One Month of Yoga – Episode 2  | Bharti Yoga

One Month of Yoga – Episode 2 | Bharti Yoga

Hey guys welcome to day two of one month
of yoga. Before starting today’s practice I would suggest you keep a
scarf or belt handy as you might need as a prop today once you have that we are
ready to start today’s routine may the force be with you let’s start by sitting in a relaxed
cross-legged sitting position ground your hip bones and try to keep your back
straight even pop up below below your hips if you are having trouble keeping
your back straight gently close your eyes now let’s take a
few deep breaths to Center ourselves calm our mind and prepare ourselves for
the yoga practice today feel your abdomen and chest expand as
you breathe in and feel them fall in as you exhale slowly open your eyes now bring your
arms in front of you at shoulder level we’ll do some wrist fetches now as you
inhale rotate your hands up so that your fingers point towards the ceiling as you
exhale rotate them down towards the floor try to keep the hands as straight
as possible and rotate from the wrists we hold a lot of tension in our wrists
as we text over our smartphones and type over our laptops for long durations
these stretches will help release some of that tension now rotate your right
hand so that the palm faces up bring the hand down and pull it back with your
left hand stay here for a breath and then release do the same for the left
hand then let go now form a fist with both
hands and start rotating the fists in outward direction try to make the
rotations as big as possible and keep breathing normally then rotate the risks
inward it’s funny how sometimes even such small movement and takes so much
effort now slowly let go and just shake out your hands now let’s come into a
tabletop position bring your arms below your shoulders and
knees below the hips keep the fingers spread out and press the entire palm
onto the ground as you inhale let your belly fall down roll your shoulders back
and extend your neck up to create a nice stretch through your spine
as you exhale reverse that curl the spine pushing the navel into the back
and gazing towards the navel let’s repeat this a few times
as you inhale slowly extend up and then as you exhale curl down this is a great
stretch to start off a yoga practice as it helps an opening of the back and
elongating the spine let’s do one last one inhale extend up
exhale curl down then come back to neutral position bring your left hand
right below your head as you inhale swing your right hand up and gaze up
towards the ceiling you can let your right arm fall further back if you want
to feel a deeper stretch in the back then as you exhale sweep the right arm
below the left arm keep extending till your right shoulder touches the ground
you should feel a nice twist in your spine keep breathing in this position
and then come back and repeat on the other side Center your right arm below
the head as you inhale take your left arm up as you exhale bring it below the
right arm into a twist twists in general are create for any BAC
related problems as he helped in massaging the spinal cord and bring it
back to its natural position now come back to all fours take a deep breath
here and as you exhale push the flow with your feet and your hands to come
into a downward dog position in the beginning let’s keep our legs bent keep
your fingers spread out and position them such that your index finger points
forward keep your feet spread across the entire hands and not just the heel of
the hand keep pushing your chest towards your thighs such that the tailbone is
always extending up towards the ceiling now straighten just your left leg and
feel the stretch along the back of your left leg then slowly bend your left leg
and straighten the right leg breathe into the stretch you feel in the right
leg now keep alternating the legs a few
times and feel the hamstrings and carbs slowly opening up remember to keep
breathing normally finally try to straighten both the legs
together and touch the heel on the floor then drop your knees and come back to
tabletop position push your hips back and come into
Child’s Pose bring your big toes together and let the
knees spread wide just take a few relaxing breaths here now come up interlace your fingers
behind your back then drop your neck back and start curving your spine just
breathe into the back bend here then slowly start folding forward keeping the
hands behind try to get your hands as high as possible and feel the nice
opening of the chest and shoulders slowly release the hands bring them down
and come into Child’s Pose now time to get up we will start with
the dynamic twist called catty chakrasana stand with your feet hip distance apart
with toes pointing in front take a deep breath in and as you exhale start
listing to the right keep the left hand on the right shoulder and trap the right
hand behind the back come back and repeat for the left side as you exhale
twist to the left keeping the right hand on the left shoulder and left hand
wrapped back come back now let’s repeat this a few times on each side in quick
succession z’ exhale twist inhale come back exhale twist inhale come back make
sure you keep your entire feet firmly on the ground we have a tendency to lift
the heels so avoid doing that awesome now come to the top of the mat stand
with your feet together and hands on either sides as you inhale extend your
arms up into a mini backbend as you exhale bend forward trying to
keep your back straight and hinging from the hips
as you inhale come up into a half Bend with your back straight you can rest
your hands on your shins then as you exhale Bend back down it’s okay to keep
your knees bent initially as you inhale bring your hands to the floor and take
your right leg back into a low lunge here you have the option of lowering
your right knee to the ground if you are finding it too difficult to keep it up
keep your left knee stacked over the left ankle you can swing forward and
backwards a bit to get used to the stretch you feel in your right leg then
place your hands firmly on the ground and as you exhale come into a downward
dog take a deep breath in and out here as you inhale start rolling your body
forward to come into a high plank so that your shoulders come right above
your hands as you exhale drop your knees followed by our chest and chin to come
into a stand Namaskar pose in this pose only your knees chest chin should be
touching the ground apart from your feet and hands then as you inhale start
