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[Brody] 10 years ago, the Ninja Nexus Prism fell out of the sky right into our back yard. Dad said it came to us for a reason. He removed its metallic crust. Inside the prism was the
mysterious Ninja Nexus Star. Somehow, dad was able to reach
right into the solid prism and pull it out. He had no idea of its legendary power. I was outside training, when a monster came, and everything changed. Dad, Aiden, help! Brody’s in trouble! Take the Ninja Steel and hide it. Aiden, until I come back,
you stay hidden too, like a ninja. Okay dad. And don’t worry, I’ll save your brother. Love you.
Love you too, dad. [Galvanax] Now, give
me the Ninja Nexus Star! You can’t give it to him, dad. [Galvanax] He has no choice! (energy crackles) What!? [Odius] The legend is true! He’s become a Power Ranger. [Dane] Brody, stay back! (both yell and grunt) [Galvanax] Hand over that star! Never! (explosion echoes) That star came to me, so I could protect it from evil like you! (yells) [Brody] Into six Ninja Power Stars. Aiden! Uh, hold on, I just, woops, oh geez, hey! I’m having a magic show later. Thanks. Oh! Try it now! (engine revs) It started!
Coming through! (Calvin yells) Sorry about that! Whoa, uh, um, I’m
having a magic show later, if you want to come watch. Thanks, that’s really sweet! Mick!
Oh great! You got the Nexus Prism! Of course! [Redbot] And I got the
keys to a space cruiser. You see, getting out of this tin can is gonna be a cinch! (yells) You still got a plan b? Yeah, but you’re not
gonna like it, come on! [Redbot] Suffering circuits! Whoa, what do you think that is? I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out! Are you crazy? It could be, like,
dangerous, or, radioactive? Maybe a UFO! Now that would be incredible! Okay, wait, can you take a passenger? (laughs) All aboard! Whoa!
Hold on, magic boy! (both yell) Whoa! Whoa, what are those? They’re the Ninja Power Stars. It’s glowing, like the
Nexus Star did 10 years ago, before my dad pulled it out. I can’t believe it! [Sarah] Amazing! How did I just do that?
Impossible! I’m trying to remember. That thing crashed into our back yard, and my dad pulled a star
out of it, just like we did. He turned into some
sort of Ninja superhero. The monsters called him Power Ranger. A Power Ranger? Follow exactly what I do, and we may just save our skins, come on! Uh, okay! I’m right behind you, I guess. [Korvaka] I’m back in the game! Wait, those are Galvanax’s
Ninja Power Stars! Give them back! [Brody] Guys, do what I did! Whoa, it’s like magic! This oughta be interesting. Buckle your seatbelts. (energy hums) [Korvaka] They couldn’t survive that! Whoa!
Check it out! [Preston] It’s some kind
of mystical metamorphosis! [Korvaka] What!? I feel powerful! Like I have the strength
of 10 freight trains! This is epic! We’ve become power rangers! Uh, I’m Mick, uh, head mechanic on the Warrior Dome. You know, where they film the intergalactic TV
show, Galaxy Warriors? Galaxy Warriors?
Galaxy Warriors! [Hayley] This is shop class
where we build and fix things. Woohoo! There’s plenty of tools in this class, so hopefully you can fix
that wrist thing of yours. Mick, just try to blend in. I could change into a tire! No, no no no, no, not
that kind of blend in, just act normal, and no one will even
notice you’re here, okay? Okie dokie.
Let’s go. You! You must be our new shop teacher. I’m Principal Hastings,
very nice to meet you. I’m Mick, very nice to meet you too. Now, I was disappointed to hear you were not going to take the job, but who can blame you? You know, I wouldn’t want to spend all day in this grease pit. But I suspect you’re right at home. I’m glad you changed your mind. [Redbot] Oh my motherboard! I found something! That’s it, I knew it was
here, quick, give me a hand! Empty, where’s the ninja steel? Hold on, let me see that. This trophy looks so familiar. Brody, what’s your dad’s name? Dane Romero. Dane Romero? It’s in the school trophy cabinet! I saw it this morning! That’s it, Aiden must have hid the Ninja Steel inside the trophy. It’s Mick! Brody, are you okay? I’m fine, but we’re in trouble. We know where the Ninja Steel is, but so does Galvanax. And we need to get to the high school. Alright, we’re on our way. Wait, I’m at the high school. What, that’s great!
