ORGASM EXPERIMENT: Orgasms Without Getting Touched?? ۞_۞

Oh boy, this video is gonna be so weird, and awesome, and magical, and super duper wild ! so here’s what’s gonna happen, three friends
of mine will experience energy sex, on camera and maybe even have an energy orgasm for
the first time in their lives ! craziness !
okay, in case you ask yourself, what the f*** is energy sex. Energy is sex is when your
partner gives you pleasure without even touching your body. sometimes people can even have
something called an energy body orgasm, so a real physical orgasm but without being touched.
And I thought, man, this really got to be explored, and you see i really believe in
energy, like a lot ! and so i wanted to take an objective experiment and see what happens
to girls who experience an energy orgasm session for the first time. And here is what happen. My name is Ashley, I’m american from the States, born and raised in Detroit and also Chicago. My name is Naia Leigh, I’m 30 years old and
I’m from Minneapolis, minnesota. My name is Simona, i am 33 and I’m from Italy. I’m feeling anxious, in a good way, i just
want to know what’s it’s gonna be like. I’ve nerve had an energy orgasm before. i feel really open to the experience and to
really dive deep within. I have no expectations for today, and i feel
like i’m just exploring, i don’t wanna have any attachment to the outcome. i’m really excited to experience something
new. I’m Satya, I’m from Denmark. I do energy orgasmus,
I really enjoy helping people, and see the transformation in people. nothing more beautiful, to see the eyes, the
face, of somedy who came out of transformation. it’s really great. we have different energy centers in our body,
each one when they expand, it’s like an orgasm in itself, so we can feel love around the
whole being, and that can feel like an orgasm itself. energy orgasmus, it’s the movement of energy
in the body, it’s really natural, but it’s also an activation of some the sexual chakras
of course, the sexual energgy. And we gonna release a little bit first so
that energy more naturally flows, and then we gonna see how it will expand in the body.
I might touch you, I might not touch you. I might just have a hand above you, i might
ask you to breathe in a certain way to help support the whole session. I feel so vulnerable right now. I feel vulnerable… I am nervous. allow yourself to be who you are. just get it out. i can believe I did that! i experienced something
incredible. i feel like this has been the most courageous
and most scary thing I’ve ever done. It’s scary, and it’s hard, and it’s totally
worth it ! I’ve been able to experience things i never
thought i would. I just made room for more love tonight. And that is awesome. I really
do believe in the message. And in the power of the message. And if i can show up and be
totally vulnerable and cry my eyes out, and ride around on a table with bright lights,
screaming, to show that you’re not alone, then it was worth it. So yesterday, I’m still processing it, because
so much happened and so much was released, for me it was an out of body, in body experience.
As opposed to originating from a vaginal space and coming out reverberating to the body. in that session i didn’t have the ecstatic
orgasmic experience, there was so many different emotions, there were anger, sadness, grief,
and i think the most surprising thing was that i wanted to hit him! I felt really like WOW ! so expanded, it was
really magical, really…. it was such a beautiful moment, like defintly one of the most touching
moment in my life. wild journey.. right boo? .. you and I, we
can experience pleasure on so many levels but it all depends on how open we are.. how
willing we are to work through our pain, sadness, tears and trauma and how much we are in tune
with our body. You see I myself have quite some shit to work
on ..inside myself.. but I am on it.. and I am willing to do the work. And honestly
so many things have already changed in my love life.. because I am fucking dedicated
to make it the best life ever… And boo.. if you want to learn how to give
an Energy Orgasm yourself and how to unlock energy flow for healing and pleasure in your
partner or yourself then sign up for our upcoming Energy Sex Online Course. and boo let me know in the comments below, what you think about energy orgasms, wether you think this is bullshit or it is super awesome. I wanna know it all ! If you like this video give it a thumbs up and maybe even share it with the world. As always.. thank you so sososososososooo
much for tuning in. You are magic, you are amazing and you mean so much to me. I am sending you all my love. Peace I am outta
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