Open Your Third Eye | Strengthen Your Intuition | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa Lukosiute. Welcome to your meditation. Today I want to invite you to tune in a way
that will change how you view your ability to create your life. Not necessarily in a dramatic way, but in
a way that is very simple, yet that simplicity will guide you to an effortless opening of
self, an opening that will lead you to answers to questions that you may had for a while,
it may also lead you to new understandings. This session is all about clarity and realization. Invite the experience of clarity and your
individual truth by settling into a comfortable seated position and gently closing your eyes
Sit on a floor or a chair; make sure your sit bones are comfortable, so you do not need
much adjustment throughout the meditation. As you take your seat, take time to adjust
your spine; make sure it is in line with your neck, tuck your chin down slightly. Keep your eyes closed. Begin this experience by arriving to this
meditation with an open mind. Take a few breaths and just clean your mind,
your attic, clear its old cobwebs, old understandings, beliefs, fears, worry, just take a few cleansing
breaths and begin this meditation with a clear and open mind. Breathe in. Breathe out. Few more times just like that. Breathe and cleanse, breathe and open up,
air it all out. Mentally unplug from the collective consciousness
of mass information, stress and drama; just pull the plug on all of it and tune inward
into yourself and into your body. Breathe in. Breathe out. Can you separate yourself from the buzz, conscious
and unconscious involvement; can you meet your body in this present moment by itself? Breathe and do your best. Check how your body feels after it unplugs
from the masses of information. Breathe in. Breathe out. Disconnect from the personalities you project
at home, at work, in the society. Connect to yourself without these personalities,
connect in the here and in the now, in this very moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. With your inner vision search your body for
any tension or inner noise, distracting vibrations. When you find any inner chatter and noise
breathe right through it; dilute it with breath, water it down with your breath until eventually
you will feel enough lightness and ease to move on and scan the next part of the body. Breathe in. Breathe out. Bring your breath into your feet and up to
your legs, relaxing and letting go. Breathe into your hips and your belly, relax
your hands and fingers; let the tingles of relaxation run up your arms into your chest
and shoulders. Relax your back, your neck, breathe and let
your face and your head to become spacious and open. Make sure there isn’t any tension around the
ears. Keep breathing and cleansing; focus on relaxing
your whole body. Breathe in. Breathe out. Like a gold miner looking for those precious
golden nuggets, dig deep into your consciousness; search for the doors of self expansion, find
openings of opportunity for self discovery, step into the light that sets you free. Breathe in. Breathe out. You already hold a powerful ability of intuition,
vision and knowing and today we are going to unlock this ability even further by opening
your third eye and connecting you to the universal consciousness and wisdom. What is it that you want to uncover or discover
today? Do you want to establish a deeper connection
with your inner self? Do you need to develop a way for clear guidance? Are you here because you desire deeper personal
awareness? Do you want to see the world in a different
way? Do you need your personal intuitive wisdom
and the source of knowledge to be easily accessible to you? Focus and give yourself a clear reason why
you came to this meditation practice today. Make your clear intention. Now. Now that you have made your intention, you
can relax your mind, relieve it from thinking and logic of any how’s and whens; let go of
any strain in your forehead, your frontal lobe. Now visualise your solar plexus chakra, in
your abdomen, above your belly button, just behind your navel. This is where your so-called ‘gut feeling’
resides; that physical sense of guidance and knowing you feel when making decisions and
taking action. I want you to just go ahead and start placing
your attention there; you can even place your palms on this chakra if that feels like something
you want to do. As you place your attention on your solar
plexus the seat of the ‘gut feeling’, begin by bringing energy into the chakra with your
focus. Feel the energy slowly intensify; picture
it burn like a flame or a powerful light of energy. The light that this chakra emanates is golden
yellow. Visualise your solar plexus chakra spinning
clockwise and its energy beginning to balance, creating an energy whirlpool within your solar
plexus. Now visualise your solar plexus chakra beginning
to create a golden string within. Visualise this golden string to grow stronger
and stronger and to begin to descend from your navel down your spine
and from your spine entering the Earth. It keeps growing stronger as it penetrates
the Earth turning into a strong, golden cord and going deeper and deeper into the Earth
with each breath you take. Visualise your golden cord getting close to
the very center of the Earth. In the center of the Earth, there is a space
that contains all the wisdom and all the knowledge of all the physical things on this planet. All the things that have happened are happening
and will happen. This wisdom center is glowing with the same
golden bright solar plexus light that is so powerful to feel and magnificent to see. In your spine and your body you now may begin
to feel its energy as you approach this energy center with your golden cord. Visualise your golden cord – on its very end
it begins to form a unique shape that turns into a key, which is unique to you. Your cord and your key move closer and closer
to the center of the Earth. Begin to feel an energetic pull between your
key and the center of the Earth. Take your next breath and feel the Earth’s
magnetically pull your cord in and placing the key into its bright center. Be still and feel the energy move up the cord
and up into your solar plexus. Feel and see your chakra beginning to open
wide and glow even brighter, to spin even smoother;