Yeah! [Brody] The Ninja Steel
is in my dad’s trophy. It’s front and center in
the school trophy cabinet. Look for the name Dane Romero. Grab it and we’ll come meet you! See you soon, let’s go! There it is! The Ninja Steel! [Ripperat] That’s not all I’ll destroy! (Ripperat yells) Oh my! It’s the yellow and white Power Stars! They’re glowing. Grab the Power Stars! [Calvin] Whoa, is this really happening? [Hayley] I can’t believe it! How in the world? This is crazy! (Mick stammers) You pulled out the Ninja Power Stars! Do you know what that means!? [Both] No! I know.
Brody! It means you’re Power Rangers. Just like us. Power what? Preston? What are you doing here? Calvin and Hayley? Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m from out of town. I’m Brody, from, outer space. [Redbot] I’m Redbot. [Riperat] And I’m Riperat! I’m gonna make you all pay for stealing from Champion Galvanax! Just follow my lead. Why, what’s gonna happen? Even if he tells you,
you won’t believe it. [Redbot] Hold on to your hard drive! Wait til you see this! It’s morphin’ time! Lock your stars in! [All] Ninja Spin! (upbeat music) You were right Preston,
I don’t believe it! It’s like I’m on Nitro Power! What just happened to us? This feels wild! [Brody] All together now! Red Ninja Strike, steel slash, ninja spin! Final attack! [Ripperat] I’ve stuck out! (explosion echoes) [Brody] Show’s over, ninjas win. Oh!
Whoa! [Brody] Wow, the prism. It’s showing us a vision. [Hayley] What are those things? If the legends are true, those are your zords. [Brody] Zords? [Mick] Throwing stars. [Brody] Those are the ones my dad made. [Preston] Wow, what’s happening? [Brody] We’re about to find out. [Calvin] Whoa, cool! I think you’re about to meet your zords! [Brody] Zord Stars, lock in! Activate! [Rangers] Lock in, activate! Ninja Spin! [Brody] Ninja Steel
zords, out of the shadows! (rock music) (Kodiak barks) [Preston] Those are our zords! [Brody] Wait for me! You look like Redbot! I’ll call you Robo Red Zord! [Preston] A Dragon
Zord, it’s like magic! [Sarah] This train is so fast, it’s definitely a Zoom Zord! [Calvin] Nothing’s gonna
mess with my Nitro Zord! [Hayley] It’s like my
dog, Kody, a Kodiak Zord! Just like we’ve come together as a team, I think our zords can too! [Hayley] Into a Megazord? [Brody] You know it! Ninja Steel Megazord, combine! Lock in, ninja spin! Robo Red Zord!
Dragon Zord! Nitro Zord!
Kodiak Zord! [Sarah] Zoom Zord! [Brody] Ninja Steel Megazord, ready! Aw!
