Sliding Into Our Pants

( upbeat music plays )Welcome back to the show. When I mention things
like the wheel, the light bulb,
and the smartphone, I’m not just talking
about things that are fun to throw at your
enemies from a distance, I’m talking about
products that have changed the way we live
our everyday lives and you’re in luck because
we found a new one. That’s right,
it is time for… And today’s product,
I am especially excited about, it is the Sock Sliders. You have to see these things
to understand what they are. Let’s watch the video. – Narrator:You struggle…
– ( women groaning )you strain,
you’re so far away.
Just bending over
to put on your socks
is brutally painful
every day.

– ( man groaning )Well, not anymore.Introducing Sock Slider,
the pain-free,
no-bend-over way
to comfortably put on
your socks every day.Just place your
sock on the cradle,
lower the cradle
to the floor
and slide your foot in.
It’s that easy.
Sock Slider puts
the socks on for you.
So bending over is something
you never have to do.
Dress socks, casual,
athletic, medical,
or compression,
all your favorite socks
can be put on
without frustration.
without frustration. Bending over is something
you never have to do. I gotta say,
those people made putting on socks look
more frustrating than I’ve ever
experienced. ( groans ) – Very dramatized.
– Yes. If only we had Sock Sliders
to test ourselves. Hmm.( chime )– Oh, lookie there!
– Oh, we do have
some Sock Sliders. And you’ve still
got hobbit feet. – Link: Every day, all day.
– Rhett: Those are gross. Okay, let me bend over
in order to pick up– Well, here’s what
I will say. As a person who has
had some back issues, there have been times
where I had some trouble getting my socks on. I caught one. I’ve had to do some
weird things like this, like get my foot up
like this. That’s my technique
when my back is hurt, is to get my leg up here
on my other leg. – Uh-huh.
– But maybe those days
are gonna change with the Sock Slider. $20 might be the key
you’ve been looking for, Rhett. You do both
at the same time? – Probably not.
– Like pants? I’ve never done this. So you want to
hook on there. Just get right in there.
And then you just… wah-pow! Puts the sock
on for you. Didn’t quite
get all the way in. I think you got a little
too overzealous. – Let me try one.
– Okay. Here we go.
I’m gonna– – Rhett: Boy, yeah,
cover that foot up, please.
– I think the key is you really gotta…
you really gotta get your toe
down in the bottom before you start pushing. You gotta get
toe contact. Oh, I got, I got it. – And then wah-pow.
– Whoops. Oh, gosh,
you just broke it. I just lost the–
I lost the back of the thingy. That’s when
you get a buddy. Use my other foot. Hold it down in my buddy. You call your
foot your buddy? Oh, that’s
a satisfying moment. Wow. But how you gonna
deal with that? – Well, that’s because…
– You gotta get… If I had this on it–
here, I’ll try with this. No, but look, I did
the same thing, see, look. I’m gonna go slow. Gonna get it in there. Your toes aren’t
in the end. You’ve already– No, but they’ll work. Whoa, you have to,
all right, let me– But I can’t– the top
is the difficult part. But maybe I’ll just start
rolling my socks down. Toes are in, and then I’m gonna
push real hard down there. There’s a hole in the bottom
that my heel’s stuck in. Come on.
Come to Papa. All the way up. Perfect this time. – Whoop! Oh!
– Nope. – Very close, though.
– It cannot be done. Okay, so this is
pretty fun with socks, but why stop with socks? Introducing,
the Pants Plummet because if you can
slide into your socks, why can’t you slide
into your pants? That’s what these
two slides are for. But, Rhett, we already
have on our pants. Oh, we can
take care of that.( chime )– Ew, a little bit of a draft
all of a sudden.
– Hey. Now we are guessing
that the Pants Plummet works best
with sweat pants. Well, let’s find out. All right. Make your way
to the top. – Mm-hmm.
– It’s like two divers going into some kind
of competition. Sit down. Let’s see, now your legs
are longer than mine so you can go ahead
and start flirting with the top edge
of your sweatpants. I just want to make sure
I don’t take the pants all the way
down the slide. I gotta get my feet in there
is what I’m talking about. Whenever we were playing
a tough team, my soccer coach
would say, “Boys, they put their
pants on one leg at a time just like you do.” The Rum Bros. But now we’re opening
up a whole new world of putting on your pants
two legs at a time. That’s right.
The Pants Plummet, for all those times that
you’re not wearing pants
at the playground. The Pants Plummet,
fits conveniently
under your bed. Uh, probably not. Okay, you ready? Just on the count
of three we do it. Both:
Three, two, one.( inspirational music playing )Link:
Edge of your sweatpants.
That was exhilarating. It kinda worked. Click through to check out a brand-new music video
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