PASTRY CHALLENGE Blindfold eating Cake Challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends Today we are here with a new challenge Which is going to be everybody’s favourite. What challenge Aayu? Pastry challenge No cake Pastry Cake, pastry Cake Oh it’s the same thing If you cut a slice of cake, it’s pastry Come on shall we start? Yesss….. Are you ready? Whoever likes pastry, like this video And whoever likes cake share the video and subscribe too. Yess.. Dad bring the 1st item fast. You are in such a hury. You want it fast? Yes I am thinking I should taste it first No, no, no, no Okay I’ll get it Pastry is going to be here, Pihu can’t control Dad has brought some really good pastries today. Number one Pastry won’t be bad right? Yes Aayu First put on your blindfold. Me I’ll give it to you and you will guess the flavours Two Two number Okay Pihu will get number one and Aayu two First friends I’ll show you what the pastries are. Tan-ta-dan Firstly I’ll give it to Pihu Pihu you taste it and guess the flavour. Okay Aayu’s turn Tell the flavour? Aayu I’ll give it you Wait you can’t see. How will you guess Mom I tasted the bread only. Oh Means, you’ll keep on eating only today you won’t tell the flavour They are very over smart. Yes there are choco chips Very good Chocolate Strawberry See They recognize these things very fast. Am I correct? Yes, both of you are correct. If I would have played, I would have lost. No, that can’t be. (Laughing) They ate their, now they are eating other pastries. You won’t leave anything. (Laughing) Friends come let us party together. (Laughing) I got 1 point I goy 1 point too. Come on dad bring the next one. Choose your number. Me one Two First put your blindfold properly Done. You can’t cheat. Okay Tan-ta-dan Tan-ta-dan First Pihu will taste Aayu, you can’t cheat. Now it’s Aayu’s turn Pineapple and with that Aayu will get 2 turn Chocolate Because his answer will be in 2 turn What does that mean? Mine is kitkat Because if he wouldn’t have eaten this he couldn’t have guessed Chocolate Kitkat pastry Okay, there will be one more thing That name will also be included. I didn’t understood Kitkat gems pastry And mine was pineapple and see what you got with pineapple Why should I tell you? Crunchy crunchy Yes what is it? Oh Pihu See Aayu told his answer and started with his work Mom give me hint. Why should give you a hint? You will not get a hint Even I didn’t get it Strawberry It’s a flavour I don’t know, pass Pass Butterscotch I should at least get a half point. No Yes No One kitkat for me too Two Two points See how he is dancing as soon as he got 2 points Woww… next round is here Yess Come on put on the blindfold fast. We in our house have one dog and one cat Me one Two Okay First we will come to Two Me and friends get to it see it first. Aayu will see it later First he will taste it. Friends What is Pihu going to get? No. it isn’t vanilla. Come on Fast, fast, fast This is such a good pastry. It’s my favourite. Pineapple Hmmm… Pineapple Coffee They are very smart. Wow. this has such a good flavour But Mom why didn’t you gave me pineapple. Sorry Aayu, I forgot to give you pineapple I made a huge mistake Don’t worry I’ll eat it on my own Why are doing all this drama Oh, so I am doing drama Oh I have 3 points. It’s okay I am not far behind Just one point, I’ll cover up Yes Put on your blindfold. One, one one, one Okay two (Laughing) Let them be blindfolded we will just eat the pastry. No, no This one has such a beautiful colour. Pihu Hmm.. Open your mouth 2 is mine Hmm.. (Laughing) You know Pihu what happened? What? Nothing happened. Aaaaa…. Aaaa…. Oho ….. Oh, I forgot Aayu Now friends let’s see Aayu’s pastry now. Ooohh.. Aayu is going to really like this one. Pineapple Nooo… Banana Think Banana No Aayu bite Give it to me again Open your mouth wider Guess what is it? Doughnut Woww… Aayu you are winning Pihu is unable to guess the flavour of the fruit And I can’t control Pineapple, Banana No No No No Sister I got a doughnut Oho…. Pihu what are you doing? We gave you so many hints Still Pihu can’t