Prenatal Yoga

Hi ladies and welcome to our first ever Prenatal
Yoga with Adriene program. I have partnered with my very good friend Hilah on her pregnancy
journey to bring you what I think is a truly unique and supportive program. This is a great
yoga practice for any mother to be and you don’t necessarily have to have a Yoga experience.
So this is real women, getting down, hunkering down to find a really beautiful supportive
spot in each trimester. That said, here’s what we have for you. We
have a content video for each trimester. So we have one, two, and three where we actually
follow Hilah in real time on her Yoga and mother-to-be journey. I’m there for all sessions,
but in the first one you’ll see just me guiding you through first trimester. In the second
one you’ll see just Hilah on the mat. And in the third one we come together for a more
nurturing practice in the third trimester, which I think is really awesome. So in addition
to your content videos, you’ll also receive three awesome supplemental videos. You might
just watch these once, or maybe twice, or maybe a plethora of times to get our wisdom,
just kidding. But these again are about real conversations, real live mother-to-be inquisitiveness,
and they’re also a lot of fun. If you know my friend Hilah then you know that they are
bound to be a lot of fun. So in these three videos Hilah and I hunker
down and chat about some more practical and specific things when approaching your due
date and all throughout new motherhood. In the first one we really talk about connecting
to the self, self love. We provide a daily checklist. Everything from connecting to baby
through song and chants and perhaps story, to a couple of my favorite daily checklist
items to practice physically. Everything from kegals to daily. So that’s really awesome
and helpful on both an energy and physical level. The second lady chat really focuses on labor
and birth. Hilah and I get real and we talk about what are some ways to deal with pain
during labor and some kind of real live action tools from our prenatal Yoga tool belt. In
the third lady chat we tackle the birth partner. We thought it’d be a great idea to include
your birth partner in this conversation, especially towards the end as you near your due date.
This could be your partner, this could be your lover, this could be your mother, this
could be your friend, this might just be your doula or someone you’ve met and fell in love
with and hired. And so we just chat a little bit about the relationship between you an
your birth partner. And we also just talk about your support system and a couple of
just gems that hopefully they make you feel supported. Anyway, it is my absolute pleasure to also
share a PDF file with you. These could be reminders, they might be new pieces of information.
But everything from the do’s and dont’s of essentials oils to daily affirmation and of
course a little fun and humor. I look forward to hearing a response from you. I’m always
available for questions and I wish you the absolute best in your journey of motherhood.
From my heart to yours, I’m getting emotional, Namaste.