Pilates Reformer –  lunges

Pilates Reformer – lunges

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Pilates teacher trainer UK England okay then I’m Paul
I’m on the reformer today as you can see and today I’m gonna talk about the
lunges specifically we’ll talk about the resistance and how I can affect what
muscles are working and to what extent their where and to what extent you are
helping to stretch off or not so a basic knowledge cooked in another video I
turned it on my hip flexor on this other side however tend to get planted and
there’s not really any one thing it’s you your couple to do three things so
and that’s where the resistance comes in that different resistance can work in
different ways and we’re going to mention Springs one reason I might have
called strange some of them are but a different strains of different
resistance is a belief on different some different forms totally different
strengths so don’t overthink it basically well the main reason I usually
give it is thinking flex restriction in particular for the souls magic yes very
apples better stories attention fish relaxing you’ll also stretching on the
source especially state there’s all kinds of you can you stretch out the
source because it attaches before the t12
so what else is a waiver a basically one over the ankle just you changing all the resistances not
dramatically change what muscles aware completely what a particular springs to
mind is the push off the hatch Flyers we’re using really light resistance and
you keep your lower back flat it’s it’s just abdominal movement it’s not legs at
all all the debris so same thing matter of the resistor to change the resistance
it can dramatically alter that’s one very with lunges it’s just awful play
around with the resistors to make more charging teach training don’t forget to
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