Whoa! [Calvin] This is unbelievable! [Sarah] But it doesn’t
seem to be energized? [Brody] Hey look, I wonder
what this ninja star does? [Preston] These stars
have ninja masters on them. [Brody] They must
activate our new powers! Ninja Master Mode stars! [All] Lock in! Ninja spin! [Brody] Ninja Master Mode, ready! The Ninja Master Blade is ready to rock! Let’s finish this, Ninja
Master Blade, energize! (blade revs) [Rangers] Ninja Steel Megazord, master slash, final attack! [Skullgator] No! [Rangers] Show’s over, ninjas win! [Redbot] Forging new
ninja stars from Ninja Steel is really heating up my circuits. The star is done! Let’s hope the legends are true! [Redbot] My goodness! [Brody] Wow! [Rangers] Whoa! They’re called element stars. [Rangers] Element star, fire attack! Final strike! How did that happen? I did it, that’s what I’ve
been trying to tell you! I stopped the drink. I can do real magic. I think I may have another
trick up my sleeve! Let’s try Dragon Formation, combine! [Brody] Whoa, check out this cockpit! [Preston] Huh, it worked! Now we have wings! [Brody] Ninja Master Blade energize! (blade revs) [Rangers] Dragon
Lightning, final attack! [Slogre] This isn’t good! A rockin’ new ranger ride! What!? Whenever you need them, these stars will transform
into Mega Morph Cycles. What are those wrinkly beasts? [Redbot] Perhaps the prism wants to make another ninja star? The prism’s activated a new zord star! I think it’ll help you summon the legendary Rumble Tusk Zord! [Brody] Got it, thanks Mick! Rumble Tusk Zord Star, lock
in, activate, ninja spin! Rumble Tusk Zord, out of the shadows! Ninja Zord mode, activate! Rumble Tusk Ninja Zord, ready! Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord, combine! Ninja spin, Robo Red Zord! Dragon Zord!
Kodiak Zord! Zoom Zord!
Nitro Zord! [Brody] Rumble Tusk Zord! Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord, ready! [Rangers] Rumble Tusk
Ninja Steel Megazord, double ax, final attack! [Tangleweb] Down came the rangers, and washed the spider out! (explosion echoes) [Redbot] What is this vision? Ah, wow. Let’s find out! [Redbot] Looks like a new zord! It’s Mick, one new zord
star, hot off the grill. This one is for the Astro Zord. [Brody] Whoa, thanks Mick! Let’s unleash its power! Astro Zord Star, lock in, ninja spin! Astro Zord, out of the shadows! Wow, the Astro Zord is epic! [Preston] It’s like a UFO! [Sarah] We’re gonna be
able to go into space! [Brody] Ninja Zord mode, activate! [Preston] Cool, it’s
got a ninja mode, too! [Brody] Astro Ninja
Steel Megazord, combine! Ninja spin! [Preston] Dragon Zord, disengage! [Brody] Astro Ninja
Steel Megazord, ready! [Rangers] Astro Ninja
Steel Megazord, cosmic blast! Final attack! [Hacktrack] I’ve been
Hacktrack, over and out! (explosions echo) [Odius] Those fools are
blind to the real danger. (energy hums) It’s good to see you, my little stowaway. Looks like the transfer is going smoothly. Galvanax and Ripcon have no
idea what I’m capable of. But they’ll know soon enough, when I’m finished with you. (laughs) (explosion echoes) [Levi] Yes! That’s it! [Ripcon] What, the Gold Ranger!? How’d you get on the ship? Why would the Astro
Zord take off on its own? I tracked it back to the Warrior Dome, where it seems to have rescued someone, but I have no idea who. Uh, guys, look at this. The UFO just landed
here in the city plaza. Look, the hatch is opening. Who is it?
Yeah, who is it? It’s a gold Power Ranger. The Gold Ranger? Who is that? I don’t know, but whoever it is, he must be the one who pulled out the Gold Power Star from the prism. I went off alone for months to work on my new album, when this big crystal thing flew up to me, like it was alive! Inside, the Gold Power Star was glowing, like it was calling to me, so I reached right in and grabbed it. Whoa. Suddenly, these monsters surrounded me. [Odius] Pleased to meet you. I am Madam Odius. [Levi] And Odius kidnapped me! [Odius] And you will
never be free again. [Levi] I think she wanted
to learn about my powers. She strapped wires to my head, and messed with my
mind, driving me insane! I thought I was done for, until your zord rescued me just in time. Yes! [Ripcon] What, the Gold Ranger! How’d you get on the ship? The Gold Ranger better appear, or I’ll destroy everyone! I’ll start with this cowboy! (explosions echo) [Brody] Look out! Thanks.
