Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel
and today I have another awesome installment of Work It Wear It. So many of you told me that you absolutely
love this series because this is the series where I give you a workout and you do that
workout on Monday, on Tuesday and on Wednesday and then on Thursday you come back to my channel
to get the style portion and today it’s going to be all about the jeans. So the skinny jeans workout. So if you’re new to my channel, Hello I’m
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single time I put up a brand new video. So, let’s get into this skinny jeans workout. Now all you’re gonna need is like a mat or
a towel, you don’t need any weights and in fact I am actually wearing the skinny jeans. So let’s do this. Okay, so let’s get started with the workout. I just have a mat here, you can use a mat
or a towel, you might even be able to do this if you have carpet. Lie down in your back, have your knees pointed
stright up towards the ceiling, your thighs are parallel and start off wtih just pelvic
lifting here, so just pressing up, so push upand feel your pubic bone going up to the
ceiling, keep your abdominals pulled in tight. This is such a great exercise because you
definetly are going to feel you rglutes working, you’ll feel your hamstrings, but it dowsn’t
give you a big butt, alot of people will ask me will this build my booty? No, this is not the exercise that is going
to do this. But what it is going to do is give you that
definition so that space right underneath your butt is defined and that’s really what
you want to see when wearing a high waist skinny jean. There is separation between butt and hamstring. One of my clients told me years ago you don’t
want to have a THUT. Which is a thigh and a butt, not a good look. So let’s stay up here now and press up and
up really squeeze, pull in the belly, squeeze keep going squeeze. I feel it, my booty is on fire already. One more set. So I want you to now roll over onto your side,
you can prop yourself up on your head like this if you want or flat on your arm, whatever
feels good. Keep your knees bent so they are at about
a 90 degree angle, just lift the thigh and lifet up so your keeping your belly really
strongly pulled in and you want to feel some of that work on the outer thigh here. If you wanted to up this with a little ankle
weight, that would be fine. So let’s stay here and pulse up. So now bring your foot down and lift up like
you’re opening a book keeping your feet together, lift and up, that’s it
you should feel all this working, which is what we want when we are wearing skinny jeans
So now stay here and press up, up, up, feel the isolation
So now you are going to just take the knee and rest it on the floor here and extend out
the bottom leg and just lift your botton let gere, really focusing on that inner thigh
working, but i’m also giving my belly a little squeeze as I lift that leg. Good really squeeze it. And now stay here and pulse up, really pulse
up. So your really not going down much. So let’s do that on the other side
So you will come on down get yourself all situation here
and just lift up pull in the belly and up, that’s it and up
feel that contraction working that outer thigh
two more now stay here pulse up
okay good, bring your feet together and lift and lift
make sure that you keep your pelvis stacked up here, you’re not rolling back at all
now stay here pulse it up now that burns, oh yes
ok good, take this knee, extend it in front of you
extend out that bottom leg and lift and lift again contracting the abdominals and you should
feel it at the very top of your inner thigh and really squeeze that muscle, it’s been
proven that when you focus on a muscle and you are focusing internally in your brain
on contracting it, that it actually contracts more. It;s kinda crazy right? And now stay up here and pulse up
ok, let’s do one more exercise here your going to come onto your belly
push your pubic bone into the floor, your legs are like little frog legs. now if you are doing this on your own you
can put your forehead down, but I need to see, therefore we are doing it life
keep this up for your shoulders. and just lift up, ok
lift those thighs. It’s so important that you feel that pubic
bone pressing into the floor here. this is working all around that booty ok,
so important when you are wearing a skinny jean here so that you again won’t have a square
butt. You want to have a nice feminine shape ok. Lets do two more. Now stay here and pulse. Hold it here and squeeze and relax. You did great, so I definitely hope that you
felt your legs and your butt working just as much as I did. Make sure that you do this workout Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday and then come back to my channel on Thursday for the wear it portion
where I’m going to teach you all about wearing some e jeans styles and the best way to style
them. Again if you are new to my channel, make sure
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