My Experience Tidying with KonMari: Clothes | Marie Kondo & The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Hey guys! Some of you said you were interested in seeing
my tidying journey, so I thought I’d make this video showing the
clips I’ve taken throughout my process of decluttering and reorganizing my closet. Before we get into it, I just want to preface
it with this: you know, decluttering is not a pretty process. It’s not that easy for me to show my mess to the world. But you know, I’m okay with that. I just want to be honest and share my journey, and hopefully that will
inspire and empower some of you to declutter your life and refresh, and be
happier with a new lifestyle. I spent an entire Sunday tackling tidying. I think I did tops, bottoms, and hung clothes on that Sunday. I just started the process of asking myself:
Does this spark joy? And at first it was really difficult. I didn’t really know what I was feeling about
certain pieces. I mean, some pieces I knew definitely, “Yes,
I love this piece because I’ve worn it recently and I want to keep it.” But there were some pieces that I was kind
of apathetic about and I was like, “I don’t feel anything. Maybe that means I don’t feel joy, but at the same time I feel like it would
be a waste to discard it.” That process of asking whether it sparks joy
was kind of difficult for me in the beginning. As I went on and I started decluttering tops,
bottoms, hung clothes, I found that there were some clothes that
used to make me happy but don’t make me happy anymore because they’re
a little too worn in now or I just got tired of them. I may have liked them a couple years ago and it used to be my favorite item. It gave me a lot of joy then, but I realize that it doesn’t give me joy
anymore. And so with those items, it felt really good to be able to put them
in the discard pile, release them, and say, “Thank you for giving me so much joy while
you were with me. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. I’m ready to let you go. Peace out.” That felt really good. There were a lot of clothes that were maybes,
so I had a Maybe pile that I went back to at the end to decide whether
it sparks joy. Because in the beginning, your intuition is
not that strong so if you really don’t know about a certain piece, you can put it in a
Maybe pile and then come back to it when your intuition is a little bit stronger. After that epic day of tidying, the rest of
my tidying journey was found in little pockets of time in the following two and a half weeks just
because I had other work that I wanted to do, and you have to keep a balance. Next time I tidied, I think I started folding
and putting away my pants, putting away my hung clothes. And the tops were a huge pile that I actually
didn’t deal with until after I finished a couple other categories
just because it took a long time to fold the tops. I think I took about three or four hours folding
tops and putting them away. I remember thinking to myself as I was folding
all the tops that I could still probably discard some more, because I just feel like
I have so many. So if you get that feeling, feel free to continue
to discard stuff. The following categories were smaller so I
could discard and organize in a day. So I did my socks, underwear, and accessories
in one day, I believe. Also hats are kind of tricky. I feel like hats take up so much space, so I didn’t know what to do with them. Eventually I tried to put hats in hats, kind of how Kondo tells you to put bags in
bags just to save space. Once I finished most of the categories, I
only had one category left and that was shoes and I kind of procrastinated to tackle that
one on because the shoes were the last little thing that I was afraid to tackle, basically. I think I had about a week break before I
tackled my shoes. Shoes are just difficult because they’re heavy
and when you’re tidying shoes, you gotta work physically. You’re bending down, you picking things up, you’re stepping over all these other shoes,
and trying to get from here to there. They’re just-they take up a lot of space. I definitely had some sentimental moments with my shoes because I used to dance hip
hop and I have some shoes that I wore to the death of them in college,
dancing. Here are a pair of my favorite creative recs in college. I wore them so much, I thought they looked
so cool. And I danced so hard in them that there’s
a hole in the sole. [Sigh] I was so sad when I saw that hole. I would’ve worn those shoes forever. With pieces like that, they meant a lot to
me and it’s hard to get rid of them. But I know that it’s not giving me value in
my life anymore. It’s just sitting there. So with those kind of pieces I took as many
photos and video clips as I could, and when I put it in the discard pile, I genuinely
said, “Thank you for all that you’ve done with me in my life. I’m going to let you go. Have a nice life. Bye.” It felt really fun to do that with some of
my shoes. I think in the end, I threw out half of my shoe collection. I kept around 40 shoes and I threw away 39
shoes. Throughout this cleaning process, I had my
discard pile left in my brother’s room because he’s not living there right now; he’s
in college. So I had just piles and piles of clothes in there, and after I finally discarded my
shoes, I decided to tackle on my discard pile, start folding them up and deciding which ones
to donate, which ones to throw away. This is what I am donating. There’s one big pink bag, then the rest are
smaller bags. I guess there’s six small bags and one big
bag. And that black bag over there is just trash. These are just some shoes that I want to donate. Basically, through this tidying journey, I’ve
gotten rid of half of my wardrobe and half of my shoe collection. I think that’s the ratio for me. I’d like to know, as you guys are tidying, what’s the ratio
for you? How much of your stuff are you discarding and giving away? I’ve kind of taken a break for a couple weeks on tidying just because other plans are getting
in the way, but I’m definitely not going to give up. I’m going to finish tidying eventually. Kondo says that to tidy in one dramatic swoop usually takes people around six months, so
it’s not an immediate process. But if you think about it, six months out
of your entire life is a short amount of time. So keep at it, keep doing it, keep going at
your own pace. You know, keep a balance in your life, do
what you gotta do, but tidy as much as you can on the side. I think the most important thing is that you just don’t give up. Eventually you’re going to finish through
the categories and you’re going to feel even more and more
fresh after completing each category. Alright that’s it for this video. Let me know how your tidying journey is going. I’d love to know. And in the meantime, I will see you in my
next video. Bye!