Pokkiri Raja – Tamil Full Movie | Jiiva, Sibiraj | D. Imman

Same pills
Continue the dose Come after 3 months Same pills
Continue the dose Come after 3 months Only solution for diabetes Control your taste buds Sonny, is this the Assembly
or our Parliament? Yawning as if you haven’t
slept for a decade! My son has a huge problem, doctor Just tell me the problem I’ll decide if it is serious or small Go on, tell him Can’t stand it any longer
Don’t utter a single word Remove your ID card And exit right away ‘The End’ of Mr Yawn, huh? How weird can they be! They sacked me
because I yawned! Let’s drink coffee Hello! You and I
can never get along Because I lost my job, huh? Think what you want Why this sudden somersault? I told you, it won’t work out But why? Because you keep yawning You can go What do you mean ‘okay’? You shouldn’t follow me hereafter You shouldn’t call me Even if you see me
you shouldn’t talk to me That is the meaning of
‘it won’t work out’ You already said it
You can go Won’t work out it seems I guessed it when you hogged
the pizza all to yourself You ditched me, right?
You can go All because of this yawn
your dignity went for a toss It is all due to stress For a few days
forget everything Have a blast with your friends Definitely, doctor “She ditched me badly
She walked away gladly” “Blindfolding me on a knife’s periphery
she twirled me into a life of misery” “Shock wave in her caress
She left me blanked in darkness” “Gawd! My head’s bursting in dizziness” “Grief chokes my throat, speechless” “She torpedoed like a tornado into me” “Thoughts of her made me
weep endlessly” “She blasted her way
into my heart explosively” “Images of her made me
lament uncontrollably” “Arrow struck my heart headily
Without her, I’m in pain profusely” “Why this love symbol of an arrow?
Fling aside this crossbow” “She torpedoed like a tornado into me” “Thoughts of her made me cry terribly” “She blasted her way into my heart boldly” “Memories of her made me
lament miserably” “Love can electrocute
So said a scientist, dude” “But the power went phut
I was buried in a blackout” “Many a girl will be ready
to sacrifice her life, buddy” “But I dug my own grave
Fell flat on my face” “This is the Pakistan border
To be nailed is the order” “I got no warning from her” “She erected in my eyes
my tombstone to my surprise” “I opened my eyes and God help me
I was a corpse taken to the cemetery” “She drags me, tramples me
Buries me with frenzied fury” “She invaded my soul
My heart lost control” “She made me whine and weep” “She stabbed my heart real deep” “Memories of her made me
lament in misery” “She ditched me callously
She walked away casually” “Blindfolding me on a knife’s periphery
she swirled me into a life of misery” “God should open His eyes anew
He should get a girlfriend too” “Then he’ll know the hell we go through
His ‘making’ will be less faulty, dude” “She blasted
Lambasted” “She stamped
And trampled” “She ripped apart
Soul and heart” “Pounding heavily
she wounded me” “She torpedoed like a tornado with fury” “Thoughts of her made me weep dreary” “She hounded me
Mind and body” “Images of her made me
lament uncontrollably” “Damn her!” “Bother” “Royal pain!” “My love is in vain” Master, you know what? What? Those who puff too many cigarettes
won’t be able to taste anything it seems According to researchers Is that a fact? Don’t believe me? Look how he is relishing
this god-awful tea! Master, jobless fellows will talk
like G.D.Naidu, Edison of India! Correct, Computer! First, look into your own self Then find faults in others As if your words
will earn an advance? Look! I’ve got a team leader
in place now How old is she? I’ve got the right person
for your work You want the job or not? Look! That fellow has
snatched aunty’s bag Catch him…thief! Master, the time is ripe
for me to become a hero I’ll nab the thief
I will hit him- And catch a place
in that girl’s heart Hey! At least take a look at the girl Ask her to wait
First I’ll get her bag Mojo has got a lottery! You missed it, Sanjeevi She must be some
two-bit crappy piec- So-so, huh? This is a crappy piece? This is a chocolate piece! She is as fair as pure milk
not diluted with water! You don’t worry, dear I’ll catch the thief
and get your bag Grandpa, it’s okay Grand- Lech old man Why is she leaving
without her bag? You’re back limping like
the old hag in the film Kanchana? You got her bag? She left ages ago Vanished, huh?! How did she look?
Describe her to me Kind of fair Fair…wow! White as flour Like flour? Kind of yellowish tinge Yama’s yellow Lemon yellow? If you want the exact color
kind of…like wheat This love starved idiot will jump
in joy even for the ugliest duckling Aunty couldn’t stand for too long
That’s why she left Middle-aged, huh? Exactly My hero-fight was all a waste What are you doing? You said she’s middle aged Let’s split 50-50 Isn’t it wrong? It’s wrong even to befriend you You want or don’t want? Want…want Then keep quiet Aunty will have
a fat wad of cash insid- Booze, cigarette, betel nut powder Yawn away! She is an ‘accused’ aunt Must be a regular booze-pot Booze-pot My analysis is… …this aunt must be
guzzling away to glory …with a 50p pickle
dabbed on to her tongue When the spice hits her
she will be dancing on her toes Then this ‘accused’ aunty
will light a cigarette On a complete ‘high’
she’ll open the betel nut packet And empty it all into her mouth She will chew it
to her teeth’s content! She will spit it a mile away Ugh! You’re walking so piously
like you’re inside a temple You are my temple, sir Will this humility last
till the very end? Will you employ me lifelong? Why entertain such a doubt? You were not picked just like that In your eyes
I saw a gleam Your face is vivacious
to the extreme Your body has a zing
and zeal supreme Whatever I lack… …you have it all, 101% I’m sure with your hard work… …all our projects will
take off with flying colo- What an opening
early in the morning! This is your cabin
Take your seat How can I sit in front of you?
It’s disrespectful! Will you be ironing clothes
standing and working full time? Software
You need to sit to work Go to your seat The air conditioner is turned
full blast at me That’s how it will be Yawning like a cave opening
on your 1st day at work Where is the canteen? That’s enough They stick a slice of onion in a bun
and make us pay 150 bucks And they call it burger! It has been just 1 hour
since you joined duty And you’re sitting here hogging – Come here
– What? Look at that chick over there She’s that booze-pot That bag with booze Cigarette Betel nut powder All that crap we found
inside her bag Ditto! She is that booze-pot Who is ‘booze-pot’, boss? That whacko female over there ‘Shut up’ Oh! Nice nick-name Why did you- Hope she doesn’t snitch! Why did you tell me
she was an aunty then? I told you the truth now, right? Go and try your luck Sheer waste You are branding her as ‘waste’? Can you go near her? No way So why waste time
is what I meant I can even control my anger But not this urge Uncle…wait Don’t go there
I’m warning you They are on a dunking-spree I am a booze-pro You are done for I can’t hold it any longer I’ll burst if I wait any longer Thank Go- Dude…! I won’t We won’t either! You can go So can you You’ve given permission? Go home Home, huh! Gawd! Can’t bear this torture Coast is clear Aiyo! Bad penny back again I thought my tank burst! Shall I pee here? Following me like a shadow Try spraying now Only place where I won’t be hounded Empty your entire tank load
of water in here It is stinking to high heaven! Their sense of social service
is all screwed up! How are you, Sunitha? – I’m good
– Okay, see you Subbaiya anna, should I
repeat this dialog daily to you? Will you keep your booze bottle
only on top of the electricity box? Sorry, I forgot to trash it You have grown up daughters You should at least live to see them
happily married and become a grandpa I want to let go
of this disgusting habit But I am unable to To forget one habit… …here is another one Drink this grape juice today If I drink from any other bottle
I’ll have withdrawal symptoms Is that so? Then I’ll pour this
into your own bottle You can drink Here you go…drink Why?
