School Days: PT Period | The Timeliners

Wow!! Triangle OPQ is a right angle triangle where OP is equal to 7 CM and OQ minus PQ is equal to 1 CM It’s going to end So OQ is equal to OP So OQ square is equal to OP square plus PQ square Three Two One Yaaaayyyy Wohooo That’s how you hit a volleyball This Heyna is checking the shoes again Shit! Wait wait wait, I have an idea Buddy, we will say the polish got finished Would have been better if we wore the black ones My black ones aren’t polished either Here! Give this to him Guys! Stand in straight circle Big nails Get it painted and do marriage tomorrow I’ll come hahahahaha You think you hero? Here only one hero Me! long live Hey you! Why are you looking at the monkey when I am standing here hahahahaha Silence! The principal just passed away Hahahahahaha One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! One! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Hey! Go down! Go down or I will go down! Hahahaha Silence! Go down! Go down! Hahahahahaha The root of 36 Are you mad, bud? Jasmine! Chowmein Kho! Chowmein! Hey mate, please give it to me too Please please please just one bite! I’m not giving it! I’ve got it with such difficulties I’m not sharing Nope Buzz off, it was so hard to get! Everybody Three school round now! What do you think? Free period? PT period Sir… Rashmi ma’am is calling me Coming ma’am! What? Go! Sir actually you see, girl problem sir! My periods are going on sir Everyone’s down? Okay! Girls only rest No race Only boys race Come on! Come on! Actually sir Even I have boys problem hahahahahaha Wow! Boys problem? No problem! Five rounds! Go! Come on! Today we will different milk milk and water water (students laughing) and see who better in kabaddi Section A or Section B What’s this sir? Now you are going to make us go against these Section B idiots? Hey you stupid! Come to the ground Then I’ll tell you who is the stupid one Guys! Show this anger in ground Come on disperse! (Students hooting) Big brother, you don’t feel tensed your brother is the only grandson of Jalandhar’s Kabaddi champion I’ll go for the next raid and get 5 points Okay? You don’t have to worry (Students hooting) Go for it! Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi Kabaddi What the! After Chandanpreet getting dismissed Section A- 22 and Section B- 18 (Students hooting) Bhuvan take it easy, Bhuvan Listen! Just cross the baulk line and come back Till the time we don’t make him fall, there’s no fun Go! kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi Rana’s team did an empty raid No point Boys! I know you doing Bhuvan! (Students hooting) Bhavishya! Bhavishya! Yeah go for it! Sir this is cheating Their team First cross the bonus line There, Rana’s two defenders will try to catch your upper body Then you have to take a dip You’ll get three points from this (Students hooting) With this, Bhuvan’s team has bagged three points Section B- 21 and Section A- 22 30 seconds left to the game Woo hooooo Go! Section B is the winner! Sir these were my Chemistry notes Shutup! Shutup! (Students hooting) Wow!!! Well done Bhuvan! (Hooting continues) Wow!!!