Come on! Thanks, I woulda been
roadkill back there if it wasn’t for you. But you’re not even a fan. I didn’t save you
because you’re Levi Weston, I did it because you needed help. See ya! Hey, do you want a job? After what just happened, I’d
be smart having a bodyguard. Just while I’m in town for the concert. Me, work for you? Thanks, but I don’t… I would give anything to
get that backstage pass. Anything. I’ll do it on two conditions. First, you give me backstage
passes for all my friends. Done. Second, I’m not following
all your silly little rules. I’ll treat you the same way
I hope you would treat me, like a normal person. You’re hired. Start this afternoon? I’ll see ya. [Ripcon] What are you doing? Levi!?
Is that, no way! Oh yes way!
That is him! [Preston] Levi Weston! [Ripcon] I don’t care who you are. You’re about to learn a tough lesson. You’re messing with the
wrong cowboy, partner. [Ripcon] And you’re messing
with the wrong monster. Gold Ninja, power star, lock in! Ready, ninja spin! Rhythm of the ninja, Ninja Steel Gold! Yehaw, let’s get this party started! [Rangers] Together as one! [Levi] Let’s get her done! [Rangers] Ninja blast, final attack! [Ripcon] You haven’t
heard the last of me! [Levi] This is wild! Ninja Master Blade, activate! Ninja spin! (blade revs) [Rangers] Ninja Steel Megazord, master slash, final attack! (Skullgator yells) (explosions echo) Yes!
Yeah! Show’s over!
Ninjas win! [Calvin] Good work
Levi, you were incredible! [Hayley] I still can’t
believe I’m fighting alongside the Levi Weston! [Levi] And I can’t believe I’m fighting alongside the Power Rangers! [Brody] Nice work,
welcome to the team, Levi. Welcome to our base. I made you these stars. The Storm Star will give
you the power of lightning and wind in battle, and this, is your zord star. Thanks! I can’t wait to find out what my zord is. Let’s meet my zord! Bull Rider Zord Star, lock
in, activate, ninja spin! Bull Rider Zords, out of the shadows! Whoa!
Whoa! [Levi] I get two zords! The Robo Rider Zord and the
Ninja Bull Zord are wild rides! [Brody] Totally epic! [Levi] Wow, the Robo Rider Zord is hot! Hey, what’s that? This must be my Ninja Master Mode Star! Time to saddle up! Lock in, ninja spin! Ninja Master Mode, ready! Yehaw! Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! It feels so powerful! Now, let’s get this rodeo rockin’! If the other zords can
combine, I bet mine can too. Bull Rider Megazord, combine! Ninja Spin! Bull Rider Megazord, ready! Rockstar Guitar, activate,
Bull Rider Megazord! Rodeo rapid fire, final attack! [Stonedozer] I’m rocking now! (explosion echoes) [Brody] Show’s over! [Both] Ninjas win! How about we take a selfie? Cool camera! Does my biggest fan
know my favorite food? Alright, one, two, three! [Both] Cheeseburger! Brody.
Do I know you? I’m Aiden, your brother. On that day, 10 years ago, the
day the monsters took Brody, dad told me. Take the Ninja Steel and hide it. Aiden, until I come back, you
stay hidden too, like a ninja. Okay, dad. I love you.
I love you too, dad. I saw dad turn into a Power Ranger! (Dane yells) [Galvanax] Hand over that star! I couldn’t believe it! But then Galvanax hit dad hard. [Galvanax] Yes, the Ninja
Nexus Star is mine! (laughs) That star came to me so I could protect it from evil like you! (yells) Our dad destroyed the star, but then he disappeared into thin air. He was gone. But I knew one thing for sure, I had to keep the ninja steel safe. I hid it in dad’s trophy
at the high school, then left you the clue in our secret spot. I was terrified Galvanax
would come after me, so I went away as far as I could go. When I saw the Power Rangers on TV, and you had this, I knew
it had to be you, Brody. [Odius] We’ve made progress. The Rangers trust you now. That will be their downfall. [Odius] Indeed it will. (Aiden laughs) Their base has been
right there all along. [Mick] It’s time to add the Gold Energy. Hopefully the Gold Energy
combines with the Fusion Star. [Redbot] It’s your power star! Let’s hope it fused! Um, Levi. [Redbot] Whoa! It worked! All six power star
energies merged perfectly. That is the Ninja Fusion Star. [Redbot] It’s lucky there’s still plenty of Ninja Steel in the trophy. Uh, Aiden. You shouldn’t be in here. Yeah, and I shouldn’t do this either. Hey Mick! I left my power star, and, Aiden? What are you doing with the Ninja Steel? (explosions echo) Aiden please, stop! How could you betray your own brother? I am no one’s brother. Whoa. You’re some kind of cyborg! You have no chance against me. Aiden!
