Relief from Anxiety with Yoga

today we going to talk about anxiety anxiety
is the main reason that a person can’t enjoy the present moment and so many
problems in the body what you can do with it you can really
deal with it and in yoga we have really some methods if you really apply them
they will help you to come out of it and they will help you to use this energy
for the betterment so what you should do when the inside is approaching to you
you can feel heart is palpitating maybe you are sweating or maybe suddenly you
feel that your whole body shivering you know these kind of tightness in the
chest these are the reason and these are the
fact that you can see that Anxiety is approaching you know what to do that
moment only one thing conscious breathing you can just lay down just lie
down bend your knee put your both hands on your belly and breathe from your belly hear
inhale belly-up balley down Japanese call this point hara Chinese
called Dantian so whenever you inhale feel that breath is touching two inches
below the navel and exhale two inches below the navel that’s it if you go through it just five to 10
minutes and you will see suddenly mind is coming to the present and you are
relaxing what else you can do it there is a very important breathing technique
we call it Patajali breathing here so again the second step of this you inhale
stomach up hold the breath for 3 seconds 1 2 3 exhale hold the breath out for three seconds so every inhalation you
hold your breath every exhalation you hold your breath and keep doing it at
least four to five minute you will find that slowly that energy which is moving
here and there and making you crazy actually it will settle down there for
this is on the breathe level you have to do but what on the body level on us now on
possible level what he can do it’s amazing just five minutes this poses
and you’ll see that everything is coming down here Childpose just easily bend your knee and
if you can’t sit in this is ok you can take any block or any below and you can
put under your hips there and slowly go down and relax hands back if you feel
this is not comfortable for you just take your both hands and put your
forehead there and conscious breeding from the abdomen
one of the best thing you can do then slowly come up and a gentle twist to the
right again for one to two minutes stay here and read because I D create a lot
of tightness in the body so this twist will help you to release that tightness slowly come up again here bend your knee
and stomach closer to the tight and relax this is also one to two minutes
you can do then again sit down either on the blog on the ground how you feel
comforted the feedforward again here together but not to close the gap so you
can see the diamond shape and slowly go down and breathe consciously in your
abdomen and you will find it certainly everything is peaceful calm down and you
can use this energy for the betterment in your life now try this meditation you
have done through the breathing you have gone through the posture what
meditation you can do very simple Anxiety mean you have to trust in
yourself and you have to trust on the nature that everything is happening
right and everything will happen right so simple thing put one hand on your
level what hand on your heart and just feel that you’re connecting your
navel your emotional center to heart and feel the touch of your both hands
and even if you have to say to yourself just say to yourself that I trust on
myself and I trust on the existence on the universe and everything is happening
right and everything will happen right should say to yourself love yourself and
it will help you to relax let me know how you feel up to doing this thank you thank you for joining