are you worshipping that man?” They said “Well, He is the Guru, it is good that He is there”. “And we have respect [for Him]”. Then I said, “But why? He is just a human being”. They said a simple thing which convinced me. “As you think so you become. He is the Master”. So He embodies the teaching in Himself. He is the highest state of this path. So if you are in constantly in touch with Him, you will understand this path. You become like Him. Then I thought, that makes sense. And then latter on, the more I knew about Him, the more I came in touch with His teaching, His behaviour and His personality, the more I admired Him, I adored Him. So, I started to tell about this story in Mahabharata, There was a person, named Ekalavya. He had an intense desire to become a warrior. And he was the prince of some non Aryan tribes. The Aryan tribe was the dominating race at that time. So he approached the greatest teacher of the martial arts of that time Dronacarya, and he asked him, Guruji, please accept me, I want to learn the martial art. I want to learn especially, the archery. Then Dronacarya thought and for political reasons, he rejected him. He thought, “Oh, you know, i will train him and then latter on they will attack us. So for political reasons, he rejected. He said, “No, no, you are not from the proper bloodline. Stay away”. Then he approached several times, he still got this rejection. Still he didn’t despair, he went to the forest, then he made an image of Dronacarya, like a sculpture. He placed it there and in front of that image he started to practice archery.. Then sometime latter, there was Dronacarya, this teacher, with his best disciples, and they were practicing in the forest, they were staying in the forest. Then their dog went somewhere, some direction. It went to the camp of this Ekalavya, who was practicing archery. And then this dog was barking, so Ekalavya shot several arrows which locked with each other in such way without hurting the dog, but made the dogs mouth locked. This was the feet of archery. The dog came back, “Wooo”. Then Arjuna, the best disciple of this Dronacarya, when he saw it, he became angry. He said, “Master, you declared me as the greatest archer of this earth. I see this is your technique, but such skill, such perfection in the technic. I am not still able to master. You told me I am your best disciple. You must have another disciple who is better than me”. And Dronacarya said “I don’t know. Lets go and check”. So, they went and they saw this Ekalavya, they saw the image of Dronacarya. Then Dronacarya understood every thing. Ekalavya prostrated before him. He paid his respects. And then Dronacarya asked him, he said, “I taught you well?”. He said, “Yes master, you have taught me very well”. Then he said, “I want to payment for my teaching”. He said, “Ok, anything you want”. He said, “I want your right thumb”. That means, he will sacrifice his right thumb and he will not be able to practice his archery any more. But he was such a great man, that Ekalavya. He cut his thumb and he offered. This is an unbelievable story. And this story illustrates two [points]. A perfect disciple and a defective teacher. So there must be a perfect teacher and a perfect disciple in the spiritual sphere. Because, if the disciple is perfect, but the teacher is not perfect, the teacher may exploit, may misuse that faith. But never the less, you imagine, just imagine this, understand this. The person has such a respect, such a love, so, in that case, on the level of higher layers of the mind, you become one with the teacher, you merge. Your higher layers of the mind they merged, with the layers of the mind of the teacher. At that moment, the knowledge available to Him, becomes available to you. If you have that shraddha (reverence), towards the teacher, if you have that sincerity towards the teacher, even the teacher doesn’t know, because in the conscious level he is not aware. But in the unconscious level, all the knowledge is there. Because actually knowledge belongs to that level of existence. So, you get the knowledge of the teacher, due to that love and due to that respect. Due to that adoration. So that is the story and I have witnessed it in my life, in the life of so many other spiritual seekers. Like sometimes you know recording these videos, I am also a simple man. I don’t know anything. Sometimes I am really puzzled, especially in English I just started, but in Russian there is already a big channel and I recorded more than 500 videos. And sometimes I am thinking, “What am I going to talk about?” How much can you talk? But Youtube, he likes to eat. he likes to get my… and people demand, “Oh Dada, why you don’t release the video?” Then my assistant, he says, “Ok Dada lets go and record [a video]”. I don’t know what to speak about. So then we sit and I simply think deeply about my Guru. And then suddenly I know. I open my mouth, I say one word, then I know another