RAW vs COOKED CHALLENGE | #Kids #Funny #Bloopers | Good Habits | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends Today we are going to do a new challenge All those who like me, please like the video also. All those who like me please share our video with your friends. Let us start, we will enjoy a lot. But, mumma please tell us what is the challenge? Today, we will do a healthy challenge. Again, we have to eat raw vegetables ? No This challenge is for all those, who don’t eat properly, Means for ME… Means for ME… No, for both of you…. Welcome to aayu and pihu show You can get raw or cooked items. You have to do STONE PAPER SCISSOR Then choose your number and eat either raw or cooked. You have to eat properly STONE PAPER SCISSOR Now pihu will choose, 1 or 2 What should I choose ? 2 Popcorn I have got raw corn Aayu has to bite it properly 1 bite But, it is tasty Aayu likes raw vegetables more Now I will give aayu raw vegetables This is round 2 STONE PAPER SCISSOR banana banana chips You can also play this challenge with your friends STONE PAPER SCISSOR Soup It is tomato soup Then I will get tomato? Paneer Paneer Tikka I have got paratha Mooli ka paratha Petha – Sweet Sister got Pumpkin I also ate pumpkin in Vegetable Challenge Kaju Katli Means I will get Cashew Nut (Kaju)