Stinking, huh? There isn’t any stink at all – Helmet…I’ll be back
– I’ll give you an idea Hold your nose
and drink in 1 shot If you want
I can drink along with you I’ll puke You’ll be fine
You must drink this Sitting with the security guy
and drinking in broad daylight What are you doing here? Thanks for asking, bro He isn’t inclined
Why are you compelling him? Did I give him poison or what? Whether it is poison or nectar
he doesn’t want to drink it Then why brainwash him? Thank God you came like God
in the nick of time, bro Yov! I should hit myself
for making you drink this Bro, leave it to me
I’ll handle it Poor fellow! You are trying
to spoil a family man You think a security guy
can be taken for a ride? Night and day he has- Yes, night and day! He has toiled 24×7 Hey! Don’t let your tongue run Bro, swear you won’t drink
this disgusting stuff ever I swear on this girl I won’t drink THIS stuff
ever again in my life Shake hands You’ll be answerable
to someone one day Just like we expected… …we got a groom from USA
We are so happy about it Will you have something to drink? Coffee is ready Do you take coffee with sugar? Few teaspoons extra I like it very sweet This is my daughter Joshna Quite a fashionable name! ‘What is she saying?’ What is this man saying now? She will sing from
inside a well it seems You don’t have to sing
from within a well Sing right here Don’t make a fuss Step out
1 minute – Punch him on his face
– Why are you hitting me? Just 1 minute
Come out What’s the problem? Give me a minute No problem What’s the problem? Do you know who is
sitting in your hall? – My son-in-law to be
– My foot! Rowdies have got your groom-to-be
in their clutches out there This impersonator is Guna Coffee for you, dear Shut up and go in Such a pain! Forever stressed out You want me to spell it out Cooling glass Guna who is wanted
for 12 murders is sitting in there Beat him to a pulp The minister sent his men
asking me to sign a document I refused to sign Sign or else you’ll be
in the cemetery by design! Watch your back Guna…? Found out, huh? Leave this place right now Am I your groom from USA
to go when you snap your fingers? Look at that! Even your daughter
has given the green signal Do you think
you are being fair? To be fair and just… …am I a hero? Villain! Go…go All the files are in the car Be a good boy and sign You sing, dear Shall we leave? It’s a lovely song I’ve agreed to sign
Don’t hit him Why are you crying? She sang of mother’s love
so sentimentally When? 4th line in the song That’s why She’s a nightingale Did you like my song? What is Kamal Haasan’s daughter’s name? Shruti Your pitch and intonation
I mean the ‘shruti’ was super Especially the 4th line
loaded with mother sentiment – That was too good
– That was my comment! Excellent Guna, I signed
Will you leave now? Daddy, don’t disturb us now Joshna, you go in Guna…? Get lost now Why are you yawning
when you are at work? Verify this project – Sanjeevi?
– Sir…? Finish that banking project
along with Sunitha Sir…sir, I don’t want
to work with her Yesterday she was with- She was with…? She was drinking
with some chap, sir Really? Prox! Call Sunitha from the 4th floor Is it really true? I swear on you, sir Sir, did you call me? Ask her, sir Did you take a shot yesterday? I did at first But my companion sucked big time So I called up and asked
the other boys to join Pisshead! 5 of them landed
So totally 6 Did you hear that? She had a blast
with 6 of them I was worried you might’ve been
‘taking shots’ all by yourself Are you in your senses? Why do you doubt
my state of mind? Sunitha, come tomorrow
and just sign in Then ‘on duty’ go on
a full splashing spree Sir, how can you
encourage a girl like this? She’s so good at it
You can’t hold a candle to her I’m not a dipsomaniac, sir Singlehanded she can
paint the town maroon! Your parents let you
go scot free, huh? At first they were hesitant When I said they should take it
in the social spirit, they agreed Then they started prodding me
to do this more often Specialty of this habit Once you get into it
you are totally addicted Can she do this openly
in broad daylight? What’s wrong with him? Everyone is doing this
out in the open, right? So we also reciprocate openly ‘Even-steven’ Understood? How do you stand that stink? Do I have a choice? The stink will make
our tummies somersault We’ll clamp our noses and that’s it I’m lost for words
Disgusting! You’re better off being married
and made to cook night and day You have such a cheap mentality Male chauvinist
Is he in the dark ages? Take him along with you tomorrow Only then he will realize
your social spirit I can’t do all that Then you attend
to your project We will take care
of this project – Totally incapable
– When did you employ him? ‘What is wrong with them?’ Hey! Yellow shirt You will bequeath your house
to the man in the green shirt What is he saying? Guna, Kittanna Vasu was the one
who called us to mediate here Kittanna Vasu? The man in yellow shirt
is our candidate Hey! Green shirt Bequeath your house with the land
to the man in the yellow shirt Yov! Saffron ‘dhoti’ How dare you be disrespectful! Guna, don’t
He might die I’ll finish you
and your family Don’t talk impulsively I’ll pickle you to pieces As and when you asked
we signed readily Now you want
the house we live in Instead of giving your money
to rowdies ad politicians… …if you give it to your own brothers
at least we can be well settled in life I’ll give anyone else
But not you All you have is our property But we are united You’ve chosen the wrong way
That’s why you keep wrong company They are discussing
their family matter Just ignore This family inheritance
is the dividing factor We will bequeath it to you Let the next generation
not have this silly feud You might want
to be generous I won’t sign Minister, if this brother’s
death certificate is ready… …if one brother signs,
it will do, right? I need to die
for your plan to succeed Don’t worry about that It is my profession Resign yourself
to your death Guna, give me a minute
Let me talk to him Come here How did you get all the property
except that single house in your name? – What is your name?
– Kittana Vasu Grabber of the first order! This is the last of
our hereditary assets We will hand over
the ownership to you Can we trust you? Yes, sir We can trust him it seems Guna, the brothers signed
the property, right? There is a slight hitch They hid from us the fact
they have a younger sister When we asked them
they said she is possessed Only if she signs
the document is valid Only you can close the deal, Guna “Go, get them, tiger” “Way to go, partner” “Bro, kick them in their ass” “Hit them hard, boss” Guna, don’t She has lost her mind, Guna Spare her today I’ll make her sign
sometime soon Are you enacting a drama
just to retain the property? Sign or else…! Aren’t you the one who
reduced me to this plight? Hey! Guna Blind Guna You got even my nickname right Are you pretending
to be possessed? Come with me I’ll gouge your eyes out Let go of me You’re manhandling a lady I’ll slaughter you You’ll ask me to mediate
Then unite and try to get rid of me Are we twiddling
our thumbs or what? Sign now Give it to her You have the gall to bite me! Blood…blood She’s dead, bro How can they be sleeping
like this during working hours? The entire office is
yawning or asleep Is the company
paying you for this? Deadlines for our projects
haven’t been met at all Every second is money Same day, 50 people
have taken off What reason will you come up with? I’ll check and get back Why should you check?