moving forward and extend your chin up to come into a cobra pose here again we
tend to crunch up our shoulders so make sure your shoulders are rolled back as
you exhale come back into downward dog bring your right leg in between the arms
into a low lunge then bring your left leg into thumb into
a forward fold as you inhale come into a half Bend and
then exhale back into the forward fold finally take a deep breath in and extend
all the way up into a standing pose again
inhale extend up exhale bend forward inhale half Bend exhale fold forward inhale take the left leg back to come
into a low lunge exhale take the right leg back to come into a downward dog inhale come into a high plank exhale
drop down into the knee chest chin inhale slight forward into a cobra pose
exhale come into a downward dog inhale bring the left leg in to come into a low
lunge exhale bring the right leg in to come
into a forward bend inhale come into a half Bend exhale fold forward inhale all
the way up if you are comfortable with Surya Namaskar and you feel like doing a
more intense workout today you have the option of pausing the video here doing
maybe one more set of Surya Namaskar and then meeting us back here otherwise
let’s continue now take a big step back pivot your right foot and open your hips
to the side such that your right foot is parallel to the back of the mat bring
your arms on either sides such that they are parallel to the floor now start
bending your left knee and align it right above the left ankle
this is warrior two pose take a few breaths here make sure your left knee is
not falling inverts so keep pushing it out one way to check your alignment is
to be able to see the left big toe in front of the left knee now maintaining
the position of the lower body start building the upper body forward till you
can rest your left arm on the left thigh try to keep the right arm hip and leg
all in one straight line and look up keep breathing normally and then slowly
come back to warrior two and straighten the left leg then pivots the right foot
towards the right and bring the left foot parallel to the front of the mat
now let’s do warrior two on the right side bring your arms parallel to the
floor and start bending the right knee maintain the alignment of the right knee
over the right ankle and take a few deep breaths here then start tilting forward
and thumb into a side angle pose now come back to warrior two and
straighten your right leg now rotate your entire body to the right
by 90 degrees to face the back of the mat keep the legs spread out and point
the feet words the back of the mat bring your hands to the hips take a deep
breath in as you exhale start folding forward keeping a straight back now you
can stay here in this half bent position if you are already feeling an intense
stretch in your right hamstring otherwise you can drop your hands down
take a deep breath in and then as you exhale fold further down again as you
inhale come to a flat back position and then exhale down slowly rise all the
way back up turn around and let’s repeat this on the other side at your own pace now lie down in shavasana and get your
breath back slowly rise up and come into a sitting
position with your feet extended forward bring your hands behind your hips and
fold your knees to bring the feet on the floor then take a deep breath in and as
you exhale push the floor with your hands and feet to come into a reverse
tabletop position let your head drop back keep your core tight and keep
pushing the hips up towards the ceiling stay here for a few breaths and then
slowly come down let’s do this one more time inhale deeply and then as you
exhale push up now you can stay here if you want to challenge yourself further
you can walk your legs out and thumb into a reverse plank otherwise this
thing here is completely fine slowly come back bring both your feet together in front
of you like in butterfly pose and then just fold forward to get your bread back you now come into a cross-legged sitting
position bring your arms on either sides cross your right arm over your left arm
and interlace your arms to bring the palms together if you’re not able to
bring your palms together just join the back of your hands lift your elbows up
and your arms out and away from you now just breathe deeply into the stretch you
feel between your shoulder blades slowly release and shake your arms side to side
now bring your left hand over your right and interlace your arms keep your elbows
up this is an excellent stretch to release the tension that builds up
between the shoulder blades as we hunched over our computers the entire
day now slowly release now fold your left knee and bring the left heel
outside the right hip fold the right knee and bring it on top
of the left knee adjust your sitting bones so that you are balanced and are
not tilting to one side now bring your left arm up and fold it to bring it
behind your shoulders bring the right arm to the side and rotate it forward so
that the palm faces back then swing it in and bring it behind your back
try to wriggle it up the back and get hold of the left hand if you’re not able
to get hold of the left hand grab a scarf in your left hand and drop it
behind your back then grab hold of the scarf with your
right hand and try to ensure way up stay in this position for a breath and then come back let’s switch sides
and repeat this for the other side fold your left leg over the right leg and then bring the right hand up and
back grab it with your left hand slowly release and come back now lie down on your back lift your right leg up to bring it at 90
degrees angle grab hold of the toes with both hands try to keep the leg as
straight as possible while keeping the left leg on the ground if you are not
able to reach the right leg take a belt or a scarf hold it in both hands and
then loop it around the right foot then pull the scuff towards you to stretch
the right leg forward slowly let go let’s repeat it for the
left leg slowly release bend your right knee and bring it to the
left side get into a twist turn your head to the right and keep the right
shoulder on the ground stay here for a couple of breaths and slowly come back let’s repeat it for
the other side bend your left knee and bring it to the right side take a few
deep breaths here and then release now just lie down in
savasana and totally relax your body try to feel total darkness in front of
your eyes and let your body just sink into the ground feel free to come out of shavasana when
you are ready see you next time