He’s a robot! Do something! (energy hums) Levi, we got you buddy. [Calvin] This can’t be real. You will all pay. (explosion echoes) Levi, are you okay? He wasn’t my brother, he was one of Galvanax’s robots. I caught him trying
to take the Ninja Steel. [Brody] Ninja Fusion Zord, combine! Ninja Spin! [Levi] Whoa, what’s happening? [Ripcon] What!? [Brody] Ninja Fusion Zord, ready! [Rangers] Ninja Fusion Zord
master slash, final attack! (monsters yell) Yes!
Nice! [Ripcon] No, you
finally got me, Rat Bait! (explosion echoes) ♪ I’m with you ♪ ♪ When you’re far from
home, still with you ♪ ♪ A family bond that can’t break ♪ ♪ I choose a star ♪ ♪ The light leads me home to be with you ♪ What’s happening to me? ♪ A family bond that can’t break ♪ ♪ I choose a star ♪ ♪ The light leads me home to be with you ♪ [Odius] You’ll never be the Gold Ranger. No! [Odius] Start the memory transfer! The transfer is complete. My robot now has all of
your childhood memories, and you will have forgotten
them all! (laughs) ♪ A family bond that can’t break ♪ ♪ I choose a star ♪ ♪ The light leads me home to be with you ♪ ♪ All together ♪
All together. ♪ We are one ♪
We are one. I know that song. ♪ The light leads me home to be with you ♪ ♪ All together, we are one ♪ ♪ Together we are family ♪ ♪ Every day now we grow stronger ♪ ♪ In our hearts, always there forever ♪ ♪ I can count on you ♪ ♪ You can count on me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we will always, always be ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we will always, always be ♪ ♪ Family ♪ [Brody] Aiden! (audience applauds) Brody, I remember now. I remember it all. It’s you, you’re my brother! Yeah! I’ve been thinking about it. I guess that when Odius kidnapped me and put my memories into her robot, she put false ones into me, and that’s why my memory was so messed up. Now, I remember everything. So when did you change
your name to Levi Weston? Well dad told me to
hide, so I changed my name to make sure I couldn’t be found. Then my music caught on, and pretty soon everyone
knew who Levi Weston was. I was hiding in plain sight. How are we going to explain that Brody got kidnapped by a space alien, and Aiden went into hiding
and changed his name? Maybe we don’t bring any of that up, and just keep calling you Levi? Yep, that’s probably a good idea. So while you were off traveling the world, I was traveling the universe. But now we’re finally back together, and that’s what’s important. ♪ Together we are family ♪ ♪ Everyday now we grow stronger ♪ ♪ In our hearts, always there forever ♪ ♪ I count on you, ooh, ooh ooh ♪ ♪ You can count on me, ooh, ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ‘Cause we will always, always be ♪ ♪ Family ♪ In the name of the Lion Galaxy, Lord Drillion and I will
destroy the Power Rangers, as I will all enemies of my kingdom. [Drillion] And you all! [Brody] Deflect his blast! (explosion echoes) Let’s get him! Help!