I’ll show it to you This was recorded last week Prior to this, they were
all on their toes He switched all of them
into sleep mode This footage is from yesterday Want to watch
the current footage? Take a look He has made even the girls
snore and snooze! How will I answer my clients? Wonder who appointed him! Tell me, dear What…? The pizza you ordered
hasn’t been delivered? I’ll check immediately She’s another pain
in the wrong place! What…? Pizza phone number is- How about solving my problem? I’ll find out why
and get back to you, sir Aren’t you ashamed to call
yourself a team leader? Did you see this? Sleeping in pairs happily You are HR managers Aren’t you the least bit ashamed? Who is this? Who is this? Sir, even I fell asleep No wonder I wasn’t able to
catch them when they dozed off I’ll smash your face Do you know the culprit? Look! He is the one Sole cause for all this chaos
and acting so damn innocent! If I see him here again,
I’ll fire you It’s done Okay, ‘sweet pretzel’ He yawns So damn infectious, those who
see him yawn start yawning! It’s like an epidemic
spreading through the entire office I was working 24×7
as busy as an ant And he made me slip horizontal! Sir, why are you
looking so dull today? Didn’t you sleep last night? Sorry, dude Tried talking to
that ‘retro lizard candy’ I believe if he doesn’t fire you
he will be minus a job! Only after you joined duty… … …everyone here is yawning
and dozing off it seems Your boss called me
and even showed me the video Same reason you were fired
in your previous office also, right? Something is wrong Before it gets worse,
consult a good doctor Thanks…for getting me the job How can yawning be infectious? ‘Good Lord!’ Reports seem very unusual Can an ordinary yawn
bring so many changes, doctor? This is no ordinary yawn Take a look In 2008… …in South Korea
a girl named Sheemu …yawned thrice a day How can you
label that as a problem? Look at this one Look how her yawn is making
everything fly helter-skelter! What is this, doctor? Look what happened when
the same girl yawned a 2nd time Look at her eyes
They slant to 1 side Saw her lift her eyebrows? Look at her nose twitching now Her mouth is going wonky The problem starts
only after these symptoms Doctor…?remove Should I get admitted? Any surgery required? He’s doing a major
research on yawning Be brave, relax I imagined the worst
and was petrified I’ll inform my mother Was this girl cured, doctor? Unfortunately that girl… …few days after
she got this problem …passed away! Look! He’s still sleeping It’s late, wake up Don’t you have to
go for work? Hello…wake up Something happened at work I’ll tell you later
Let me sleep now We’ll discuss all that
in the evening Get up now No civic sense at all No one is picking up the trash Someone has littered
on the walkway You were too good Who are you? We represent
the Clean Country movement If everyone thinks like you,
India will be squeaky clean! What you did is praiseworthy This milk sweet is
our token of appreciation Why all this? Because you share
our ‘clean’ sentiments It’s only for you
Go ahead, eat Will your grandpa come
to pick up this trash? No, my wife will do it for me ‘Aww! If I pick this up,
he’ll think I want to be his wife!’ Madam…trash I picked it up Trash bin I’m about to dump it About to throw it Throwing it – Dropped it
– Bingo! Like him- Milk sweet? ‘Milk sweet…?’ – I’ll be around
– Please be seated ‘How pathetic’ Milk sweet See that guy there
sitting on the bench? Give him a milk sweet
and take a selfie Alan, Ruby, come with me Sanjeevi is such a good fellow I can’t believe you picked up
all this rubbish here Hello, what are you doing? He is the one
who picked up the trash And he was the one
who littered Hey! Fraud, you didn’t
pick up the trash? If they gave it to you by mistake
you’re happily relishing it They gave it to me
So I accepted it You’ll angle for any freebie
with your mouth open Give him a piece
of your mind My milk sweet? What’s this?
Aren’t you ashamed? This is too much What a build up
for a silly milk sweet! You can take back
your milk sweet At least do your bit
for having gobbled our sweet That’s right What work should I do? He munched a whole packet So get the maximum
work out of him I’ll take care Milk sweet? Get that Sanjeevi who ate
that milk sweet into the truck What work? Dumbass! Don’t bang my face – Shall we go?
– I’m ready Hello, what are you up to? On the way to this park
I picked up all the garbage I’m dumping all that
into the trash bin here Bloody drunkards!
Dumping it all over the place Why can’t they swallow
the bloody booze bottle too? ‘Did that bottle too find
its way into her bag like this?’ ‘How could I have
misunderstood her!’ Hey! Minister is calling Good day Guna, won’t you pipe down? I sent you to arbitrate a litigated property
thinking I’ll benefit You’ve got into a new mess
and got involved in a murder case! Let me tell you what happened Electricity board people fixed
the current pole in the wrong place It was a very slight push But she banged against the pole
and got electrocuted As long as you aren’t caught
you can be amused Police are looking for you You are in your car now, right? Yes First get down
from that damn car Hide from the police
for a whole hour I’ll get you the bail
within that time frame Hello! He is throwing stones at me He’s peeing in public and has
the gall to throw stones at you? Hit him straight
on his head If you don’t hit him hard
I’ll break your skull into two Chase him away
from that place Don’t stop
Drench him head to toe What’s wrong with him? Not the least bit scared
he is staring daggers at us Instead of running for his life
he is staring rooted to the spot Tank empty, huh? Guna bro Let me go Start, go…quick Drive fast
or we’ll be caught @can’t hear I’ll close your chapter Is peeing such a crime?can’t hear If only I get hold of you- Not bad, this social work
has its enjoyable moments You bet it is! @ Call me now and then, I’ll come You are bleeding
What happened? He threw the knife at me, right? – It slashed me
– Such a sharp knife Just missed!
It would have pierced you Don’t give me the jitters Take care, bye Call me again
for ‘taking a shot’ Sanjeevi You got hurt
because of me You are shedding blood and sweat
for the sake of our society Won’t I shed 2 drops
of blood for you? This is cake walk for me Anything for you Consult a doctor Why are you running as if
you’re being chased by a dog? I got some earth shattering news Your picture has come in
an English magazine, bro – Jailor gave it
– What? I killed that jobless jerk? See how sexy you look Hey! Why have they published a snap
of me in my briefs on the cover page? Remember the guy who sprayed
water on me from a lorry Find out who he is right away I’ll make mincemeat
out of him in such a way… …he shouldn’t even water
the plants in his house! Can I say something? I didn’t piss anyone off
And I landed here But you pissed and came in Pound him to a pulp – First find that fellow
– Certainly, bro “Hey! Absolute freedom-” Check the 3rd table
if they need more booze You don’t drink or smoke
No bad habits at all Why did you come to
the bachelor’s party? I’m thinking of
joining the gym Need protein to
beef up my body Where is the chicken? Came to check out
the chick Sunitha, right? I can read your mind Let’s go Do you see ‘Kurkure’
standing there? – Kurkure…?