guess Let’s see If Aayu can guess or not. Then I’ll say Aayu tell me Mom keeps on eating, so tell what is the flavour First think Mango Now her brain is working. Dad next round Okay I got 4 points, I am going to win I am just behind by one point. Should we start? First this time Aayu’s turn Aayu is getting really nice pastries. That too new new styles Aayu open your mouth big. Bigger What is this ??? Now it’s Pihu’s turn Oh I ate that Almond Yes there are almonds Cashew What’s the name? There are dryfruits inside That’s cashew? Don’t open it until I tell you Dry fruit Pihu Sister’s turn I don’t know the name If you don’t know, give up. No, Pass it No no I win No, it can’t be No tell the name You told almonds Strawberry No Cherry No I don’t know the name Taste it once more and then guess Open your mouth big more Gve it to me too Much bigger I don’t know You are getting what fruit flavour Fruit There is no fruit in it Pineapple The flavour starts with what letter? No, no you can’t tell that. No can’t do that You eat that fruit, you like it. What water chestnut? no (Laughing) Apple Yesss…. Apple pie and me You tell? Why will I tell Is mine a fruit too? Mom I am getting chocolate flavour. but is different taste it once more white chocolate yessss…. Pihu also won What’s this? That’s apple pie. I want chocolate only. I have 5 points now. I have 4 only, but I’ll win Come on put on your blindfold Mom can I first see Sister’s pastry Then I’ll see Aayu’s Okay can we do that friends? come on One Aayu shall we open? One, two, three This should have been in mine. This is Aayu’s favourite This is hot It will be hot It’s Browine No It is not Brownie We have to tell the taste? Hmm.. chocolate Yes the flavour is chocolate but tell the name, chocolate is there But sister will get the point Yes Mom I told the flavour Shall we give her the point? Yes Aayu do you the name? I don’t know This is lava cake. Can I open? That’s lava cake Sister This is full of chocolate Hot hot chocolate Eat it fast. It’s hot right? very hot See he is ready He thinks Pihu sister is eating and I got left out. Come on Pihu let’s see what Aayu gets Aayu (Laughing) When they see each other’s They feel like they should have got the pastry But friends, all the pastries are really good today Aayu and Pihu are enjoying very much today. cherry Yes there is cherry done Yes there is cherry Done All the flavours are mixed Aayu knows there are so many flavours mixed There is cherry, and many more flavours Mom so I will get the point Okay you will get the point Yeaahh Aayu told that there are so many flavours there is cherry, so we will have to give the point Because this is mix fruit Yeaah.. I have 6 points I have five This is the last round If I tell this I will win If I can’t tell, it will still be a tie If sister dosen’t tell and I don’t tell either Then I’ll win Means in any condition Aayu won’t loose (Laughing) So first I’ll put on the blindfold I choose 2 Doggie, doggiee Mine is 2, and mine 1 Your’s is 2, and your’s 1 Tan-ta-dan If Aayu tell’s the flavour of this Then I’ll know that Aayu knows flavour of all the fruits Why is that? This is a new fruit This flavour Aayu Kiwi Oh.. Kiwi Aayu yes kiwi Aayu ate all the fruits in the fruit challenge Now Aayu likes fruits so much that that he eats 4-5 fruits daily. Now Aayu’s turn Sorry It’s my turn now Sorry, now Pihu’s turn What’s happening to Mom today? This should have been in mine Now we will see if Pihu can guess the flavour Why is that? I doubt that Pihu will be able to guess. Because dosen’t eats that much fruits See I’ll loose any way I’m loosing I am just going to eat the pastry anyways (Laughing) But still we will get know How much fruit Pihu eats? Now friends you’ll know How much fruits Pihu eats? Tell Pihu what’s the flavour? Mix fruits No, no Blueberry no Yess.. It was very nice friends We got to eat so many pastries And finally I’ve won What happened Pihu? Why will I cry My brother has won What happened If my brother won? Oh woww.. so now it’s a Sister brother team. Okay, tata bye bye Love you all mmuaahh Bye, bye Bye