Huh? Oh no, that person’s falling! Yes! Are you okay? Who are you? You saved me? [Sarah] Of course, that’s
what Power Rangers do. [Levi] She kept her promise! [Brody] This is epic! [Drillion] Oh no! [Hayley] The ship’s drawing
power from the atmosphere! [Drillion] No Princess, don’t! (explosions echo) No, she’s too powerful! I’m out of here! [Hayley] He teleported away! [Calvin] Yeah, like a scaredy cat! Woo!
Yeah! [Brody] She really scared him off! [Sarah] She really is good at heart. [Brody] Come on, let’s get
our broken weapons to Mick. [Galvanax] That backstabbing princess thinks she can get away? Fire the laser cannons! (explosions echo) You can’t destroy the lion ship! [Hayley] I’ve never seen this before! Whoa.
Whoa! Hello Rangers. Princess Viera, what are you doing here? Galvanax shot down my ship. I managed to crash land. Oh, thank goodness you’re okay. We never got the chance to thank you for helping us against Drillion. I’m not sure we should help her at all. Mick, how could you
say something like that? Because she is the
ruler of the Lion Galaxy. It was my home, until the royal family
took me and 100 others, and sold us to Galvanax. You never told me how you ended up a prisoner on the Warrior Dome. No, no, because I don’t
like to think about it. But thanks to the likes of her, I haven’t seen my parents in 20 years. He’s right. I’m truly sorry Mick. My family can be very cruel. The fact is, I came here to prove that I can rule with an iron fist. But you showed me that
kindness is a better way. If you’ll help me, I intend to go back to the Lion Galaxy, where I’ll lead everyone,
the Power Ranger way. It’s almost there. Wow! Huh, what’s happening? Uh. Huh.
Whoa. Whoa.
What the? [Preston] That came out of nowhere! [Brody] Mick, a new star
just appeared on my wrist. Is it the zord star? Uh, I think the prism has something else in store for you first. [Brody] What do we do? Try spinning the star. [Brody] I’ll give it a shot. Lion Fire, ninja spin! My Lion Fire Armor, it’s gone! [Brody] I feel energized! [Sarah] Oh, he’s getting powered up! [Brody] Oh yeah! (triumphant music) Out of the fire and into
the fight, Lion Fire Red! [Drillion] What, impossible! [Brody] Mick, it gave me
Viera’s Lion Fire Armor! It feels invincible! The rangers have a fighting chance now! I didn’t believe that
you had truly changed, but you really are on our side. [Brody] You’re through, Drillion. Lion Fire Armor Star, lock in! Ninja spin! Lion Fire Flame Strike! (fire crackles) Final attack! [Drillion] You threw a
monkey wrench in my plans! [Brody] Yes! Make me a star. Bingo. One Lion Fire Zord Star. I’ll get it to Brody. [Redbot] Lucky we had enough steel! [Brody] Guys, look! [Calvin] It’s headed
toward the lion ship. Check it out! [Brody] It’s a zord now, it’ll be so much more powerful! Lion Fire Zord, out of the shadows! Aw yeah! [Drillion] Nice zord, pity
I’m about to destroy it! [Brody] Is that the best you’ve got? [Drillion] I’m not done yet. [Brody] Lion Fire Megazord, energize! Ninja spin! [Drillion] Well this isn’t good! [Brody] Lion Fire Megazord, ready! Lion Fire, spin strike, ha! Fire away! [Drillion] Gonna need more than that! [Brody] I’ll give you
more, and then some! [Drillion] Oh no! [Brody] Lion Fire, slash, final attack! [Drillion] This is not a drill! (explosion echoes) [Brody] That was epic! I’m happy my armor and ship are finally being used for
good after all these years. When I return to the lion galaxy, I promise I will change
things for the better. Well, we’re gonna miss you. But, we know you have
important work to do back home. Before I go, Mick, I
have a surprise for you. [Mick] A surprise, for me? [Brody] A message, from the Lion Galaxy? Micky? Mom? Dad? I can’t believe it, is it really you? Of course it is! You’re alive! I never gave up hope that
I would see you again. Neither did we, son. We were so glad to hear
that you were okay. [Mom] We can’t wait to see you again. Are you going to come home? Mom, Dad, I will come home, I promise, but not just yet. My friends and I have important work to finish here on Earth. Don’t apologize, my little Mickel-poo. (rangers laugh) We’re happy just to know
that you’re out there, safe. I love you mom, dad. We love you too. I can’t tell you how good it
is to see their faces again. I had my doubts about you, but you have proven that your
heart is in the right place. So thank you, my princess. And thank you, for your friendship. You have changed my life, and with it, the fate of
the entire Lion Galaxy. I will return home, but I will never forget you. If you ever need me, simply call, my armor and the Lion Fire Zord will always be at your disposal. Hey guys! Viera sent us the Lion Fire Ninja Stars! [Calvin] Whoa! [Preston] What are these? Cool, now we can use these when we need some extra firepower. She sent you a wand. Yeah, and an old spell book. They came with an
intergalactic message disc. Greetings Rangers. Whoa!