– Don’t say it loudly Sanjeevi, how come you are here? Just like that, I dropped by- Forget the past My boss’s wife is
suffering from insomnia She took out the frustration of
sleepless nights on her husband Boss transferred it onto me I took it out on you She can’t sleep
That’s all, right? My grandma couldn’t sleep
for past 4 years Did you forget, he made
her yawn and sleep? Aah! How could I? Then do me a huge favor Somehow make this lady fall asleep Then all our problems
will get solved This is child’s play
for my friend What say, dude? I can do it in a jiffy You’re the only dad in the world
to host a bachelor party for your son Shoved both his feet in! I’m the bachelor
hosting this party! Not yet started in life Waiting for a wife! What are you looking at? All girls want only grooms
who’ve settled down in life Only now I am well settled All girls, attention please If you’re looking out only for
grooms who are well settled… …you’ll get a groom like him Take a good look – Need to talk
– Coming He’s still desperate How am I? Gorgeous glam doll! Not asking about
my appearance Am I a good girl? Aiyo! 24 carat gold If I profess my love to a guy… …will he accept me? If you just wave your hand… … …boys will knead their fingers
and toe the line at once Okay I want to… …tell you something But before that I want
to share something What…? That you don’t have a job And you yawn, right? Neither I’m second hand That means? A girl by name Mandhakini and I… …for sometime
we have been- That’s enough Let me explain in detail No need I got it God has given me brains Sunitha, I want- No, I meant- “My dear flower blushing red” “Your fragrance dizzies my head” “My front porch will be
your park perennially” “A flute so expressi-” “…blushing red” Sit in a corner ‘Don’t get in my way’ She’s tippled thrice over “My dear flower-” “Your fragrance…dizzy spell-” Have you been boozing? Why…? How long have you
been into this? This is my 1st time You are really tipsy Please give it to me No…I won’t If you are steady… …repeat after me – What?
– Say 66 Listen If you can say 66
without a slur… …you are steady on your feet Sisty sis Sisty sis?! Sixty six Loud and clear Sishty- Dear…? My God! Sanjeev Am I really piss drunk? Way beyond piss drunk! Won’t I be able to walk? Walk…? If your mouth slurs on 66… …your feet will do an X for sure! If ‘pple fine’ out I’m ‘drun’… …my dignity will go
for a toss, Sanjeev Please do something Oh God…! Kishna, Dama, Dovinda Put your arms on my shoulder – Shoulder…?
– I’ll pretend to be drunk You hold me as if
you’re helping me Passersby will think
I am the one drunk You can lean on me
walk up to the gate As if you’ll come home Okay, let’s go Lean on me…walk along with me Balance properly
Back straight Social service has got
into Sunitha’s bloodstream! He’s drunk as a skunk Look how well she is
handling that drunken slob You’re a good fellow ‘Why the sudden compliment?’ You told me frankly you’re a second
hand piece, right?Watch your step What…? Why are you holding my hip? Why…? Fall flat What…? If I don’t hold you… …you’ll fall flat! Then hold me…tight You bet I will, alright Hey, what cheek! Your cheek is touching mine If not, your head will drop
without my support Your image will be spoilt
Is that okay with you? No…no…! Touch me…as much as you want I am on cloud 9! Hold me tight My precious chubbiness! Sanjee, am I stinking? Distilled water won’t make you stink! You found out? I knew right from the start Your idea of a twist? 101% waste What do I do with you? Do whatever you want “Bubbly, bright and bouncy
You’re my bubbly baby” “Dazed, dipsy, dizzy
I feel giddy, don’t tease me” “Perfect for a selfie
Stands this glam-doll girlie” “God has created a miracle
She’s an angel, you dumbbell!” “Like a star this baby dear
twinkles, sparkles shining clear” “In a drunken stupor, high
looped and loaded am I” “Bubbly, bright and bouncy
You’re my fizzy baby” “Weak in the knees, wobbly
I feel woozy, don’t tease me” “Step by step you flirted with me
Stuck to me like glue firmly” “Cartloads of ice flattering me
you pile up on my head steadily” “I am not joking, it’s true
I swear I fell flat for you” “If you don’t believe me
I’ve sliced my heart for you to see” “Thanks to you, deep inside
I soften, I liquefy” “I am just not me
I melt slowly” “I freeze, I break freely
I lose myself fully” “Bubbly, bright and bouncy
You’re my cheery baby” “Hit on me, honey
Inch close to me” “Flirt with ease
Say ‘okay’ please” “What do you have so potent?
It made me flip heels over head” “You are so cool, baby
I’ll catch a cold immediately” “Your boyfriend let me be
I hold a PhD in love, trust me” “Don’t spear your eyes on me
like a sword from its sheath fiercely” “You’re my bubbly baby” “Come here, dolly” “Hey! Come here, girlie!” “Sssshhhhh!” Please come in – Has Rahul briefed you?
– Yes, sir You make your colleagues
yawn and fall asleep I’ve seen it in a video It didn’t occur to me then But good you’re here – Please come
– Where’s your wife? She’s upstairs in her room If you yawn… …then only you should feel sleepy How will I fall asleep? You’ll definitely sleep Crazy people…lunatics! Purushothama…! Am I not laughing? Laugh along with me Laugh, man Sir,Sleeping is not the solution She needs professional help I think she is mentally afflicted She’ll be fine if she sleeps Somehow yawn
and make her sleep I’m unable to yawn Look at her intently You’ll automatically yawn Sir, if I look at her closely… …I feel like puking Please yawn
Keep trying Why are you smiling
in that weird way? Don’t know
I’ll keep trying Your mouth is twisting
to one side Yes…it’s coming Her head is missing Sir, I didn’t do anything What did you do to her? Instead of making her sleep
you threw her in a heap! Please don’t drag me into this She’ll keep cussing me now Lift me, I say Come here, you ass Get hold of him, dumbo Tell me My yawn is becoming worse What…? – Becoming worse?
– Yes, doctor My yawn flung a fat woman
to one end of the room Okay, just come to
my office immediately He has insulted you
showing you half naked Do you know the man you disrobed
in the middle of the road? Tell me Cooling glass Guna So what? You misunderstood
his nickname He sends people
to the graveyard! If you get caught,
your chapter is closed I’m running an important errand I’ll call you later Hang up now Claiming to make
the city clean… …you’ve clean polished his life Look at your faces
like battered [email protected] He lives in Saligramam
Opposite the temple We’ll reach in 5 minutes Who are you? Take your hands off The other day I didn’t know
and I sprayed- You were standing in your briefs
in the middle of the roa- You know what? You are better off dead What happened, bro? Help Get up, bro He is escaping Cooling glass Guna
is blind now, huh? What do you mean? Hey! What really happened there? We were holding him Bro came running real fast
with the machete in his hand But he danced before that, right? Acid, he struck out with
the machete before I hit him The machete is 3 feet long If you add the length
of bro’s arm to the 3’… …it should’ve spliced
deep into his neck! That didn’t happen Only bro’s eyes felt the blow Indeed Bro, what really happened there? – I am in the dark
– So is he! He might be able to see Or he might just
end up being blind What do you mean, doctor? Dude, I am at the hospital I’m coming up Give me 2 minutes Did Sekar’s men do something? Why is he creeping in
looking petrified? If I say something,
promise you won’t beat me What…? The person who gorged your eyes… …wasn’t him Then who? It is ‘that thing’ – What…?
