Navdha Guru Bhakti Yoga ( नवधा गुरु भक्ति योग ) – Swami Shivanandji Sarswati | Sant Asaram Bapu ji

Swami Sivananda has described the 9 fold path of devotion to the Guru just like in Ramayana Should read the book Guru Bhakti Yoga and practise it steadfastly. should be interested in the practise second , imbibe the thoughts and deeds of the Guru in his own deeds with faith No matter how dumb or stupid , he’ll cross the ocean of the material world third , should start doing according to the orders of the Guru Should try his level best to complete the orders of the Guru I am reading this out now , but all this has happened in my life due to Guru’s grace A senior disciple of my Guru told me , “Guruji has asked you to take these tourists to China peak ” I agreed although I had never gone there myself We left before sunrise. He had just moved a few miles when the weather worsened Hailstorm , strong winds , fog , rains People were coming back Those who were with me too wanted to back out . I said ,”No , it is Guru’s order to make you see China peak” Sometimes I would beg , other times say a few words , get angry.This way we would move 10-25 steps and they would get tired and would sit down All were fat The effort to make them agree to walk was even more than what I had done to please God God used to get pleased very easily After so much begging & pleading , we reached the top at 2 PM , we had left at 6 AM The weather cleared .All the tourist had run away They saw it very clearly & nicely On returning downhill , they were ahead of me & reached Guruji earlier Guruji asked What happened. They said we saw China peak Guruji-But the weather was bad how did you reach They narrated the whole story Your discple Asharam …OMG For me it was Guru’s order.That to not direct orders,someone else told me They must have told Sai (Lilashaji Maharaj – Bapuji’s Guru) .They have their own ways Like one throws out fly from the milk ,in the same way all the seniors were trying to throw me out of the ashram I was the only junior It was all seniors vs me , still I used to tolerate everything & stay happy.Never was I upset Sometimes Guruji would get influenced and would get a bit angry but I was never saddened . Guruji knows everything , it’ll be alright and later when the truth used to come out Guruji was touched & would say – Why didnt you speak up earlier. Guruji would then shower His grace even more It would seem from outside that terrible atrocities were being done on me but I let them torment me. Om Guru , My Guru …Whatever happens it is good Guruji – So you saw China Peak ? bad weather , hails Tourists – Sai your Asharam …OMG… he is stickier than even the most stickiest of things It is Sai’s order .Sometime would beg , other times would do satsanga …somehow he he delivered us to that place your Asharam Sai – Then what happened Tourists- As soon as we went there the weather cleared Sai – One who obeys the Guru , even nature obeys him. From now on even nature will follow his orders O! Guru Maharaj , You have granted me a boon which I could never have even thought of. I didnt have the guts to say , that nature should obey me I never had done any such penance . But the conspiracy against me became a boon for me Sai to tourists – He obeyed His Guru , now nature will obey Him I didnt have the audacity to ask for such a thiing , but Guruji didnt hesitate to grant me what more can I speak for such a Guru the word GURU is destroyer of sins uttering ‘GU’ destroys sins ‘RU’ opens the doors of spirituality ‘GU’ brings out the opulence of oneness of soul & God one of Lord Narayan’s name is GURU O ! Guru , Om Guru , Om Guru One who utters ‘GURU’ even once his sins are destroyed And this Guru Poonam a.k.a Ashadhi Purnima marks the first day of the yuga (cosmic cycle) So 9 types of devotion towards the Guru have been described by Shivanand Saraswati 1.Reading the book ‘GuruBhaktiyoga’ 2. Ultimate faith in the deeds & thoughts of Guru 3. Try his level best to fulfill Guru’s tasks I did my level best to show the tourists China peak , which was my Guru’s orders it is now that I am reading that one should try his level best & what did I get in return … The nature will obey you since you have obeyed your Guru Rains happen 4. Should bow down to his Guru solemnly not for showing off and chant the mantra given by the Guru , respectfully It should not be like , chanting just for the sake of doing it 5 . Serve without excepting anything in return I hadn’t gone to my Guru in return for some boon , It was Guru’s orders so I followed it Guruji will be pleased he’ll grant me a boon such unfortunate thoughts never crossed my mind Guruji showered His grace One who expect anything in return donot excel in their allotted fields Guruji has said this is enough,I have got a chance to do it 6 . Mental worship Though I read it just know , I was doing this earlier as well mentally bathe , wipe Him dry , apply Tilak on our Guru Mental worship is 100 times more meritorious than physical worship And this is very easy .On the other hand bring ritual materials , chant mantras for physical worship while the merit is 100 times more I didnot knew this beforehand , but something urged me from the inside & I used to do it 7 . Contribute Body , mind & money in the divine works of the Guru 8 . Meditating on the form of Guru not only the physical body of the Guru but moving a step forward and meditating on the nature of the Guru Guru is vast , infinite , divine , immortal , Conscious ,formless , free from the senses It has nicely been described in the book Narayan Stuti (published by ashram) The nature of Narayan & Brahma is same as that of Guru .The nature of Guru is same as that of Narayan & Brahma 9.Listening to the discourses and living life according to it Whatever has been heard from the Guru , follow it without perfidy There are many who give discourses as an occupation instead whatever has been heard telling it to others & in the process wishing good for them GuruBhaktiYoga has been accomplished In this Kaliyuga , there are problems associated with other spiritual paths & one might get corrupted but in GuruBhaktiYoga , there is no effect of problems as such & no chance of getting corrupted Gurudev takes care of everything You just heard the 9 fold path of Gurubhaktiyoga