SEXY & FUNNY YOGA fails –  Funny fails videos 2019 FFV

SEXY & FUNNY YOGA fails – Funny fails videos 2019 FFV

PRODUCTIONS, “I’M HOT”] You say that they hot as me. That sound like a lie to me. I don’t want apologies. I just want some honesty. Ain’t no way you
can rock with me. [FARTS] [CHUCKLES] Oh. Ooo, ow, ow, ow. (LAUGHING) I’m OK! Did it hurt? I can almost reach your head. [SHRIEKING, LAUGHTER] [FARTS] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Ahh! Oh my– [MUSIC PLAYING] [YELPS] [CLATTERING] [GROANS] [LAUGHTER] Oh, shit! Jessica, shit. [GRUNTS] [LAUGHTER] Why you gotta be like that, huh? [AMBIENT MUSIC PLAYING] [GASPS] Shit! I hope you’re filming. [YOGA MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTING] [LAUGHTER] Let it go. [GRUNTS] Peppa. Gimme. Good boy! [YOGA MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, shit! Ow, fuck! Oh, fuck. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SNAP] [LAUGHTER] Ooo, fuck. Yay! Oh, we did it. [INAUDIBLE] We can’t [INAUDIBLE]. [SCREAMS] [LAUGHTER] That’s the best blooper. [DOG PANTING] Woo! [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] Audrey, give me your hand! [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [ELEVATOR TYPE MUSIC PLAYING] Go [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] (LAUGHING) Ow. That hurt. Are you OK? OK, wait. I cannot breathe. This is hilarious. Oh my God. Wait, wait, don’t, don’t. I’m like doing it, kind of. [RETCHING] Oh my God, did
you just get sick? Oh my God. [COUGHING] Oh my God, Claire. Oh my God, Claire. I’ll go get a tissue. [LAUGHTER] Whoa! [SCREAMING] Oh, shit. Ow. I’m OK. [DRONE BUZZING] Oh no! You OK? [LAUGHTER] Are you all right? (LAUGHING) I’m good. Was it– Ow, Molly. Nice. Fuck, it wasn’t me. [LAUGHTER] Ow! [LAUGHTER] [CARTOONISH LAUGHTER] And then you move
your feet around. If you want to take
the block with you, you’ll just have to get
it and bring it around. And we do the same
thing on the other side. Arms out to the side, inhaling. Ah! [LAUGHTER] We’re going to
stay for about 10. And as you start to
prepare to come down, think about coming down
maybe with straight legs for a bit more of a challenge. And just thinking about
the sides of the body. [CRASHING] [YELPING] Oh my God, Cutie! I’m sorry, boy. I’m sorry. No. [LAUGHTER] [OUTRO ROCK MUSIC PLAYING]