Lenovo’s fall 2019 Yoga lineup

yes we are taking a look at Lenovo’s
refresh yoga lineup for laptops they look the same very different though we
are gonna kick this off right here with the yoga C 7:40 14 inches as a yoga it
does it’s a full 360 laptop you can see that that’s the beautiful thing about
yoga’s some of them anyway taipei will score the ports type a USBC blah blah
blah this though is a great the app top for somebody who’s looking for we’re the
good performance really nice premium aluminum back lid cover inside Intel’s
air-quote 10th gen quad-core CPU basically whiskey like you on steroids
folks a beautiful 14 inch IPS panel 300 nits about a sixty one hour battery good
keyboard decent trackpad fingerprint reader I believe there may be a Windows
Hall option using a single optic for everything the deal on the C 744 teenage
great price it’s basically eight hundred and sixty nine bucks probably for eight
gigs 256 storage so you’re getting basically kind of like a premium laptop
for a not premium price so lonoa says you know what we know a
lot of people like big screens they don’t really need all our performance of
discrete graphics and a 6 core CPU voila Lenovo yoga C 740 15.6 inch screen up to
optional 500 nits panel it’s a lot of brightness in a laptop inside a quad
core quote air-quote 10th Gen Intel parts integrated graphics let’s pick it
up and take a look again fully 360 design there is touch and very
reasonably priced basically it’s a big version of the 14 15 inches 849 for this
laptop a fingerprint reader and full numpad and importantly which I don’t see
in a lot of Taiwanese manufacturers but in this laptop they paid Edition this is
how you do it numerically make the 0 big enough so your thumb hits it when you’re
working in accounting but you like hey I want something a little more oomph in it
a little more power you get this yoga C 9:40 this is the yoga C 747 smaller than
nine cease 9:40 is the premium design you get that with this nice sound bars
actually the speakers are integrated in here I believe inside ninth gen insole H
part so basically this is an h-class CP you should take up to a coffee like
refresh so 6:00 or probably a nerf date core part if you really want to I don’t
know if they’re gonna offer that option but it will it’s going to be a lot more
performance because you’re going to get a 9th Gen H part it also comes with an
optional 4k panel up to 500 nits and there’s also an F HD panel ddr4 and
because you want it you’re also going to get a geforce gtx 1650 GPU so this is
basically a sort of a convertible version or competitor to you know other
15-inch laptops XPS 15 and the like but you’re getting so you’re getting six
core cpu you’re getting a discrete graphics but you are also getting a
convertible 360 design now this is a cool feature I can find it right here
there’s an integrated Wacom base stylus so it has a built in digitizer for the
pin and a dock for it should be compatible with other Wacom pens as well
if you don’t want it this particular laptop because you’re getting that
faster processor you’re getting that GPU 1709 so you’re paying a little more but
look at that cool speaker you get there so here is the new hotness here the big
question mark hopefully we’ll be seeing reviews of laptops based on this lenovo
c 940 again remember see 748 69 great deal but see 747 40 smaller than 940
this is the newness the yoga C 940 14 inch panel there is a 4k option 2 F HD
option up to 500 nits on the 4k 400 nits on the FHD option like the big laptop
here it also has Wacom support with a built-in dock for the Wacom pen let’s
dig that out right there folks and support can’t lose it cuz it’s in
here big difference here this is an actual 10th gen into a part based on
Intel’s new 10 nanometer processor ice Lake you iris graphics unlike the other
laptop some of these are ddr4 most classic ultrabooks are still lpddr3 this
one uses lpddr4 ex so you should get decently better memory bandwidth out of
this part to go with that brand new 10th gen cpu base level I’m gonna guess
getting you probably eight gigs an i5 probably and the 256 gig SSD 1249 that’s
my guess I don’t have the exact price in front of me they don’t quite have that
force yet but pretty decently priced for 10 cent part and here’s the good news
Internet I know you want to hear this I asked Lenovo or any of the SSDs in
here soldered lenovo said no why would you do that that was a dig at Dell but
anyway so C’s 940 14-inch 747 40 15-inch 940 15-inch take your poison a lot of
people can be a little confused because you have 10th gen these kind of you know
lower end laptops you have the brand new attention what is the difference this is
the core i5 1034 g4 with iris graphics 10 nanometer brand new Korres brand new
graphics cores 10 nanometer built-in Thunderbolt all the new hotness this is
basically whiskey Lake you which is pretty much KB Lake our core i5 you sit
down for this one 0 to 1 0 you 5 digits old stuff 4 digits for the new stuff so
I think if you want the new hotness you go for this one it’s gonna cost you more
but honestly folks if you’re not if you don’t need it you sitting there running
chrome in office this is way more than you need so but still why is this tent
Jen I don’t know I would consider this more like 9.25 GN if anything but we’ll
see we’ll see when we get performance numbers at this point though still 869
that’s a lot of laptop lumen so let’s not dishonor it’s more an Intel
of anything but this is the hotness if you’re looking for the brand-new thing
you got to have it