Parents v. Kids Yoga Challenge | Jaz and Brooke

(laughing) (beeps) – Hi. – It’s Twinrobats here,
– Hi. parents. I’m Jaz’s mum. – And I’m Brooke’s dad. And Jaz’s dad. – And welcome back to Squared. (laughing) – Squared.
– Squared. (pencil scratching) (dinging) – Today’s video we’re going to be doing the parent vs kids yoga challenge. – Obviously we’re gonna win. – We’re gonna win. Um … (laughing) So yeah! – We should get at least a five second. – Five seconds?! No three, three.
– Yep. – Five seconds. – I’ll give you three seconds. You can start there. – I was aiming for three, that’s fine. That’s what I was after.
(groaning) ‘K, alright. Ah, hang on, let me have another look. – [Dad] I got it, I got it. – [Brooke and Jaz] Okay,
three, two, one, go. – One, two, three. Go, Brooke, go. (laughing) – Who got that? – I’m pretty sure they got that point. (laughing is slow motion) (chimes) – Oh my god, as if I’m
gonna be able to do that. – Dibs being up. – ‘Brooke and Jaz] Three, two, one. – Go, Brooke, go. – Oh, is it… I’m L-sit, go. – See, you gotta go back. – (screams) No, that’s cheating! That’s cheating (laughs)! (chimes) Suck in, bring it! (laughing) – I can’t do that (laughs). – [Brooke] Yeah, yeah, Dad (laughs). – I can’t do that. – Yeah, I can’t do that either. – They’re trying to redeem
themselves and make excuses. – No, no, she can do it. (cheering) – [Mom] We did it! – [Jaz] They’re doing it! – Yep got it. Three seconds. Let’s go. – [Brooke and Jaz] Three, two, one! Downward dog, downward dog. – [Jaz] You’re downward dog. – Hang on. How does it go again? (laughing) (chimes) (laughing) – What? (laughing) Are you serious? – Yeah, three, two, one. Good luck remembering (laughs)! (chimes) (laughing) – I can’t stop laughing. Let go of this one! Let go of that foot! (laughing) (snorts) – Go, push her up, Dad. Push her up! – Push her up! – Yay! – I did it! – You did it! (cheering) – Yeah, Dad! (hands slapping) – I can’t remember them. That’s bad. My memory’s terrible! – Show them. Show them. Okay, three, two, one. – Oh, that’s like one second. (chimes) – [Jaz] Got it? – [Brooke and Jaz] Three, two, one! (laughing) – I think we got it. Wait, who got that one? Do you reckon we tied? – I don’t know, maybe. – We’re gonna have to play it back! (chimes) – Do this! – Have to plank again? – Dibs being the top. – Sweet.
– We got that. – Okay, ready? Three– – Yeah, you’ve got that. – Two, one. – Put your feet up. (chimes) (screams) (laughing) – Did you guys do it? – Go.
– No (laughs). – Yeah, we got a point! Yeah! – Like birdie. – Oh, you guys should be able to do this. – Three, two, one. – What? (chimes) (grunts)
(laughing) – Okay, okay, okay. Ready?
– Yeah. (grunts) (laughing) Come on, we can do it. – Ready? Ready?
– Yeah. (grunts) (screaming)
(laughing) What are you laughing at? – You (snorts). – Daddy’s allowed to do this instead. – [Jaz] But we’re not. – Because he might break
his neck if he tries. – [Jaz] Yeah. – But we have to do the actual one. – Three, two, one, go. – I’ll be fin. – [Mom] I won’t be able to hold this. (laughing) (chimes) (laughing in slow motion) (laughing) – Can I see you attempt? (laughing) – No. (laughing) – I wanna see you attempt it though. – What, you want a laugh? – Go. (laughing) – She can actually do (laughs). (laughing) – Two, one. – You do it. – Hurry up. – No, you do it. (grunts) (chimes) – [Brooke] Come on. (laughing) (grunts) – [Mom] So, I’ll get myself into there and you girls can take it from there? – Hold. – Catch her shoulders. – Yeah, are you good like that? – And, I’m gonna sit on your feet, so your legs have to
sorta be half-straight. Is that okay? – Like that? (laughing)
(grunts) – Okay, quick. – That’s it. Okay, stay like that for a bit. – Alright, hurry. You need to hurry. – Go, Brooke, go. (chimes) – Yay, we did it! – I can’t believe Dad just did that! (claps) – Thank you guys so much
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