Sciatica Relief using Yoga Stretches and the PUREWAVE™ Massager – Part 2 of 3

hi welcome my name is Dani Ibarra and
this is Tom and welcome back to part two of our three-part series called sciatica
sigh of relief in our first part we focused a lot of
the massage and the yoga on the gluteus maximus and the piriformis muscle in
this video we’re going to focus on those muscles as well as the gluteus medius
which is more on the side of the pelvis and then this little muscle on the front
called the TfL which connects down all the way into the IT band which goes to
the outside of the knee we’re going to be using some products today to help
increase circulation and blood flow the mini roller along with the purewave
massager so just like part one we’re gonna take the mini roller over the
gluteus maximus and we’re gonna roll out getting into the piriformis muscle but
then we’re going to take it more to the side of your hip so these muscles
gluteus maximus and piriformis where the muscles that turn your hip out turn
your leg out and now that side muscles the gluteus medius and the TfL are the
internal hip rotators they turn your leg inward so now we’re going to get all the
gluteal muscles external internal hip rotators along with this IT band that
runs down into the outer knee which is very very tight and not a lot of blood
flow okay Tom so go ahead and make your way onto your back you can have a blanket underneath your
head especially if your upper back and neck are tight you want the chin to be
level with the chest okay so elevate your pelvis you’re gonna
slip the balls through the mini roller underneath your right hip and you want
them up and down as you’re rolling so you start to sway the pelvis sides
side and the balls are gonna roll again you want the massager to be on muscle
and not bone and you want the massage to feel hurts so good if it doesn’t hurt
good and hurts bad I want you to either take some weight off of the boss or you
can sit up and roll them yourself so connecting to your breath as you’re
swaying back and forth and the further now you sway your pelvis over towards
the left side of the mat the more the balls are going to roll into the outer
hip muscles so now we’re getting gluteus medius and TfL they’re probably quite
tender so if it doesn’t hurt you’re not in the right position again it should
hurt so good how you doing Tom okay and connecting to your breath a whole time so we’re not only increasing circulation
and creating more mobility and flexibility in our muscle groups this is
also very down regulating for our nervous system right so you might find
that you’re more relaxed after massaging and doing this practice okay so now Tom come on up to a seated
position it’s hard to roll the TfL lying down which is why I want to show you how
to roll it in a seated position so he’s gonna roll the outer thigh into the knee
get some more tender down closer towards the knee so that TfL that you were just
rolling in a smaller muscle if you look over here on the skeleton it’s a smaller
muscle located towards the front of your hip well it attaches to the IT band the
RT band is white on the skeleton to show you that there’s not a lot of blood flow
to that area when this IT band is tight you feel the
pulling your knee feel painting your hip so again everything in the body is
connected so as he was rolling that TfL it was actually sending blood flow and
circulation down into that tai tai big IT band couple more rolls good and then release and now Tom’s
gonna show us on the other side how to use the pure way of massager so you can
lean on your son it’s probably easiest use a pillow for your head if your neck
starts to feel tight prop yourself up yeah so you can roll you can massage all
the same muster starting with the gluteus maximus you’re looking to get
those areas that feel tender the higher you turn up the intensity the more even
the massage if you were to turn this down the massage changes and it gets to
more of a pouncing sensation both feel good it’s really up to you what type of
massage you’re the mood for you can put whatever you like Tom you’re welcome so
he’s getting the front of the hip that TfL he’s getting gluteus medius muscle
and he’s getting all the way down into the IT band just increasing rushing more
blood to this area you’ll find that massaging before stretching it just
makes your stretches feel more open especially if your body’s tight couple more moments here Tom does that
feel good let’s just go jealous and of course if you’re doing this at
home you can do everything that we’re doing a little bit longer I’m gonna have
you come off now make your way onto your back Tom the massager over there there
you go and then legs bent or straight whatever
feels most comfortable in your body I recommend keeping your knees bent feet
on the floor if you have back issues because this position may not always
feel good for your lower back so we’ll take a moment to just settle in and feel
notice what’s going on in your lower body notice if your pelvis feels more
relaxed your body feels like it’s become more grounded or steady take a long deep breath in filling up open the mouth exhale relax the
shoulders and you tension through the jaw again inhale exhale breathe it out one more centering breath in and out I’m just setting the intention before we
begin for healing for relaxation a reminder that you don’t need a lot of
