Self Healing | Influencing Cells | Guided Meditation

Welcome. Position your body comfortably, on a chair
or on a bed. Close your eyes and take a few minutes to
just tune your body into calm and relaxed state. The easiest way is to do that is by
noticing your breath coming in and out of your body as you inhale and exhale naturally,
without altering anything. Take a moment to just breathe and observe the simple process
of breathing. Allow for the body to soften. Particularly
around your face, close your eyes if you haven’t already and let your eyes to just become relaxed.
Let the eyes sink as you let go of any tension in your face. Make sure you are not pressing
your lips but instead let your lips relax as if you are about to smile a little. Let
your tongue relax; unhinge your jaw slightly. Imagination can harness the mind’s power to
positively affect the body. Using visual imagery you can return a malfunctioning organ to proper
function and overall boost the wellbeing of the whole body.
Place your focus on simply observing your body relaxing and breathing. If you can – feel
your body as a consciousness of trillions of conscious cells. Perhaps you can even feel
the subtle energy within your body and also outside of your skin. Don’t judge your body
and your energy or force it to be in any way different as it is but feel how I alive and
real your body actually is, tune into those subtle sensations of body energy. You have the power to connect to all of the
cells in your body and to instruct your cells to function to its full capacity and purpose.
Today we are going to focus on highly specialized defender cells T and B cells to which we will
simply refer as the wellbeing cells. These powerful cells can multiply, bind together,
attack any disease and protect you from the disease in the future. And you have so many
of these cells that it would be impossible to count up the exact number.
Keep relaxing your body and letting any tension dissolve with your breath’85 Begin to introduce
the idea of trusting your body and with each breath bring more and more trust into this
healing process. Breathe, relax and accept the fact that your
body is able to fully heal and function properly. Now imagine – there is a light above you and
it is being turned on and it starts to shine down bright and cover
your whole body. This light is the light of Universal Healing
and its power can reverse any disease and it can recover any body from any condition.
It can also calm a troubled mind of someone healthy and who is fearful and worried about
illness. As you get surrounded by the Universal light
of Healing, it immediately begins to activate your powerful wellbeing cells, which become
super awake, super strong and ready for action. Use your intention and instruct these powerful
cells to start to multiply in billions forming an army of pure power of wellbeing.
Now order your wellbeing cells to start sensing – where the healing or enhancement of wellbeing
is needed within the body. Do so by scanning your whole body from your toes up to your
head or locate the area by feeling and intuition. When you have located area or areas in need
of healing attention, tell your wellbeing cells to start spraying the area with the
white light of healing, blasting any disease away and turning it into nothingness. As you
do this, you may feel physical sensations and this is normal. Allow for this clearing
and healing to take place until you feel that disease has been dissolved. Begin and continue
your wellbeing experience for the next 15 minutes. Bell rings.
Return back into the here and now. Relax and know that the wellbeing cells did their absolute
best job as they always do, as that is their purpose. Express your appreciation and gratitude
to the almighty Light of the Universal Healing. Rest here for another few minutes. Drink plenty
of water after the meditation ends and enjoy your wellbeing, which is the order of the
day and the dominant energy of this Universe. For more videos and to support this channel,
please like and share. Thank you. Namaste.