word, then I know another word. And then suddenly the flow comes and I speak. And I am thinking, “Wow this was something new, This is really magic. I don’t believe till now how it happens. Just with this, I concentrate, I adore, I love, I respect, And then it start to come. Just like that. Can you imagine? So, this is it for every teacher. For your parents, for mother, father, develop that respect, develop that habit. Like in India, there is a beautiful custom; when they meet their parents they do charan sparsh pranam, they give Namaskar. They touch their feet, mother, father. This is a gesture of deep respect. I do it. I bow down my ego. Otherwise you will think, “Oh, they are out dated, they are stupid, they are old. But that is harmful for your person, because then you cannot learn anywhere. Your ego has become so strong, that it blocks you from the knowledge. You may get some superficial knowledge. but really the intuitive current of existence. will be away from you. And that is the genius of human beings. So what is the Guru? Guru, first of all is Brahma, the Supreme Consciousness. It is formless, nameless, shapeless, colourless, soundless entity. Pure knowledge. Pure flow of bliss. That is Guru. The true form of Guru. The effulgent light that permeates this universe, This is the Guru. It is there in a tiny little molecule. It is everywhere. So the universe is saturated with the principle of the Guru. That’s why the universe itself is also a teacher. When you want to learn something, the science will come together. You want to learn something, you want to know something. You know, somebody will turn on the radio for few seconds. And then you get your answer. Like I came to Taiwan, and I was really protesting that I got this direction, ‘you go there, do something there’. So, I was talking to my Guru internally, “Why did you send me there?” “I don’t want.” “I don’t know the language what will I do?” Actually it is a long story, I make it short. Somehow, I could not explain to the taxi driver, where I needed to go, then i have to call my friend, and my friend explain. So I am sitting in the taxi very very, like this very grumpy, and I am thinking, I am talking internally, “Why, why ,why, why?” And then suddenly, there was some Chinese music, suddenly the taxi driver tunes to another channel, and there is some English going on. And there is a song, it says, “Go, you are my son.” “You are the harmony, and you are the melody,” “Go, you are in my mind.” And then he turned to the Chinese [channel]. Then I thought, “Wow, its ok, its ok, I go, no problem.” So this feeling, sometimes you have the internal question, you get [the answer] in a book, you get from some person, a child will tell you something. The Universe talks to you. So this is one expression, manifestation. So, if the sincerity is there to learn, the universe is always feeling to teach. It’s only when you block, you don’t want to learn, then universe will say, “Ok, I wait until it cannot wait.” “Then I will still teach you, nicely.” So,this is one manifestation. Another manifestation is your conscience. If you go within and you listen to yourself, you listen to your innermost heart; you will know, this is true, this is not true. One of my friends, he said, “You know, after years of meditation, I learnt to listen to my heart.” “And it is very peculiar, even sometimes I take a book, and I just feel, no, this is not right.” Just to that extent. And you just know, what is right, what is wrong. That is the Guru inside of you. So universe and your conscience is one. If you understand that inner, you will understand the universe. If you understand the universe, you will understand that inner. And then, there is also an embodiment. When the Supreme Consciousness comes, and manifest Himself, in the form of a human being. Do you know how the parrot is taught? Its taught to speak. Parrot not supposed to speak. its supposed to “kwa, kwa” do these things. But people, human beings, they teach the parrot. So they place a mirror in front of the parrot and behind the mirror they speak. So the parrot, see himself in the mirror and listening to the human speech, will start to imitate the human speech. So, in the same way, actually Guru is God. Guru is the Supreme Entity. But, it manifests as a human being. Manifests as father, as your mother, as your teacher of mathematics.. And teaches you. I don’t know if you follow it or not, you understand it or not. And there is a special manifestation also. When a person has got a spiritual elevation, what does it mean? It means that you have got such an immense discipline of the mind, you tamed your ego in such a way that ego completely surrender to the Supreme Entity. You listen to your heart so much that you have become a slave of your heart. You are a servant of that Supreme Entity within yourself. When you did so much spiritual practice, that your mind has merged with your spirit. And there