time for self-care staff you minutes of using these products a few minutes of
doing the right stretches will make your day we’ll just go through your day
easier make your body feel better okay Tom hug your knees in towards your chest
I try not to interlace the fingers just like Thomas doing hand on top of each
knee so we’re gonna take this into some dynamic which means and moving options
you’re gonna take the knees away from your body until your elbows straight and
the hands will stay holding on to the needs and as you exhale the elbows will
Bend the thighs will come close to your chest some really simple movement
continue on your own a really simple movement that not only helps to target
the gluteal muscles but also the lower back muscles so a lot of these stretches
that we’re doing even though we’re targeting sciatica we’re also helping
your lower back feel better as well do one more notice how that when you bring
your knees away your low back lifts and when you bring your knees in the lower
box softens just you actually one more so we can feel the lift of the lumbar
spine is curved and then the flattening of that curve and then rock your legs
Tom’s side to side just massaging out the sacrum staying connected to your
breath the whole time maybe even keeping your eyes closed and just listening to
my voice allowing your attention to notice what’s going on on the inside fine Center
separate your knees apart give the knees a little tug up towards the shoulders so
again just creating more width in space everything we’re doing here is to create
freedom in the body if something does not feel good in your body I’m gonna ask
that you make the movements a little bit smaller
nothing should hurt you take in one more breath bring the knees together and
lower the feet down to the floor bring the right knee in towards your chest
turn your thigh bone out and place the foot on top of your left knee so we did
a variation of this in our part 1 series same work with the foot you want the
foot to be flexed we are opening the hips so when the hips are tight what’s
at risk is the knee so keeping the foot flexed is actually protecting the four
ligaments around the knees so you don’t injure your knee while opening your hips
as we move through this little sequence of postures I want you to really listen
to your body again if you feel pain in the knee make the movements smaller or
skip anything that causes discomfort okay so from here Tom you’re not going
to hold on to the leg well we’re gonna bring the legs in it’s going to be
dynamic so the legs will come in towards the chest and then set the foot down I
want you to use your core and not your lower back so draw the belly down in how
the legs come in exhale you lower the foot and again as you’re moving the legs
in this right side is pressing away from your body and then exhale it down one
more time and then we’re in the a sit down but
pause here the foots gonna stay on the knee drive down through this left foot
and do a small lift of your pelvis so it’s a little scooping of the tailbone
it’s not a very high bridge and you’ll feel both front of your thighs get some
length and openness and then as you exhale lower down slow drive into the
left foot inhale rise up scooping the tailbone under creating length to the
lumbar spine exhale lower down two more times on your own again last one inhale exhale take a
moment here and pause so just feel okay so we have one more part to this side I
like for you to lift your pelvis up and shift the hips to the right just the
small amount the legs will come in towards your chest and then you’ll
slowly drop the legs to the left side of your mouth we’re trying to get the foot
to come flat to the floor so that the knee goes up now if your foot does not
reach the floor I do not want you to strain just grab a blanket or you can
place a pillow underneath this foot so that the foot has something to press
into so the inner right thigh is gonna lengthen towards the inner knee opening
up these internal hip rotators how you feel yeah the outer right hip it doesn’t
really move but the intention is to release and drop it down it will change
the way the post feels and then take your right arm Tom and stretch it up
over your head if he’s just gonna open up this whole right side of the body you
should feel a lot of sensation in this outer hip area we’re targeting
performance gluteus medius gluteus maximus we’re getting into the lower
back muscles taking one more cycle of breath finding
something new on the exhalation good job lower the right arm down hook your thumb
right into the front of your hip crease okay so you’re gonna depress the hip
with that hand this left hand is gonna come up on top of your knee now pull the
knee down any amount it’s gonna be different for all of us because we all
have different tightness and our hip and different openness so as he pulls his
knee gently down it’s really the outer thigh that he’s pulling he’s gonna push
the opposite thumb into the hip so we’re trying to move the thigh bone in two
opposite directions again targeting deeper into those gluteal and hip
muscles and then inhale let the knee come up just a little bit and then again
exhale pull down good release up now engage your lower belly a lot pull the
belly down and then release coming back through Center very good place the foot
to the floor take a moment pause here then we’ll come on to the second side
bring your left knee in place the foot on top of the right knee send the thighs
