Rediscover Me Day 15 | Baby Steps

okay Saturday I am so late this morning
I am a just one more thing type of person so I know I have something coming
up and I just try to fit in one more thing one more thing one more thing and
I was doing that all morning so I’m still in my PJs awesome
I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend today is my mother’s birthday
happy birthday she turns 70 today so we are going to brunch here in a little
while and that’s why I’m trying to fit everything I can into this morning so
I’ve been going crazy already on my Saturday my nice stretched out neck PJ’s
are looking pretty fashionable this morning right alright so it is day 15
discussion for rediscover me challenge which I’m going to get to in a minute
I’ve got some housekeeping stuff I’m gonna announce first but this week on
the Rediscover Me challenge is all about health and wellness and we’re talking
about baby steps into this stuff because I feel like when a lot of us embark on
this journey and even for me I’ve you know been in a pretty good groove with
it for a while now but if I try to make a big change all at once it’s so
overwhelming and I find that just layering in the baby steps a day at a
time is so much more effective so if you guys listen to the chat I did before we
started rediscovering I was like a week before we started where I gave you that
printout called the healthy habits tracker which you guys can get at slash/healthy tracker I do one of these every week for myself
to keep myself on track and I track my water intake on here I track my workouts
if I have any goals like I have my move goal and my Apple watch and I want to
hit it four times a week and I also track things like whether I’m cutting
out my nighttime snacking or not but it just really helps me to have that visual
right here on my desk it’s right in front of me it’s a reminder every day
that I need to do these things so I also recommend if you do the healthy habits
tracker you can start out just one at a time maybe today you’re gonna focus
on water and tomorrow you’re gonna focus on eating more whole foods or maybe this
week you’re gonna focus on more water and then next week you can layer in the
next step I just find that that works out so much better than trying to make
all the sweeping changes all in one day because that’s overwhelming and again I
just can’t on stress this enough that if you have a bad day or you have a bad
hour whatever you can always hit the reset button like at any point in time
you can hit the reset button and it’s ironic that we’re talking about
hydration today and I’m normally drinking my water by this point in the
day but I’m still on my coffee right now but it’s called coffee chat right so we
totally can drink our coffee together all right so yeah as a matter of fact I
saw a meme yesterday I was laughing I’m gonna post it in our private rediscover
me challenge group it says it had a limited the top I was like a cartoon and
it said something about how do you expect me to drink eight eight glasses
of water a day and it shows her with eight glasses of water in front of her
and then on the bottom part it says also me and it has four cups of coffee and
four glasses of wine so it’s so true like if I thought about how much coffee
and iced tea that I drink in a day it should make the water consumption pretty
easy but you know it’s more fun to drink this stuff so anyway housekeeping stuff
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use for that okay so on to today’s Rediscover Me lesson we’re talking about
hydration hydration yes so I think that we I think starting with water is really
a good baby step to ease into this I shared with you guys
several times that when I would need to hit the reset button I’ve been eating
lots of junk food or we go on vacation or whatever like the first thing that goes
out the window is I usually stop drinking water and just replace it with
coffee and tea all day long so this is one of the ways that I signal to myself
hey we’re jumping back into healthy lifestyle again and you know just that
signal to my brain helps me to hit the reset button so I always start with this
whenever I’m embarking on trying to make some positive healthy changes and
there’s you know so much research behind being well hydrated it’s good for your
skin it’s good for all of your system and I have an especially good reason to
be staying hydrated right now I had some medical tests done and in December and
because I was having some issues which I thought was one thing and ended up being
something else but what they discovered is I had a kidney stone in my right
kidney and it’s in there right now it’s not causing me any issues but I’m just
like thinking any moment this kidney stone is gonna just like wreak havoc on
my world I’ve never experienced one before I’ve heard all these horror
stories and I’m doing everything that I can to hopefully break that up and flush
it out without having any issues but that’s really a reason why I’ve been
trying to up my water and take significantly but I think one of the
things that helps a lot with this is I have a nice cup it’s a 32 ounce cup and
I know if I fill it up actually it’s yeah it’s 32 ounces and I know if I fill
it up twice a day and drink all of it that I’m going to hit my water total for
the day there’s you know some calculations out there that you can do
specific to your body but half of your body weight in ounces of water is a
general recommendation so definitely check that out first but there are lots
of tips and tools you don’t like plain water you can make some fruit water and
keep it in your fridge put some strawberries in maybe like do some
slices of watermelon and love that in the summer months like lemon of course
it’s always great to put in your water try some flavored things with it there
are lots of flavored waters out there on the market right now there’s sparkling
water there’s so many different options if you’re not really a fan of drinking
water but I also find that using some kind of tracker there are apps that you
can download onto your phone to track your water you can do it through Fitness
Pal if you’re a Fitness Pal user you can do it manually like I do I like to just
mark it off I go fill up my water cup come back to my desk and put a hash mark
in every single time I finished one of my big cups of water so that’s really
helpful and it keeps that front and center right in front of me so I’m kind
of a fan of paper for that reason I feel like apps and things like that are
hidden they’re not blatantly obvious in your
face all the time so those are all little tips and tricks that help with my
water consumption I would love to hear your tips and tricks to like is there if
you’re not a fan of water is there a good fruit combo that you’ve tried that
you enjoy then definitely share that with us I know some people like cucumber
in their water I do I think it’s very refreshing especially in the summer
months but I would love to hear your tips and tricks and what helps you meet
your daily intake of water so please do share those with us and I hope you guys
will join us over in the private Facebook group for the discussion on
today’s lesson I will be back here tomorrow with your next baby step and we
are going to be continuing these throughout the week and just layering in
a piece every day so do try to get your water intake in today and definitely let
us know I want the Facebooker to be accountability for you too so please
check in over there and let us know if you’re hitting your daily intake all
right so have an awesome Saturday I will see you guys back here tomorrow bye