is no more difference in what you think, and what you feel in your heart. And what is the truth of the universe. So, that state is the Guru. And sometimes, there is a special Guru. When a mystic who has attained that status, he decides not to merge finally with the Supreme, but come again and again to serve the humanity, being one with the Supreme Consciousness. And next birth he is born already with that knowledge. He doesn’t have to do spiritual practice, but He does it to set the example for the public. So, that sort of Guru is called Parameshti Guru or the Supreme Guru. And when you think of him, when you meditate on Him, its just like going into the mind with the jewels. You take all the jewels and there is no shortage. There is such an abundance of knowledge, and inspiration and everything. So, how to find such a Guru ? It’s a big question. I was so sad and so rebellious in the childhood, from 12 years of age, I wanted to practice meditation. Somehow, I don’t know how, in my childhood I was sitting also like this, And I was trying to do something. But I wanted, there was an acute and strong desire. I wanted to do meditation. So I got several books and I tried to do, you know, according to those book, but in those very books it was said that, “You should not practice these practices without a Guru.” So, then I thought, for God’s sake, then what is this book for? Where in Siberia will I find a Guru? How the Guru will come to me ? How I will come to the Guru? As a child of 12 years old, I was fantasising how I will cross the mountains and go to India and I will find my master there? Then, you know, I think this is so difficult to cross all these borders and passports and visa this was a little bit fantastic. This was very painful in my heart. I so desperately need a Guru, a teacher. But there is no way. But you know it takes the maturity, Ones the desire becomes mature, Ones you go through experiences in life, and you realise that what ever you do, creates hell. I tried myself to be happy, I tried many things but it didn’t work. And now I understand, those attempts were futile and I need some higher power, that will show me the true path. And I know like, I am not satisfied any more. with that type of happiness, that you know our, you know comforts, it’s not enough for me. I am yearning for the spiritual sphere, for liberation, for spiritual liberation. There are so many bondages. I want to tear apart those bondages. Become free. Once you get that yearning in your heart, then the Guru will appear, right at that moment. And when you have this idea, you know, take my hand, bring me forward. I will just go with you. I don’t want to go myself, I want to come with you. I want to surrender to you. I want to follow you. At that moment God manifests Himself as a teacher before you. And that teacher, if your desire is pure, if your desire is something else, something for your ego, then such a teacher will appear, who will not teach you the pure path. But if your desire is purely to attain the Supreme Consciousness to attain God, to attain this purity, then such teacher will appear, who is perfect. So, we say, Muktyákaunkśáyá sadgurupráptih. And then one day what happened, I was you know, going through a crisis of my young age, I was 18 years old, And i was experimenting with many things, drinking, smoking and you know, things of youth-hood. And then I felt so empty, then I was praying to God internally and I was saying, “If you exist, show me the way out.” “I just know, I must have a teacher.” “And I must have a path.” So I told to God, “Either you kill me,” “kill me, don’t wait, kill me right now.” “Or you give me the teaching the path.” “And give me the teacher.” And I requested, “But it should be the best teacher and the best path.” In one week, I met this meditation, Baba Nam Kevalam, I start to practice and I felt so good. You know, doing that, I just felt there is a seed of truth there. My mind is crude, I was not able to grasp their magnificence of that practice. But I felt something is there. So, I was very inspired. And then in half an year, my Dada came. Then he initiated me and he brought me in touch with my Guru. With my real Master, my spiritual Master. That opportunity is still there. If you have really the pure desire in your heart, it’s always there, it always will be there. He is always for human beings. Those who yearn for Him, He comes to them. To teach them, because only He, only the Supreme Entity knows His secrets. Nobody else knows. Nobody else understands. Human beings don’t understand. We don’t understand a fraction of what God is. Only God Himself can teach you. So, that is why, there is a process of initiation. Initiation is the moment when you take the hand of the Guru, and the Guru takes your hand. At that moment you receive the mantra, personal mantra. the sound that connects you with infinity, with immortality. So that in the spiritual sense, Guru is so