– That, bro In that temple… …remember the person
who was possessed That spirit… …invaded his body …and flung you Come close…closer Don’t hit me Please don’t This entire town is scared of me Rambling about ghosts and spirits Bro…! What did the doctor say? I must remove
this bandage soon He has to be… …pickled to pieces I must see him die
in front of me That isn’t possible, bro Doctor said it’s doubtful
if you’ll be able to see again Confirmed, bro Didn’t he open his mouth? He breathed out air It’s an airy spirit You said you will
pluck that spirit’s eyes But the spirit got the better of you Guess what? What…? Cooling glass Guna
is in the next ward Don’t worry No problem at all Someone has beaten him up to a pulp And gouged his eyes out
He is bedridden now ‘Eyes…?’ I was the one who made him
lose his vision! That means all these years I was
befriending Bruce Lee and Arnold! Shut up I’m myself peeing in my pants! – Did you get the result?
– I’ve given it to the nurse I yawned His cooling glass broke You are being so silly I agree you yawned and
made the whole office sleep How does it will happen? What now? Are you furious? Has a fly got into your nose?
Your ears are twitching @TC A frog is sitting @TC
in your throat Soda bottle is opening
in your stomach! Do you feel like puking? If you want to say
something, say it now Why are you slipping
into coma now? Why is he singing? Aiyaiyo! Nice yawn Is he your doctor? Even in my wildest dreams… …I never thought
it would be like this! Doctor…? remove Meant your yawn! Didn’t expect it
to have such force! True, doctor I yawn like this
every half hour Other than office hours… …I’m with you all the time
in my ‘lungi’ without my briefs Signal before yawning
I can’t risk being stripped – What…?
– Nothing, doctor Our nurse was broadminded Didn’t mind giving us a free show Right, sister? Bloody buffalo! Look what happened Everyone had a good look, doctor! This is very dangerous You say you yawn
once every half an hour Take my advice Whenever you feel like yawning… …go to a secluded spot Don’t take any risk, okay? Is there no other way? Option? I need to ask Dr Mahendran Dude, then who is he? Change the uniform of nurses
from pinafore to pants Look what you’ve done to Guna You’ve turned Cooling glass Guna
into a visually impaired goon! Let’s get away from here Who is calling? What…? She’s a royal pain! Where are you? What’s up? On behalf of ‘Clean country’… …we are conducting
a fashion show Sunitha, I have an urgent
call to attend to For people like you who need to
attend to nature’s call urgently… …and not pee on the roadside …we are raising funds
to build public toilets I’ve sent you the address
See you there Sunitha, listen to me first If you’re truly in love
with me, you’ll be here You and your pearls of wisdom! Don’t take unnecessary risks Poor girl!
Listen to me ‘Public toilet for every street’ – All tickets are sold out
– Really? – Where is Sunitha?
– In the make-up room He seems human to me But he gorged both eyes
without lifting his little finger! That too our boss’s eyes! Good that I’m shielding my eyes You safeguard your eyes Let’s go You have only 10 minutes
before your next yawn Listen to me
Let’s leave now Let me just mark
my attendance 1/2 a minute to go and
1/2 a minute to get back Poor thing, I’ll spend
90 seconds with her We still have 7 and 1/2
minutes to spare True, you got the malefic effects
of Saturn in your yawn! Why do you think
negative all the time? I’ll be back soon He runs like a marathon sprinter! Wonder what’s in store! Sunitha, be ready
I’m leaving You are next in line Come soon Sunitha, I’m here
I saw you My love is true
I have to leav- I’ve proved it Aiyaiyo! Will you please tie this for me? Quick It’s getting late I’ll tie it for you Getting late for me too – I’m unable to tie it
– Quick…quick My fingers are not
getting it right It’s getting knotted alright But your mind is in a dilemma Found out? I have to bite- Using your teeth? How is my hair style? ‘Surely’ super! It is ‘curly’ Don’t touch it For 4 hours, with great difficulty… …I’ve taken each strand of
hair separately and set it Only 2 minutes left 4 hours just to
style your hair, huh? Is this bangle fine
or should I change? Not good
Change it – Is this ‘chutti’ ornament okay?
– No, change it Does this dress look good? No, not looking good at all
Take it off right away Hey! I know what
you are angling for Sunitha will be nailed shortly! Sunitha, you are next I think time’s up Good lord! Time up for me too I’m leaving I’m tense because
I have to model out there Why are you tense? You won’t understand my tension Let me be your stress-buster! What…what I got to leave now I know what you want Why are you twitching
your nose like a goat? Your lips are in such a tearing hurry! Why are you shaking your ears? Countdown 9 “Coming…it’s coming…!” “Gone…I’m done for!” Is this the time to get romantic? Countdown 3 He has opened the compressor Go…move aside
Air force is on the way We were right
Spirit for sure! @add Finito! She is stepping out like a bear This isn’t Sunitha Ma, what’s this hairstyle? This is an African hairstyle Trash can even be on your head But not on the floor Sunitha bags the 1st place
for presenting this philosophy! If this yawning is
such a huge problem… …why didn’t you
tell me earlier? I’m already a second hand fellow If I share this too… …I was scared
you’ll ditch me Why do you keep harping
on being ‘second hand’? You get tense
if I come near you How did you please your ex-love? We went to the theatre
Watched movies We had popcorn Right, you would have
just watched only the film And he slots himself
as second hand When you share popcorn… …our hands would’ve
touched, right? If you say 2nd hand
for sharing a popcorn… …then I’m 15th hand! If I add ice cream
and pizza to this list… …I’ll score a century! By the way, I’ve even
eaten raw mango Raw mango? With red chilli powder Am I okay then? O-kay…! Come “Rain, rain, rain, rain
Go…go…go…go” “Don’t prod my pretty flower, ciao” “Don’t poke my dainty flower, ciao” “Don’t take a jab at my petite flower, ciao” “Don’t prick my little flower, ciao” “You pitter-patter pour
into my heart an encore” “A flash of lightning akin
you enlighten what not within” “Waves of desire leap to sizzle
Fine tune as rain to drizzle” “Thirst on the brink of lips” “Time for love tips” “Don’t hurt my tiny flower, ciao” “Don’t shove my sweet flower, ciao” “Don’t prick my little flower, ciao” “Eye lashes flutter gladsome
With every touch you blossom” “Distance is now unwelcome” “Like a tempest you wander
in new zones of pleasure” “Paths get trampled with fervor” “I thought love would just be
an inflicted wound really” “Like a magnetic force it attracted
I joined hands and capitulated” “No part of me is spared
Your lips drizzled to be shared” “Don’t prod my pretty flower, ciao” “Don’t poke my dainty flower, ciao” “Will your soul soften?
Merge into me senses heightened?” “Will our hands in love be woven?” “Through the eyes will it seep?