It’s Princess Viera! I return to you the ninja stars, which control the Lion
Fire Zord and armor. And I have a gift for Preston! From the treasure room of the Lion Galaxy, it’s an ancient book of
advanced magic spells and the dragon wand that goes with it. Preston, this magic is quite advanced. To master it, you must start
at the beginning of the book and learn each spell in order. No matter what, do not skip ahead. I hope these are useful. Farewell, Rangers. It’s fully charged! Hopefully it works. [Hayley] Give it a go, Sarah. [Redbot] You did it,
Sarah, it’s working! Yes! Thanks to my mom and her invention! It worked. [Redbot] Hurry Mick! Brody, the new Ninja
Ultra Star is on its way! Here goes! [Brody] Thanks Mick. Ninja spin! [Sarah] Here we go! [Levi] Let’s do this! [Brody] Ninja Ultrazord, combine! [Preston] Ready to spin! [Levi] Ready! [Forcefear] Whoa! [Levi] Bull Rider Megazord, engage! [Sarah] Ninja Steel Megazord, engage! [Brody] Ninja Ultrazord, ready! Wow!
Oh whoa! [Sarah] It worked! [Brody] Let’s destroy this doofus! (rangers yell) Ninja Ultrazord blast! [Rangers] Final attack! (energy hums) [Forcefear] I’ve hit a wall! Watch the master at work.
Yuck. (machine beeps) Come to papa. [Redbot] Wait, what’s that? Incredible. This is it, yes! (communicator beeps) What’s up, Mick? The scans worked. We found an asteroid that
seems to contain Ninja Steel. [Redbot] It’s passing
through our solar system. Epic! We can use the Astro Zord
to go and get it, and– Mick? Mick. Oh my.
What in the– (energy hums) [Redbot] What’s going on? (laughs) That’s more like it! [Redbot] Suffering circuits! [Mick] Oh no. Whoa! All the ninja stars, they’re gone! (buzzcam buzzes) Monte, what are these? [Galvanax] Surprise! You were right, Odius. It’s some kind of magnet. [Odius] Where did you get this device? Uh, we made it. Actually, he made it. [Galvanax] It’s fantastic! Oh, well, of course, I
had a lot to do with it. [Galvanax] It grabbed
all these ninja stars. Who cares who made it? Now, where are the Power Stars? What, where are they? They’re not here, how is that possible!? [Odius] The Rangers
must still have them. [Galvanax] Not for long. Take those teenagers to the ship. [Odius] Yes, champ. [Monte] Victor! [Odius] Stop wimpering, fools. [Galvanax] Let the final showdown begin! At long last, I’ll destroy the Rangers! So you do have our ninja stars. [Galvanax] Not all of them, so thanks for bringing your power stars. They’ll be mine soon, I promise. Shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep! We won’t let you touch them! [Galvanax] Basher Bots! [Rangers] Ninja spin! [Galvanax] Their power
stars will be mine! (laughs) (energy hums) Two Rangers down, who’s next? Yellow! Just three more! I’ll give you a choice. Complete my collection of power stars, or watch the Basher Bots
destroy my new prisoners! [Brody] No, you can’t do this! [Galvanax] Oh, but I can. 10 years ago, my dad had
to make a decision too. That star came to me,
so I could protect it, from evil like you! (yells) That star came to us, so we could protect it from evil like you! [Galvanax] Big words. There’s only one way
I know of to do that. Give me my dad’s sword. I must destroy my power star. [Galvanax] What!? (rangers mumble) No! Is that two? Brody, is that you? [Brody] Hey brother. [Levi] I thought you were gone. [Galvanax] What just happened? So did I. The prism, it protected me. But if you’re still the Red Ranger, then who is that? Mick, you’re a Ranger! The prism has more tricks
up its sleeve than Preston. [Galvanax] What, two Red Rangers? Who is that? Hello boys.