away from your body and flexing through this front heel draw the belly down so
your navel pulls to the spine and you bring the legs in towards your chest exhale lower the foot to the floor
repeating that three more times on your own pace your own breath one more and pausing or driving down through this
front foot elevating your pelvis up off the floor giving a little scoop it’s a
posterior tilt to your pelvis exhale lower down and again inhale lift up well
you may notice what this particular one is one side of the buttock wants to lift
up higher than the other works to lift both sides evenly do that two more times
opening the front of your thighs what you’re doing now is you’re getting some
lengths to your soaz muscles as well as opening your gluteal and hip muscles very good rest breathe shift your pelvis
over to the left side of the mat just a little bit bring the legs in and then as
you exhale you to drop the knees over to the right side again adding a blanket or
a pillow under that foot if it doesn’t reach enough some of you might be able
to hold on to the ankle you can if you can’t reach it’s not a big deal you’re
working to depress or release this outer left hip down it’s really subtle and
then bring your left arm up over your head now just continue to focus on the breath
creating length breathing into all those sensations this is actually a really big
stretch for your hip a couple more on your next exhalation release the left
arm down slip your thumb into the hip crease and then hold on to your top knee
gently draw that side down any amount as you depress you push the hip away try
arching your back just a little bit I find that I get deeper into those
muscles with a little arch let the knee come up slightly and just once more
exhale bring it down holding here very good release engage the belly and
release back to Center boss here and just breathe all right Tom shift your pelvis over to
the right side just a little bit okay knees will come back in towards the
chest moving into a gentle twist both knees will drop to the left side of your
mat can you take a moment to settle in here
bring me some rotation to the spine widening across your heart center we’re just gonna add a little extra to
this twist take your left hand and place it on top of the outside thigh top and
thigh so elevate lift your top hip up just a couple of inches and I want you
to resist your hand into outer thigh outer thigh in two hands and as you’re
resisting stretch your right buttock down towards the bottom edge of the map
good keep resisting for one more cycle of
breath and then relaxing engage the corpse you’ll always want to engage the
core when you come out of a twist so you’re not using the wrong muscles which
are your back muscles set the feet down shift the pelvis a little bit to your
left bring the knees back in inhale always twisting on exhale drop your
knees to the side so see if you can let the legs relax if
it’s I should have said this on the first side but if it’s hard for you to
get your bottom thigh down you can always slip a blanket or a pillow
underneath your bottom leg so you have that grounding support letting the spine
soften widen across your collarbones and then placing your right hand to the
outside of your left thigh lifting the top thigh just a couple of inches
resists now so you’re pushing down as you’re lifting the whole inner side up
stretch your left buttock down towards the bottom edge of your map and this is
specifically targeting sciatica pain give yourself one more breath here relax
engage your core first and then roll back to Center very good find
Center with your hips now cross your shin bones and let your knees open out
to the side feet will be on the floor so if this is a hard position on your hips
if your adductors inner thighs are really tight feel free to place a
blanket or a pillow underneath each outer thigh we’re going to just take a
few moments here just to settle and this is a nice external pose
we did some neutral stuff and this feels really good just to counter the work
that we’ve done so far so feel the belly rise and fall as you breathe in and out
let go of any gripping or tension through your inner thighs and outer hips and then go ahead and switch the cross
of your legs so we open up the other hip makes your body subtle once again slowing down the breath flow sliding your legs out onto the floor let
me get to shove us enough they’re just a brief moment you can always stay longer shavasana is a way to end the practice
and allow everything to reintegrate back to centre it’s another body to surrender with each
exhalation letting go I’m gonna wiggling your fingers until
started to even out the breath stretch your arms up over your head taking in a
full body stretch then hugging your knees towards your
chest rolling to your right side and pausing
on your side for a moment allowing your heart to rest and your blood pressure to
regulate unless you’re ready come on up real close practice together crossing
missions bringing your hands together in front of your heart lifting the spine as
you move see your daily food with greater awareness how you’re holding
your body create awareness to your breath honoring yourself for taking the
self-care time for you today to help you feel better bowing your chin down
towards your hearts honoring the leg within. Namaste. Thank you so much everybody for joining us.