Into the heart’s atrium deep?” “Will you be my whole world indeed?” “I was a wretched soul till now truly
Not feeling your warm breath on me” “With your hot breath caressing me
I evaporated into a spirit airy” “This love will do for me” “I’ll walk with you, honey
to the end of the world gladly” “Don’t prod my pretty flower, ciao” “Don’t poke my dainty flower, ciao” “Don’t take a jab at my petite flower, ciao” “Don’t shove my sweet flower, ciao” Bro…? Here’s a pair of
new glasses from France Here, bro Even if a hurricane hits us… …it seems it won’t break Okay, keep it safe Bro…? Mottai kannan was 100% right Not only is he a spirit But his girlfriend is also a spirit Even now if I imagine
that girl’s face and hairstyle… …I get goose bumps! Thinking of your plight- “Even if the lion loses its vision…” “…will its ferocity lessen?” Coffee, bro Give it to me It’s easier to believe
God does not exist But must be careful
about supernatural stuff Where is my coffee? He wants his coffee Here it is, bro Here, bro This side Right here Hold it…slowly
Drink it up That’s right Hold it Let me take it – Give me a cigarette
– Give it to him Are you mad or what? Why get into trouble? You got the wrong end
of the cigarette Bro, minister is on the line Let me talk Sir…please tell me Bro’s eyes- Let me try and
be of some help Okay, sure I’ll inform him now Bro, minister wants to meet you Bloody scumbag! You want me to tell him
I’m no longer ‘Cooling glass Guna’ I am ‘Blind Guna’ But if you don’t go,
it may look bad Only we know
you’ve lost your vision But they don’t So we can manage How…? I have an idea, bro This is the notorious rowdy
Cooling glass Guna You are going overboard What gall to wear coolers
in front of our boss! Let me see you take
your right foot forward Starting on a wrong foot! Come in He’s wishing you, bro Why did you lift your hands
like you are Jesus Christ? Did you tell me if he was
to my left or right? He was behind you You showed your hands in front Looks like you’ll crucify yourself! Who is calling? 1 minute
I’ll be back They are distributing freebies
in the Govt grocery store? I should stand in the queue
because the men’s line is shorter? We are concluding
a 50 million deal here How can I come there now? I’m in the midst of
a very important meeting Don’t bother me Guna @remove Bro, minister Good morning, bro How are you? Manivelan? You have the gall to make
the minister cool his heels? Dhandapani Let’s sit down and discuss Sure, we can Oh no! Why did you sit down on the floor? You shouldn’t do anything
without asking me Go Walk straight Like holding a rope to guide you Super You’re doing good A little to your right He’s showing attitude big time
Don’t let him off the hook Guna, we need to
talk to you alone Sure, why not? Munusu, wait outside I’ll look into this I know how you can ‘look’! How will you manage? I can handle this, da You just go They will be watching you This will end up in a royal mess Watch out, boss Tell him Guna, 1 minute Excuse me We can’t tell him
straight to his face He’s a weirdo What is the point
in keeping quiet? Come to the point We can discuss face to face Manivel, why are you so quiet? Dhandapani, I’ve also been
watching you from the start You seem to be
staring daggers at me I have a busy schedule It’s getting late I have other appointments to keep Whom is he talking to
all by himself? Tell me what’s in your mind Why are you silent? Are you unwell? He’s acting pricey, uncle Tell me your problem If I can I’ll solve it for you Otherwise I’ll just zip my lips
and be on my way They must be in
a disturbed mindset Guna, why were you
talking to yourself? Wretched bloody goons! You left me alone to
make an ass of myself When you went alone
to collect your thoughts… …why shouldn’t I do the same? I saw you muttering
to each other I don’t like making small talk Be frank and up front I’ll voice my bit
and make my exit I’m not bothered
if you are there or not I think I covered up
my faux pas rather well You’ve got the assets of
Kittanna Vasu in your name I did Shouldn’t it be
in our minister’s name? You were supposed to
take only a commission So shall I also transfer
the murder case in his name? But enough palms have
been greased, right? Then what is your problem? I told you right then This is the repercussion
if you deal with rowdies, uncle Remember who you’re talking to This whole town
knows you only too well Some random fellow chased you
in your briefs all over the place On top of it your nickname! Don’t call yourself
a rowdy anymore – You’ll be the laughing stock
– How dare you! Is this how
you respect me? Sit…don’t lose your cool How could you! Get me that bloody document I’ll sign it, damn you Here’s the document
And a pen right next to it Done You signed on
some female model I was just… I was checking
if this pen writes Fine Where should I sign? Dhandapani bro, show him Sign here Here? Right here I thought as much Why are you pressing
my finger so hard? I signed without raising
an iota of suspicion Soooper, bro We should kill that chap who is
possessed by a female spirit Don’t fool around
with spirits, bro We’ve killed
a dime a dozen Do they all come back
as ghosts to hound us? We’ve killed
a dime a dozen Have we killed any girl
who is possessed? It is rather confusing What’s his name? Sanjeevi Who is with him? Only his mother Gosh! Not me Which area? Close by, bro
Saligramam They are zeroing in Isn’t he that ghost’s friend? Get into the car Tell me, Mojo Isn’t Sanjeevi at home? He has gone to bring Sunitha Cooling glass Guna is
on his way to kill Sanjeevi What do you mean? Oh no! You don’t know
what happened, huh? Cooling glass Guna
is a notorious rowdy Whaaat? He and Sanjeevi
got into a big tussle That’s why Guna wants to kill him Ma, you wanted
to meet Sunitha Get out of my way
Sunitha looks pretty Thank God Mojo called
and informed me in time What’s your problem with Guna?
He’s on his way here to kill you Yes, the whole gang is
coming here to kill you Let’s go to my brother’s house Listen to me Don’t be scared We can complain to the polic- Gawd! They are here Let me show them my power Maa…? Don’t open the door
[email protected] – Wait
– Sanjeevi, don’t open Wait, I’m coming @add I’ll pierce every pore
in his bloody body – I will splice him
– Don’t be hasty, ma He is the doctor who is
treating my yawning Doctor? Come in, sir So sorry – Come in
– Please take a seat Doctor, Sanjeevi’s problem
is curable, right? Because of his ailment
a bunch of rowdies want to kill him Ma, keep quiet Someone is out to kill you? Do you know who you are? Who am- What is your father’s name? Sivaseelan Your grandfather’s name? Kulasekara Alwar His father’s name? Thirumurthy Nayanar What is his father’s name? I don’t know How come you don’t know, ma?
Why are you looking at me? Adhiyan Ori ‘During the British rule…’ ‘…India’s precious gems and treasures’ ‘…were seized and
shipped to England’ ‘The next target for
the British fell on…’ ‘…Prabhagiri fort
in Chennaipattinam’ ‘The cavalry dispatched was
double the normal strength’ @ ‘Because this fort had priceless
medical manuscripts’ ‘These manuscripts had the reason
and cure for all the diseases in the world’ ‘Prabhagiri fort that housed
all these precious records…’ ‘…was surrounded by serenity
with no security whatsoever’ ‘General Hastings and his troop
hesitated for a minute’ ‘The British cavalry galloped forward’ ‘Most unexpectedly,
from the fort’s exterior… ‘…a wild gust of wind
blew like a tornado’ ‘The one who created
such a tornado…’ ‘…was Adhiyan Ori’ ‘The lone guard
of Prabhagiri fort’ ‘He turned wind into
a force to reckon with’ ‘Created a weapon
out of that force’ ‘Adhiyan Ori chased
the British away’ ‘Governor Jude Benedick
refused to believe this’ Of course we know only few
martial arts like Kung fu, Tai Chi But unknown to us, these Indians
are a storehouse of such ancient arts Their self protection methods
are countless and effective In the Korean war… …opposing Genghiz Khan …like Adhiyan Ori …they won with the help of a warrior
well versed in this power I agree Your Majesty is right ‘If Adhiyan Ori holds
his breath once…’ ‘…he’ll fly 10′ into mid air’ ‘If he orders the wind to stop
it will obey his command’ ‘He has often said the most powerful
weapon in this world is wind’ We need only the manuscripts
preserved in that fort Not just the notes If we can get his skills… …we can bring
this world to our heels All the Northern kings have
surrendered themselves to our cannons But you don’t seem to be nervous
standing against our forces How come? Who are you? Tamilian Warfare is our weapon I ask of you with affection
to give us your skills Only love can enslave a Tamilian And you are truly
aware of this fact Ask me what you want I’ll give you whatever you ask for Just come with me If you fix a price to
our bravery and dignity… …whoever it may be
his head will fly into space I forgive you,
because you are a woman You may leave Go Knowing you cannot
defeat us face to face… …you stabbed me
behind my back? This fort’s savior is forever gone Bye bye, Tamilian This is the eternal wind No one can destroy it You and your silly build up! Such a great power
that saved a whole country You think this is a problem
and you are scared? Adhiyan Ori’s power
has been handed over to you Unable to come out
it has been struggling within you It has emerged
in the form of a yawn That same power
has brought me here Ask that power to put an end
to my yawning habit It is in you
for a specific reason Reason? A man has lost his eye
and is out to kill me If I ever set eyes on
my grandpa, I will- This is a book written by
the disciples of Adhiyan Ori Practice this Your yawning problem
will be solved Like your grandfather
Adhiyan Ori excelled… …you may learn the art
of controlling air too Get in there Why did you bring me
to this exorcising place? I have to go to work To show your handsome face
and frighten these spirits Move – Show your face instead
– I’ll teach you a lesson Bro, this is the ghost’s close friend We’ll use him as bait
to get our target – Where?
