Shopping Haul and We Scored Big Time

hey guys oh what’s up I just want to
come on here and let you know that some of the videos that you’re going to see
right now our old videos that’s why they’re gonna have the hashtag TBT I’m
just trying to get videos from my old channel over to this one because this is
a channel I’m sticking with and I don’t want to lose some of the old footage
that I have so thanks for sticking around I hope I’m introducing you to new
videos and a different side of me that you may not have seen before and I’ll
see you in the next video bye hey guys it’s Sunday and I am planning
one really relaxing today I think we’re gonna go to the store a little bit later
I want to go to five below because they have these like um sports bras but
they’re strapless sports bras which would be perfect when I’m wearing things
like this and my summer dresses that have like no straps so I really want to
look for those and they’re at five below and they’ve also got yoga pants – I’m
going to take a look at those because I live in yoga pants and what else oh I’m
doing very basic makeup today so I have some BB cream that I’m using this is the
Garnier BB cream and then what else did I use oh I used some of my old concealer
I really like this the Revlon age-defying this is some good stuff it
goes on really smooth I really like it and oh and I put one a little bit of
this prepper girl true blends mineral I put on some of that and I might put on a
little bit of the blush that I have in here too because it’s pink and with us
pink oh I might use some of this lip gloss that I got from Victoria’s Secret
at Christmas time so that’s what’s going on I am going to go check on Greg
because he took the car around front and the neighbors out there with him this is
the neighbor that can talk forever so I’m gonna go try to rescue my husband
see the cars for sale – Aniki Jerry I walk out here you go up like see like
duck let’s go duck I just don’t know if I’d I
was standing out there and it got cold so I think I’m gonna try to find like
like a little cover up something that I can wear oh I have this little Jean like
light Jean shirt so I think I’ll wear that let me go back outside and save
digger what do I find okay ready oh no all right you’re
looking for goldfish stuff all the time right you see I’m Greg goes looking for
goldfish so I hope going up and down the aisles or at Target and we haven’t been
a target since the whole credit card debacle but anyway
mac and cheese cold fish the weirdest thing ever so we’re not going to get
this because the Greg will kill me but because he hates mac and cheese but look
at what I found I knew it existed I just haven’t seen on
so strawberry shortcake cold fish and let’s see what else I got
they’ve got the puffs like I was showing you so I make it she is like a cereal
box what other things do they have ever hear
anything unique they have french toast when they say they expire think you
don’t even two years later that wedding it tastes like kerosene putting walnuts
don’t eat the walnuts black walnuts yeah they expired for two years you know they
were nasty okay we went to five below – I’ll show you guys when I got from there
but I was looking for they have the they had these um strapless sports bras that
I was looking for like to wear with these type of outfits and I think I
already told you got that they were five dollars but when we got there and they
actually rang it up it rang up this three dollars so I had made a total
score there so right now we’re going through target and I’ll let you guys see
everything that we got once we get home we’ll do a little haul okay now Greg
curtain a surprise me with something would you buy
I can’t see it wait southwestern-style hey boy how much is it 72 lat I think we should
get one to try for the sake of you guys of course so that I can report back to
you and let you know what I think doesn’t that sound like a plan
the public needs to know okay we’re gonna figure this out okay the relieving
target I want to show you that guys this so they got first it’s extra dessert
delights cinnamon roll oMG I’ve not seen this anywhere before breakfast you’ve
seen it before but so we got some pretty amazing stuff from Target but I’ll show
that to you guys later I just had to share with you the birds the light stuff
that’s where you saw em alone he thought on Amazon that’s why he didn’t get it
for me cuz I’m like if he would’ve thought I’m sure he would have picked it
up for me they have a peach cobbler one that I was not like
impressed with peach cobbler just sounds disgusting it’s probably good I don’t
know but but the cinnamon roll yeah okay so Greg is visiting with the digger
right now I’m kind of giving him some love and I’m gonna show you what I got
from Target so just I kind of let you know none of this stuff is healthy but
they’re all unique flavors to us so we’re gonna go with it okay let’s take a
look so we’ll start with this flavor ice fudge pops for a dollar I mean that was
like a really good deal and then planners salted caramel peanuts that’s
for Greg and then you guys saw the delights Southwest style Bowl a little
bit more than what we’re used to paying for these breakfasts but I definitely
different this is for Greg and Digger turkey tender bites oven roasted they
like that okay so really good price M&Ms white chocolate it’s hard to find white
white chocolate and this was under a dollar I think it’s like 95 cents and
then Greg loves the Robin eggs so this was like a box sale and I showed you
guys I got the Strawberry Shortcake goldfish I have never tried these before
so this should be pretty good this is Greg’s favorite which is so
weird to me but yeah he loves this so he picked this up for himself and oh my god
we heard about these last year and Greg and I were like laughing about him and
then we couldn’t find them anywhere so we’re at Target and we walked we walked
past the cookie Island they didn’t have anything unique and we were checking out
and I was a gold my god the watermelon no way we’ve been looking everywhere for
this one so we picked that up so we’re probably gonna have like a few of them
cookies and then I’ll probably end up like going to Tyler or something
so that’s it that was our haul oh and then let me show you okay these are the
sports bras that I got from five below I won’t wear these when I’m working out
but they’ll be great with the summer dresses that I have so I mean for three
dollars are you kidding me these are like fantastic so yeah so now you’re
seeing my unmentionables but that’s what I picked up amazing deal very happy with