Shatkriya Introduction: Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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SHATKARMA OR SHATKRIYAS shat means six & kriyas means action a set of six purification techniques,
to attain MOKSHA or LIBERATION by removing gross impurities, it cures a range of diseases & prepares the body for PRANAYAM what are the six kriyas,
as mentioned in hatha yoga pradipika The first one is DHAUTI,
DHAUTI is an internal cleansing technique What is BASTI, BASTI is yogic enema. NETI, NETI is nasal cleaning, so you have JALA NETI
i.e water through the nose, the SUTRA NETI the Cathetar, the tube
you put it into the nose & remove
it out from the mouth you have TRATAKA i.e concentrated gazing and & you have NAULI i.e abdominal churning
& the last one is KAPALBHATI, frontal brain cleansing so friends, it is one of the most
important technique in YOGIC KRIYAS Infact it is mentioned in the 15th century Sanskrit manual on hatha yoga, written by Swami Swatmarama HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA,
lineage to Matsyendranath, the NATHAS so it is one of the most influential, surviving text on hatha yoga, apart from GHERANDA SAMHITA & SHIVA SAMHITA now friends, the shatkriyas
mentioned in hatha yoga pradipika Chapter no. 2, ver. 21, 22 and 23 so friends, now, lets try to understand,
what are the sutras mention in
chapter number 2 verse number 21 say what does that mean, When fat or mucus is excessive shatkarma the
6 cleansing techniques should be practice
before pranayama others, in whom the doshash,
i.e phlegm, wind & bile are balanced should not do them friends, its very ancient book,
written by Swami Swatmarama & now chapter no. 2 ver. no. 22
talks about What does that mean ?
DHAUTI, BASTI, NETI, TRATAKA, NAULI & KAPALBHATI They are know as Shatkarmas or
the six cleansing techniques & now chapter no. 2 ver. no. 23,
the last one of the shatkarmas, talks about These shatkarmas which affect purification of the body,
are secret, they have manifold, wondrous result and and are held in high esteem by eminent YOGIS friends, in case you like my video,
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