– He is the one Pound him to a pulp, bro Yuck! He won’t fall for this bait Mr Cool drinks Guna Hit you! Cooling glass Guna Kill me but don’t
kill my friendship Let me show you He’s calling his friend Dude, Cooling glass Guna
has kidnapped me Somehow come and save me Has Guna kidnapped you? I’m sure you’ll make an ass of yourself,
fall at his feet and escape cleverly If I come there
he will kill me Try to escape, bro You are my sole soul friend! Okay, okay…bye Chop his hand
and send it He will land up for sure It will take 2 days to even
identify it, no need, sir 1 second, sir He’s calling someone again Let him call Sunitha? He’s talking to the female spirit Your guy Sanjeevi has gone
with his ex-girl friend… …to the temple in Mangadu If you go immediately
you can catch him red handed Is he unable to
forget his first love? Let me tell you this too He’ll tell you a pack of lies He’ll even try to dissuade you
from going there He’ll claim Cooling glass Guna
wants to kill you Don’t buy all that
Come immediately Is he servicing a vehicle
that is already sold! I’ll be there She won’t swallow
any of your stories Whaaat? Bro, the priest is here Okay, hold my hand Get down, bro Priest, is all this true? If a person possessed by a spirit
steps past this line… …their dance will expose them What if they don’t dance? It means they are not possessed
by any ghost or ghoul My hands are itching Where is his neck? Sir, this is my neck
Let go of me, sir You are hurting me The female spirit has come The male spirit is with her – What?
– Get out of here Have you come just now?
He told me you are already here The moment you fall in love
trust a bloody stranger Not your lover Get out of this place right now Get hold of them Bro…? Come here, quick A little to the left In front Here Right…bang on She is as smooth as
a plastic bucket Let me- Let me caress you once more Let go of me I have another
problem to attend to Move…move Get into the square Did they dance
like they’re possessed? No, bro, they are standing
in that square normally Bro, they are
ordinary human beings I thought as much Bring me the sickle I’ll slice them into two Right away, bro – Look inside the temple
– What? Looking at each other
like dumb temple cows Look at me Where is the sickle? Look here Why is he doing
the snake dance now? What is he saying? Here, bro Give it to me Look over there We can kill them both
in 1 swift blow, eh? Who is gargling? The ghost is gargling The spirit is showing
its true colors Only the girl is possessed Let me kill him Who is this? Me, bro Why are you
adding to the noise? I’m chatting up the ghost, bro What do I do? You should also talk to them once Otherwise they will bite you How do I make
this ululating sound? You got it What a crappy livelihood! You escaped, right? Shut up Why are you scared? Then what? You are Adhiyan Ori’s grandson So what? Did you read the book
written about your grandpa? Did you practice
all that was recorded in it? If I do? Do it first Only then you will
discover your true self I’ll do it My bad luck, I got stuck with him! ‘Like your grandfather
Adhiyan Ori [email protected]…’ ‘…you may also learn
the art of controlling air’ ‘Let me try to stop
the fan from spinning’ We have power shutdown
at all odd hours Routine job for
the electricity board ‘Spiritual practice’ ‘I have imbibed your power’ ‘My next exercise…’ ‘…is flying practice’ Where…where is it? Oh! It’s right here What are you up to? Breathing exercise The study of Yoga Is it falling in place
like your grandpa? Working out as we speak Even now I’m trying something To raise myself up
5 feet from the floor Kundalini yoga Oh! Really? Can you come home
and try this out? I would also like to see it I’ll come Is he a rocket to fly? This isn’t even do-able! Let us wait and watch Hey! He’s here Have you issued tickets for a show? Raghav, not gone
for your honeymoon? Why won’t you ask? Instead of making
my boss’s wife sleep in peace… …you broke her into pieces I lost my job And my wedding was cancelled What I spent for
that bachelor’s party… …went down the drain You invited hi- What are you doing here? Not only me
Surprise! – Who is this?
– She’s my financier Financier…? Will she lend money
and charge interest? He meant she is his fiancée! How is my matching? Like mismatched sandals! You also look like a shoelace Did we make fun of you? Can’t you keep quiet? Don’t keep yapping
Ask him to go up soon ‘Up…?’ Should I definitely
try it out here? If you don’t start now,
our dignity will go for a toss! Try your luck Who is that man with
the salt and pepper look? Like a scientist Laughs like a nutcase My dad! Dad, didn’t I tell you?
He’s Sanjeevi Hi, son-in-law I’ll be troubled only if
you are floating in booze 24×7 You’ll only be floating in mid air! I’m sure you’ll ace it Which place will be
comfortable for you? Which is the ‘eesanya moola? North eastern corner…? Let it be there
I’m fine here Okay then
Sit here Why are you sitting behind me? Come and sit in front No need I’ve heard enough tales about
your mouth’s power from my boss Ma, come Hey mini skirt! Just a precaution
Hold on to your skirt tight Manager, switch off the fan Won’t he get hurt
when he goes up? Turn it off Looks like he’ll really go up ‘My hair will spike up again?’ Bro, shall I go
to the restroom? Snake anti-venom!
Trying to be extra smart? Sit down quiet Is this really possible,
my dear son-in-law? Dad, you’ll anyway see it
for yourself soon enough Uncle, listen to me If you focus your mind and
channelize it to your 3rd eye Shut the nine openings
and control the 5 senses Not only this It is possible to
achieve much more Move closer Little lower – Madam What are you doing? Raghav, she wants to
see him flying from level 1 Is that right?
That’s [email protected] Me too Remove
Is that right? You cover from the left
and I’ll take the right What does he want to cover? Count up to 3
I’ll go up Dude, go up…go up Lift it ‘My God!
The magic is on!’