important. in the worldly sense it may be important, nowadays all the all the business coaches they say, “You must have a teacher. You must have a teacher.” “If you want to be successful, find the best person, find the expert.” And it is so important. “Don’t loose time, find the best.” And in spiritual life, it has been so important for eternity. The relationship of the Guru and disciple is so important. And you have to have some intuition, like sometimes, we come in touch with the Guru, but intuition is not developed. So you feel Him is an ordinary being. You don’t feel anything. But then as you develop, like my friend, he said, “You know, if you would be just a little more intuitionally developed” Every time, we see the photo of our Master, we would do prostration. And I agree with him. Because when I am in that state, When I do very good meditation. When I, yes, there. Then when i see the picture of the Guru, I don’t see the man, I see the Infinite. And actually it is like that. that form, that shape is only that mirror before the parrot. So the moment can go beyond the shape, beyond that name, beyond that everything, you find that you are connected. And you are That. Inside of you, you are the same thing. So, the Spiritual path is nothing in short, the spiritual path is following after the Guru. There is no other definition of the spiritual path. It is not meditation, not asanas is not these things They are superficial things. They don’t matter. You know, of course on rational path, Guru designs the most, you know, fast path and meditation every thing all this is useful. But even if the Guru will say that, “You sit and bump the wall like this.” You will do that and you will get enlightened through that. Because enlightenment comes with the Grace of the Guru. But, Guru is the most rational entity. so every thing comes rational. It doesn’t come, the whimsical strange way. Everything comes rationally. So the spiritual path is following the Guru. And it is two things. Follow your heart. Don’t betray your heart. Listen to your heart. The heart tells you the right things. Before you are able to follow the heart, you have to develop a great discipline of the mind. Because I saw, “Oh! May be Guru is telling me to marry that person.” No, not necessarily. ” I’m feeling that in my heart”. No no no no. This is your undisciplined emotions and instincts pressurising you. And you would like to mix the desirable with the actual. You try to understand, you try to feel that. “May be this is His will.” So, before you really feel the Will of the Parama Purusa, the Supreme Consciousness, you have to go through the meticulous, tedious process of the discipling of your mind, mastering all your emotions and instincts. And then you get a sense of that, get the taste of your heart. You get the taste of that viveka, that discrimination power. And that is your Guru. You follow that. Don’t betray your heart. To learn to listen to your heart, you have to follow Yama and Niyama principles. And different disciplines. And for that you need an external Guru. The external Guru represents the teaching. He was born, He lived. He lived by His teaching, He has demonstrated them in practical reality, And may be He is gone already. But that personality, that event in history is never gone. He is like Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ; they have left on this planet, on the collective unconscious of this planet, such an impact, such an imprint, can never be forgotten. And when you are in touch with those personalities, you get their guidance. Same way, I have got my teacher. Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti, When I’m with Him. He has left such a tremendous impact on the collective unconscious by His presence. So, external teacher is the disciplines, is the practices that He transfers to you. You follow that, you’re following the external teacher. And then slowly slowly everything, external teacher, internal teacher, the universe; everything becomes one. You just know. You acquire this ability to understand, what is right and what is wrong. So, I hope, I spoke so much actually. This topic is so vast, I can talk another 9 hours, another 10 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days. And telling the stories and telling the examples, because this is the practical. It is not like I’m taking something is out of my head. This has been the last 21 years of my life. That has been such an alive experience. So, the 3rd principle of success is to follow the teacher. First of all, develop the ability to follow the teacher, and then the teacher will come. Develop the ability to respect, to love. Whatever, if you hate the teacher in your school, or in your university or somewhere; develop the ability to love that teacher, to respect, to find the treasures that he is giving to you. Adore him for that and then you are ready for the spiritual path. Thank you very much, Namaskar.