SLIME SCHOOL!! Gym Class! | JKrew

Oh fine cities eater go back you wolf do I hear laughing what is that ball
what do you guys think you’re doing what is best about her curve that you never
heard a basketball where exactly are you from well anyways there’s no both
allowed in my classroom this is an outside class there are no classes moody
it’s Maddie we do in gym class is place there is no such thing as basketball
Anthony – you only – I guess these lifeline great job so today we have our
list is uh oh yeah that’s relator is it that basketball did I share basketball
again does it slimeball climbing ball get your
pronounciation rights pop quiz pop quiz question is do you guys like my new
polka dot shoes oh no and that’s not even polka dots
wrong Anthony would you like to guess yeah I do like bye okay so class sonic ball is where
you take slide and you roll it and that hoop right over there
and this slide I made with yes I was there to get more knowledge and I got a
bunch I learned about my love toes I was about everything anyways with this line
you are gonna count as my practice round not know D I saw you going up there
doing that but I saw what all three eyes are you would have any tickets now where
was I oh yes how you really do it this blue hand over me the red sign well
there are some toenails in this but okay you have to take the side out of the
scene okay I got it okay okay let’s do this my clients hello mr. Fred so she’ll look back girl
over there go again and have another try I don’t know what about you oh I see you
oh yes you’re totally right yes I might as well get promoted let’s do this sir
he said yes you can go again yes let’s do this congratulations I gotta take
that back thank you very much what okay everyone I wanna see you I’m practicing
for a little bit chop chop stop what you’re doing
now we’re going to eat something much harder
we’re gonna gangsta like fall okay what is that oh thank you mr. duck mr. Chuck
said it’s been you slime duh one for you and one oh so far away okay I’m joking
here you go mr. basket we didn’t work out before you guys do the impossible ready okay I’m on first one my knees oh my
gosh if you don’t like scuse me yes weirdo okay so good and then that’s our God is
that’s throwing work out like this I’m gonna play guitar everyone on three one
two three yes I like what I’m seeing my people I
like it big I really do like this this is what I call a miss Suzie don’t forget
to say at the end that’s what she says okay you guys know what to do okay I ready for this Oh a little
something happen we’re ready you could go from okay okay go no moody it’s your turn whatever let’s
do this high-five tinsel I almost caught her that one
not exactly we need one more ingredient and the last ingredient is right it was
pretty deep oh right here oh sorry guys you don’t get an A