Not your typical farmers market

[Music] [Music] – Salam [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] time to leave my plants yeah I’m gonna dust them when I come back home quick updates so this might be crooked but I’m late I just prepared for the workshop I’m giving this afternoon I just made almond coconut butter I toasted the elements real quickly and I got avani almonds and they are so good like they taste like real almonds they even like the shape of them they’re not like perfectly shaped I’m gonna share their city soon I’m gonna go teach a yoga class and then after that I’m gonna go – and – and I love it – the place is so beautiful I’m so excited to show it to you I’m going to Rome on this next Saturday I’m so excited yeah I’m gonna be just in salalah I got so many messages from people it’s so sweet like my knees are the nicest sweetest kindest people ever so thank you so much for everyone [Music] oh this place is so cool [Music] [Music] and I made [Music] I love these pants they are yoga pants just them up or just them for yoga pants and they are so so comfortable because like right now after getting used to an yoga pants all the time cannot stand wearing jeans I don’t have a single pair of jeans so yeah I love these the fabric is so nice and then just like when I went and for the workshop I just changed my shirt I think I think I might be vlogging tomorrow too but I might separate these two videos I don’t know I want to keep the ball of vlogs like super short like six minutes and so and that book there and we’re getting right now there was a story where I kind of find this story there’s insults 64 so usually when I’m reading a book the first page I would write the page number and then next to it I would write the title or the code that I hadn’t that inspired me or whatever it is so for this one page 64 I wrote insults so now I know so if I wanted to remember it or if I wanted to share it like in this video if I wanted to share in a blog post or something like that I can easily find it and then when I go to the page you can see it highlighted right away or like I don’t like to highlight highlight so yeah that piece when I was reading it and made me think of the comments that I get and how sometimes the critique that I get is obviously painful um I try to like see it from different perspectives but now I am actually like very grateful for all the negative like I don’t like to call them negative because honestly they’re not negative comments like I can I learned so much from them and I learned to grow from them so yeah this is the book I haven’t finished it yet but so far it is amazing [Music]