Restorative Yoga : Yoga Supported Bridge Pose

Our next Restorative Posture, Supported Bridge
Pose. So what you’ll need is a bolster and a towel or two or blanket. You’ll place the
bolster underneath your back. So you want it about at the small of your back. Then for
the other side of your bolster, you want to take, depends on your height, the length of
your torso, a lot of variations how much flexion you have in your neck and where you find relaxation,
so it’s, all these postures are about figuring out what fits your body best. And I think
for me personally, just the rolled towel do. And then slowly bring your body, it’s above
between your shoulder blades and your ribs, a little bit about the small of your back,
bring your body over, resting your head on the mat. Now, I actually do need a little
more support, so I’m just going to take an add my folded towel underneath the rolled
towel. Come back on to the small back and scoot the towels up. So you have a nice supported
bridge with your head and your back and as it opens up your chest and your heart, and
you can let your legs fall open. If you need some extra support underneath your knees,
please take that. It’ll help release the tension. And let everything fall open. You can blurt
rest your hands on your belly that usually seems to be a really good logical place to
put them. Set your timer, grab your eye pillow and enjoy.