Singer Reuben Grey Sings To Girlfriend Gets SHOCKED! | Auditions 2 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

As you look out there after the storm. We move for them Hi, today. My name is Ruben Bray and where you from I’m from Guilford. Hey Nice a ribbon like me, too My name is Ruben. He’s 16 and the things don’t like I’m currently do magician season school. They’re really hard I Live with my mum sad sweetest little brother my big sister [I] started playing piano seven and then writing songs [when] I was 10 my biggest fans would be my dad he’d heard the song magnificent He says he said he likes it that could be like that You know he’s the way working. Tommy here today Don’t feel like it’s right without him He’ll be rooting for you from afar [you] [missed] in the Army, and he did multiple tours of Afghanistan and Iraq and now he works in the same sorts of places Doing security for pipelines. He only comes back [two] three months of the year I’m resistant the first thing. I’m going to do if i [3] well, I’m just really give [him] a call actually i cri every timr Who are you here with I’m with my mum, and my girlfriend right here I’d who’s your biggest fan. Who’s your biggest supporter my dad’s daisy. Yeah, what more than your mum? I didn’t agree with him. [he] [didn’t] know his here. I thought he was working He works away from home a lot and whenever I play play anywhere who always come? Hi, Reuben. Well look it’s now a family occasion [now]. Tell me what you’re going to sing [I’m] getting mine some good lifeline I wrote it about a year ago, and it’s about my girlfriend [I] didn’t really tree right and it’s an apology really wow so did you dump her no I? Don’t know no, she dumped me Okay, see you [gotta] back. I just go nice to her. Good luck. Thank you [very] much. I Didn’t mean to bruise your heart I’m so sorry traversed all apart Drowning in a sea full [of] cheese So we could have loved disease not do all do Wanna live my life with you So throw me Throw me a lifeline Baby, say that I’m really sorry pick you up Show me you really Hold me hold me. Love me need me don’t Wanna make nine people [changing] Iqs, right Expectations, I will define Money come on baby only lifeline, baby Really? pick up Me show you Hold me you Good for you Okay, David what talented young man. You are I mean Credible the right such a beautiful shot at your tender [Asia] [sing] [it] so [beautifully] and it was incredible Moving I have so much admiration for you. You know you’re up there You’re [baring] your heart and soul, and that makes you really vulnerable, and you’ve shared a piece of your life story with us I’m sure your dad was proud That was a great addition moving come on and be [authentic] be original pay for it [I] really really like the song you’ve got talent [we] really have We’re Gonna go David. I’m going to take Definitely yes for me. Thank you guess what you got for you congratulate oh If you are congratulations guys oh Great. We’re Gonna remember him what an audition congratulations? Well done well done and you can work with ryder Is number one fast I can make a correct?