@remove Go up
Lift it, dude Raise it, dude ‘The potato has shown
its true scent!’ Who moved the chair? I’m asking you, right? Not me, he did it Yes, he’s the one You promised to fly in mid-air And ended up
downloading all the air Out of 9 holes, you forgot
to shut an important hole! Guys, 1 minute Let’s continue from
where it was emitted Am I hearing you right? Please wait Even when a rocket is launched… …it emits reactive gas ‘Philosophy!’ Rockets are tested
only in open space Not in close confines of a house My head is spinning And here she is
defending this chap who farted ‘You let me down big time’ ‘Picked the wrong time to download’ I can actually see
my reflection But with only 1 eye Hey! To close your chapter… …one eye will do Who is it? ‘Knife’ Ramesh What are you doing? Remember the videos on
the internet of you peeing I’m deleting all that
with great difficulty Go ahead Bro, watch your step How much he tortured me
not letting me sleep all night My bones are all creaking ‘Mottai’ Kanna? Bro…? Are you here? – What are you doing?
– Watering the plants Very good
They need nourishment Can rough up anyone But not ‘spirits’! “Love, my precious eyes
I haven’t seen since yesterday” What…? Bloody mongrel Trying to escape? Watching porn stuff?
Go ahead, watch now Beep…beep
– Don’t hit me, bro I turned it off, bro Bro, we didn’t know
you can see now Forgive us Let go, bro Getting turned on
with a banana, huh? Stuff it into your mouth Every pore hurts, bro Bro, I won’t do this again Sir, I am blind
Please show mercy Forgive me, bro Aw! Hurts real bad If I let you sleep next to me,
you will steal my booze And dance in front of my eyes? Now you’re shaking a leg! “Charmer of my heart, I feel it’s a godsend
to sleep in your lap to my heart’s content” “In that moment
when my eyes close joyfully” “My previous births’ yearning
are fulfilled joyously” Laughing? Come and dance Stop it Scavenger scum! Because I can’t see
and Munusu also isn’t here You’ll have a rollicking time, huh? Munusu is the reason for all this He claims to be
your successor He is the one rotten apple, bro Time for a murder Look here I danced so much
I’m sweating all over Go get me a soooper shirt He’s asking him to
bring your shirt, bro Ask him to give Get up, I say Go Go Do you know
what respect is? Watch me now Look Bro…? Munusu, when did you come? Munusu…? Bro, I’m here 10 grounds like 24 carat gold With encumbrance They asked me to clinch
the deal on your behalf If you bless me,
I’ll finish it Please bless me, bro Bro, bless me
whole heartedly Bless me, bro – Where is his head?
– Here Here Bless you Don’t touch my feet with your head Get up Who stopped watering
the plants half way through? Irresponsible! Let go of me This is nothing
Wait for more Come here Bro, I forgot to
tell you something What? Got myself a new dress Wanted to show it to you But you can’t see Be patient If only you can see
what I’m wearing… …tears of joy will stream
down your cheeks It’s a fact Not only that I bought a new knife
for the Panchayat You’ll get it now – Munusu
– Bro? I’ve also bought a new gun Bought- Fine, he got a gun Will a gunman from Ghana
help him to aim? Give it Why is the gun
targeting me? Bro, when did you
get your vision back? Get up, I say When you came in… …you were dancing away to glory What was that song? That was- Sing and dance for me He got nailed royally @ Okay, that’s enough You jigged a few steps
wriggling your butt to me Show that step Replay Did you dance like this? You shoved your butt
into my face You lifted and rejoiced Lift more – Did you dance like this?
– Yes, bro First I went to the right Then to left Then I shook my bum Didn’t you stick your
yucky bum on my face? Once more Turn I’ll never raid
your wardrobe again Missed by an inch or else… …my machismo
would be zero! Not me He made me look like a joker
in front of my own boys Whether he’s a spirit
or any damn man… …he will die today! What is that noise? Meow! Who are you? How dare you walk in
without telling me who you are? Where is he? Who? Your son He isn’t here But why are you
looking for him? This is the reason I don’t know you And who are they? So you are that
Cooling glass Guna? Tell me now
where your son is I don’t know He isn’t here First step out All of you leave right now
without causing any trouble I’m telling you to leave
And you’re smoking in my house If my son gets to know this- What audacity! You’re turning a deaf ear Listen to me Clear out When my son comes
you’ll face the consequences You have the gall to
make yourself comfortable Here, bro Sickle I’ll tell you where he is You can’t go
anywhere near him Do you know his lineage? Adhiyan Ori’s grandson He’s in Gopi’s mechanic shop
near the factory in Ambattur No one can destroy this wind I’ll look into it What the hel- “Don’t die because of me
Save your breath please” “Whacked hackled
Hacked mangled” “If he stands before you
pulverize him, dude” “Pelt, pummel, pound
Injure, impair, knock around” “Into every pore of his
stuff tongues of flame that hiss” “Dissect him to bits
till he no longer exists” Go, get him Did he hit you? No, boss He blew me off my feet Blew you? Go, get him Don’t let go of my hand Is he scaring us
or is he scared? Really baffling He is back again He’s counting heads now It is really confusing He is either blowing
or he is sucking What do we do now? I’m scared Come Trying to blow us off our feet? My ‘dhoti’ has
gone with the wind! Attend to more important work on hand Somehow run and
stifle his [email protected] Trying to escape? You multi task with your mouth! Try your blowing act now Take it from me This is for you to keep Where is- Hey! Munusu Hey! Mottai Kanna Where have you disappeared? Don’t know what he’s up to Slightest chance
he keeps blowing He has a vacuum cleaner
in his mouth or what? Where are you? Why? You consider yourself
a hot blooded male, step out If you consider yourself
a hot blooded male… …fight me with your fist
Not your mouth Fine, come out Promise me
you won’t blow Okay, I swear First come out Come out, I say I’m coming Wait and watc- Let go of my foot Hey! Guna Cooling glass Guna Mojo, my yawning has
stopped completely now I swear! Don’t believe me? I’ll call you later Did you laugh? Your problem is
taking a detour now Don’t laugh even if
you’re amused Not even if someone
tries to make you laugh Be serious all the time How weird! His problem is taking
a different turn now Like the fable where the monkey’s tail
was lost but the knife was found! subtitles by rekhs
assisted by harini Why is Mr Yawn’s girl coming here? You are doing
great service Try this sweet How do you like this job? Giving salt to the sea? Loads of fun Spending time with youngsters Cleaning the city Like being a college student I heard about it Even if he laughs
he emits a gust of wind Do pass on
this message to him I am extremely short tempered Incase he goes on a laughing spree
in front of me You are serving the public Why don’t you remove
your cooling glass? Spare me that request alone I’m already like
Long John Silver Then not a single goon
will respect me If you had given me ‘halwa’
instead of this milk sweet …it would have been apt Ditto! Some chap is peeing there Go and get him Simply!
I was bored So I came here You’ll naturally be bored
if you are jobless The old lady has
kicked the bucket What else have you hidden from me? Open your mouth and answer Our boss is fighting
staking his life And you’re laughing like idiots Don’t laugh Stop laughing Bro, laughing gas If you inhale it- Why are you on
this laughing spree? I am hell bent
on killing him And you’re laughing here .Why
are they cackling like this? If he hugs me like this… …imagine how tight
he will hug Hansika! What to do? He keeps hogging
the duets with Hansika!