Move Your Body: Yoga Poses for Back Pain and Strength

Hi everyone Sandy Dillon wellness
program assistant manager for Medcor at corporate. One of our four guiding
health principles is movements move your body. Move your body each and every day and enjoy the health benefits of physical activity now and down the road. One of the many ways
that we get our movement in is through yoga. Decreasing back pain and increasing back strength are two of the many benefits that yoga has to offer. Two of
the poses I will be showing you today are half lord of the fish and our locust
pose. You’re gonna begin by having a seat right in front of you and let’s begin by
extending our legs straight out flexing both of your feet sitting up nice and
tall on both of your glutes your shoulders are drawn back and you are
bracing your core we’ll begin by bending our right knee and begin by crossing
your right leg over your left now you may do a modified version such as Jackie
is showing with your left leg straight out in front or begin by bending your
left foot flexing your left foot and planting down
your right foot begin by crossing your elbow over your knee and begin by doing
a giant turn and looking away spreading your fingers nice and wide sitting up
nice and tall taking a breath in through the nose out
through the mouth one more time inhale exhale inhale and exhale go ahead and come
right towards the front and gently begin to uncross that right leg and gently
begin to uncross the left leg sitting up nice and tall the next move is going to
be your locust pose so please come down flat onto your tummy go ahead and take your arms out to the
side there is no arching of your neck to begin with and your eyes are looking
down at your mat please go ahead and separate your legs about two to three
inches apart pointing your toes if you can palms are facing up and you’re
separating your fingers shoulders are down and back you gently begin to lift
your arms and lift your legs at the same time slightly looking in front of you
slight micro bend of your back as well as your neck let’s go ahead and glue our
fingers together pressing your palms up pointing your toes straightening out
your legs we take a deep breath in we take a deep breath out again inhale
exhale inhale and exhale gently begin to lower
down let’s turn our left cheek on to our mats taking a little breath and we’re
gonna go one more time into that pose let me begin to lift your arms lift your
legs looking slightly in front of you again two breaths in exhale out one more
time inhale exhale inhale nose exhale mouth that gently
begin to lower turning your right cheek closing your eyes if you would like to
and we gently begin to lift that head back up to center go ahead and take your
hands right underneath your shoulders elbows are tight to your ribcage and
gently begin to press both palms into the mat and begin to lift that body all
the way up into your table pose and then let’s head all the way back into your
Child’s Pose your restorative pose dropping your forehead your forearms and your elbows to poses for decreasing back pain and increasing back strength. Have a
beautiful day, namaste.