Safe yoga poses ABC workout for my first yoga class. Common mistakes in practicing Yoga for beginner

Hello! My name is Yogini Rasa and I’m certified Open Yoga teacher. All the materials you can find on the site – for all
those people who are willing to learn yoga. Today we are going to have a
very interesting topic. Something you have to know to have a
better success in yoga. Whenever I go to yoga studios, I meet
a lot of yoga practitioners, when I watch different YouTube videos and do other things I see the same mistake over and over. Kind of easy point but people make a mistake. So I think today I will devote it a little
bit of time for you to avoid this mistake. What people do and in the position
like this? Paschimottanasana When we put our
upper part of the body closer to the feet. What they do they are reaching for toes
right away with the straight knees. We see this! More and more… What
they get? The pain in the lower back. Why? We spend quite a lot of time in a
sitting position and this part of our body is not very well developed. When we go to a yoga class we
want to get the maximum and we strive for it. When the instructor says that you can bend the knees we say well “I can reach toes! Why should I bend the knees? I can
keep them straight and I can keep the back straight. Yes, we can but what happens with our spine? We should have worked with this
this area of the body but we are bending rather than with the effort of these
muscles and these joints.[In this pose] we try to stretch the spine and it is
happening in a unnatural way. Thereby there’s some deformation taking place. At the same time the same effect [and where we should start] we can
get with the position like this – knees are bent more or less and we are
not going to reach for the toes right away but we are just embracing the legs
in very comfortable position. At first we are also having the back
rounded up. We find the most comfortable position and spend some time in it. For example like this. We try to bring our abdomen and the
chest closer to the upper part of the legs. But it takes time. No pushing! Just embrace and spend some time like
this. It’s a good position! Good try! With the time we will be able
to straighten the back, having developed this area, with very strong muscles around the
spine, having the knee straight and reaching for toes and laying down
in very comfortable position spending there much time. Still the effect of
the pose [while this part still needs some work out]
will be better if we have the knees bent and spend some time like this. What we need to learn or how we can tell if it’s working? See if can you
rest in this position. Or are yo all the time making
efforts? The same thing I will show you in a standing position. Here we are
in a standing position. Very often I see people they stand straight
and then they go down. Quiet fast. I’ll do bit slower.
Then they’re trying to get closer and closer …
and then they do like this. From one aspect they have done good work out.
But from other position they are keeping theselves away from yoga. What they can do is to put legs little bit apart, bend the knees and support themselves above the knees wherever it is comfortable for them. And
then the stress is not on the spine rather than we support ourselves on the
legs. When we can spend in this position some time with the round back, with
knees bent and supporting ourselves then we will be able little by little straighten the knees and go lower but the
difference will be very substantial and we will be able to succeed in yoga. Thumbs up for the video! I see you
on the site