feel the connection between you and the wisdom of everything physical on our planet. Breathe and just be here with the connection
that’s present. Breathe and let the Earth charge and strengthen
your intuition, your physical sense within your solar plexus. Now move your focus from your solar plexus
onto your third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows, behind your forehead. This is where you connect with the universal
mind and consciousness. This is the center of your intuition, vision
and foresight. This is an instrument that takes you into
the realm of subtle energies and helps you perceive more subtle qualities of reality. Bring the energy that you have cultivated
during this practice into your third eye chakra. Visualise your third eye chakra glowing in
the colour of indigo, a colour that is like a midnight sky, full of mystery, a colour
that is blue and violet, all at the same time; see this beautiful chakra spin effortlessly
in a clockwise direction just in between your eyebrows. As you visualise, you may begin to feel gentle
tingles in your forehead, do not fear, this is your own energy, moving through your body. Visualise the indigo light of your third eye
to intensify, creating a pleasant experience through your face and into your body. Breathe and observe the shift taking place
within you, breathe and relish in this personal phenomenon and know that you are completely
supported and safe in this experience. As your third eye chakra gently spins and
glows, visualise it forming an indigo colour energy string. The string begins to grow stronger; it begins
to move out until it gently penetrates through and out of your forehead. It keeps growing longer
and stronger, moving outward, reaching for the sky, continuously moving into the vast
space. Breathe and relax, feel the cord strongly
connected to your third eye, feel it growing strong; watch it move out passed the glowing
edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and reaching further into the deep dark and beautiful indigo
sky. This is the pathway to the universal mind;
this is the portal to the consciousness of the entire universe. It is everywhere and it is here in this vast
indigo sky. Visualise your energy cord moving up until
you begin to see a glimmer in the sky, becoming brighter and brighter as your cord moves toward
it. As you are getting closer visualise this glimmer
becoming a big, bright star that is also colour indigo just like the light of your third eye
chakra the star is shining bright with the shades violet, blue and silver. As your cord gets very close to this powerful
indigo star, you begin to feel its magnetic pull. You begin to sense that you are getting close
to the seat of the universal consciousness, all knowing, divine quantum space. The star pulls your third eye cord in and
the tip of your energy cord begins to form an energy link that looks like a chain link
but of moving energy. This link contains an energetic imprint that
is unique to you, your soul. Visualise your soul link reach into the very
center of the star. The star pulls it in and links itself onto
your cord; this creates an energy ripple through the sky. Instantaneously you feel connected. You feel one. Breathe, be calm, stay peaceful. Feel the cosmic energy of the universe to
flow through your cord, feel the powerful energy of the universal consciousness entering
your third eye, your chakra between your eyebrows. Visualise your third eye chakra energetically
opening like a blooming flower, glowing brighter, spinning smoother as it opens wide. Feel the flow of the universal consciousness
coming into you, into your third eye chakra, charging it, strengthening your intuition
and foresight, allowing you to become more sensitive to the world of subtle energies. Breathe and just be here with the sensations of the connection
you just made. Allow for any sensations to just express itself. Allow for the energy to flow freely. Now observe your whole body and both chakras
and the two powerful connections you made. Feel the energy run into you through both
cords. And now you can begin to send your own energy
through the cords into the Earth and into the Universe. Stay present with the connection, feel the
exchange of the energy flowing in and out. Allow for this connection to expand you as
a being and your consciousness. As the energy flows feel it grounding you,
providing you with clarity and connection. Get familiar with this sensory communication;
learn to use this connection as a way of communication, a way to receive clarity. This connection will allow you to be more
aware, it will provide clarity you need and it will continue to help you to become more
expansive. Now bring forth the intention you made at
the start of the meditation. Send your intention through the channels,
your two connecting cords and trust that you will receive guidance and clarity through
intuition, visions and your gut feeling. Remain here and relax for another minute feeling
your connections with the wisdom of the physical Earth and the universal consciousness. Now focus on your energy cords and pull them
back into your chakras. You do not need them permanently connected
to the source. The more you practice the connection the stronger
the connection will get. See the cords gently returning to your chakras,
your chakras feel charged and balanced. The charge and balance transcends into all
chakras of your body. Breathe and feel comforted by the energy carried
across your whole body. Your whole body is feeling connected and balanced. Take a breath in and out. Feel it coming in through your nose and out
of your nose. Cool air coming in and warm air coming out. Begin to come back to your physical body,
feel the breath in your face. Breathe and watch your breath. Feel your chest rising and falling. Feel your belly rising and falling. Make micro movements with your toes. Make mini moments with your fingers. Begin to feel the surface you are sitting
on. Notice if there are any noises around you. Feel the temperature on your skin. Stay calm, stay balanced. Move slowly, one breath at a time. No rush, no hurry. Stay here as long as you need to. And only when you are ready softly open your
eyes. Thank you for the time spent together. If you enjoyed this meditation and would like
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