Dad! I can’t believe you’re here! You’re alive!
Aiden! [Galvanax] Impossible, he was destroyed! I can’t believe it, you
were in there the whole time! When I broke the Ninja Nexus
Star into six Power Stars, the blast seriously injured me. But the prism captured my spirit, healed me, kept me safe, until now. [Galvanax] Enough
with the family reunion. I’d rather have some family destruction! Looks like we have to battle
this creep one more time. He should’ve learned a long time ago. You don’t ever mess with ninjas. It’s morphin’ time! [Rangers] Power Stars, lock in! Ninja Rangers fear no danger! [Cosmo] Gigantify! (laughs) Your time is up, Rangers! [Odius] Activate the Mega Mag! [Galvanax] Who dares betray me!? I’ll get you for this! [Odius] Galvanax,
haven’t you guessed yet? Ripcon wasn’t a traitor, it was me! It was always me! (laughs) [Galvanax] Curse you, Odius! [Sarah] It’s an asteroid! [Odius] What, no! Whoa!
The prism! It’s never spun that fast before. [Brody] It looks just like us when we do our Ninja Star Morph Attack. [Hayley] Maybe it’ll
join the attack with us. [Sarah] One way to find out. [Brody] Epic, let’s do this! Ninja Nexus Morph! [Galvanax] What are they doing? [Brody] Final attack! (Galvanax yells) [Galvanax] No, you can’t hurt me! I’m invincible! I’m the champion of Galaxy Warriors! I’m the greatest of all time! (explosions echo) [Brody] He’s gone! Yeah!
That was epic! We did it!
It’s over! We did it!
Yes! Goodbye Galvanax!
Look, the prism! The final blow against Galvanax must have drained all its energy. [Preston] We never would’ve
defeated Galvanax without it. Can we fix it, Mick? [Preston] It looks weak, like its dying. I have no idea how. Oh no, look! What’s happening? Our power stars. No! [Hayley] They turned to dust. They’re gone! Without the power of the Nexus Prism, Ninja Steel is too unstable to exist. That means all our weapons
and zords are no more. Don’t be sad, Rangers. I think the Nexus Prism
came to Earth for a reason, to find those who could defeat evil, and it has fulfilled that purpose. Yes, Galvanax is finally destroyed, and his evil is gone from the universe. Now, we can be a family again. (communicator beeps) Uh, speaking of the future. My space taxi has arrived to take me back to the Lion Galaxy. Really looking forward to
seeing my parents again. Gonna miss you. I’ll miss you too. All you Rangers. Um, ex-rangers. You will always be Rangers to me. Now, I want you to promise
me that you will always eat your safety goggles
and wear your greens. We’ll think of you when we do. Will you visit?
Yep. Well, uh, Mick out! [Redbot] I will miss him. Well, you two haven’t
forgotten our song, have you? Are you kidding? They even taught it to us. Is that right? Shall we? ♪ I’m with you ♪ ♪ When you’re far from
home, still with you ♪ ♪ A family bond that can’t break ♪ ♪ I choose a star ♪ ♪ The light leads me home to be with you ♪ (tense music) [Odius] The game’s not over yet! Not by a long shot! (laughs)