Receive Accurate Messages from Spirit Guides Guided Meditation

key to this visualisation meditation is to
practice and strengthen your abilities to visualise, sense and hear with your subtle,
etheric body. We will do this with simple exercises of visualisation and by opening
your crown and third eye chakras. Grab a notepad and a pen if you need to note anything from
the upcoming experience. You can if you want prepare specific questions you want to receive
answers to. If you are going to do that, then please pause the video, take a couple of minutes
to think of your questions and then continue with the meditation. Find a place and time where you will not be
interrupted and let’s begin by getting in a comfortable position. To get into your meditative
comfortable position you can lie down or sit up, just make sure that your body is at ease,
your back is supported and the spine is straight. Take your time to adjust your body, take time
to settle yourself; allow for your body and mind to be at ease and in a place of comfort. Close your eyes, take a few deep and calming
breaths. Inhale through the nose, pause and exhale all the air out through your mouth
and drop everything into the Earth. As you inhale and take a pause visualise and feel
the air and its calming energy reaching into all crevasses of your body and as you exhale,
exhale completely, feeling the calm energy settling into you and in the each part of
your being starting with your toes, inhale, pause and exhale. Move the breath and your
focused energy into your legs as you continue to breathe in, pause and breathe out. Your
hips… breathe in and make space in your belly and your chest, pause, exhale and drop
it all down into the Earth once again. Now breathe into your shoulders and your arms,
pause and exhale… Let the self-observation be loving and gentle… Now breathe in and
make space into your neck and your face, pause and exhale… Relax your temples, your jaw
and even your nose, lips. Let your head be easy, relax the front and the back of it,
let the skin on your forehead completely drape over. Continue to breathe naturally. Continue
to the gentle and subtle process of letting go and allow for your body recalibrate. It
knows how to do that, trust its intelligence by releasing any gripping in your body. Take
a minute to just search for any noise within your body and when you find it, let it just
be, move your breath into it and through it, scan through your whole body one more time
with breath, comb your body with breath as you would comb your hair, leaving your body
light and humming with one line of energy of ease. Now take a moment and quietly, in your mind
make an intention that during this meditation you will only connect to the energy which
is pure and which comes from the divine, which is made only from love and light. Imagine
this intention as a ball of light energy and place it in your heart center and see it or
feel it glow. In your mind ask your spirit guides and angels whether you know them of
not, to watch over you during this meditation. Ask them to help you connect with the energy
that comes to and through you is the one of high vibration. Also ask your guides and angels
to help you visualise and help you strengthen your psychic abilities, to open your third
eye. See or feel yourself to be surrounded by a
golden or white light, an energy cocoon in which you are completely safe and at ease.
Feel the ease of your body and your spirit as you prepare to open yourself to the subtle
and powerful world of spiritual energies. Keep inhaling and exhaling evenly and naturally.
Keep riding your breath through your body, supplying your body with the energy of light
through your breath and grounding it as you surrender to gravity. Now in your minds eye I want you to picture
or simply feel your crown chakra above your head. Feel its energy coloured in purple light
running through the center of your head down through the middle of your body, through you
all of the chakras, your energy centers and all of the nervous system of your body, eventually
running down through your feet and down into the Earth, grounding you down and connecting
you with the consciousness above you and the Earth energy below you all at the same time.
Take your time to feel this connection, ride your breath and the crown chakra energy through
your body intentionally; feel your connection to solidify, to become tangible within your
energy body. If this is not possible to do then just visualise or simply feel as much
as you can, creating a sensory experience of energy above your head, within your crown
chakra. Now pick a visualisation scenario that resonates
with you to symbolise your crown and third eye chakras being open in order to receive
messages – you could chose to see a flower that is about to open, you can picture a window,
a small candle being lit or any other visualisation scenario that resonates with you the most
at this time. As you ride your breath and feel the energy of the crown and third eye
chakras and after the sound of gong ring three times, I want you to make an intention and
to open your crown chakra by using a visualisation object of your choice. GONG RINGS As you open yourself, feel how your whole
energy body is responding to this and even your physical body becoming more relaxed and
open. Feel the sensation of weight like dropping down and vanishing into the Earth which is
constantly grounding you down with the force of gravity as you lay here all relaxed and
open. Before channelling any messages and information
from spirit beyond, let’s strengthen your psychic abilities by doing a simple visualising
technique so you can receive more accurate messages. In your minds eye, please visualise
a number 1, it can be however you are seeing it in your minds eye. Once you have that practiced,
try and add something to the number, it can be a different colour, font or even texture.
Do what seems to work for you in this moment and play with it making the number move vivid,
eventually maybe even add a sound to the number. It is normal to see fractured number at first
or not being able to focus on a whole number all at once. Just do your best and most importantly
have fun with this practice. During this practice you may feel a slight tingle in between your
eyebrows where your third eye chakra is located and that is normal. If you don’t feel a
tingle, that is also ok and does not take away anything from this experience. I sometimes
feel the tingle but most times it is not part of my experience. Now let’s move onto number 2. Same or similar
way start to visualise number 2 as you did with number 1. Maybe this time add something
different to this number, maybe try to focus in on the number more, making its shape or
colour or whatever you want more distinct or highlighted. Take a minute to just be creative
and really flexing all muscles of your third eye and your visualisation ability. Finally let’s move to the number 3. Bring
the number forth into your minds eye and have fun visualising and playing with it. Work
your way through the senses and visuals you can add to the number, perhaps eventually
even adding a vibrational feel to it or even a smell? Play this fun game for a couple of
minutes and feel free to be as creative as you want to be. Now come back to your breath and let the breath
ride through your body like a wave, a body that is spiritually awakened and its sixth
sense heightened. Let your breath be easy and natural.
Turn your attention to the Spirit, Guides or Loved ones that have crossed over. Let’s
just call them Spirit. Now with your energy body being open please invite the Spirit to
share with you any information that you need to know at this time right after you hear
a bell ring. You may want to ask specific questions or simply let the information flow.
Messages can come in words, thoughts, smells and pictures. Let your body completely relax
and invite, accept the information ‘BELL RINGS’
Thank the Spirit for the experience you received today, acknowledge the connection that has
taken place and which will always be with you. Come back by bringing your awareness
back to your breath. Start to come away from the experience with the Spirit and start to
come back into your physical body. Whichever scenario you chose to open up your crown and
third eye chakras, use the same scenario to close the chakras down, until next time. If
this was a flower, now see it close, if it was a window, close it gently and if it was
a candle, blow it out. As you continue to naturally ride your breath through your body,
start to feel the physical surroundings, hear the sounds and feel the physical sensations
of your body. You may choose to fall asleep or continue with your day, either way, you
will continue to be loved and supported by the Spirit, which is always an intention away
to communicate with you whenever you feel ready again. Namaste.