Standing Yoga Poses & Stretches : Forward Fold Yoga Pose

This is Forward Fold. Forward Fold are wonderful
for calming the mind, strengthening the back and releasing the hamstrings. Hands on your
hips, soften the knees, gently begin to with a straight back, extend the torso down. Now,
I have blocks here. So I can just place the palms of my hands on the blocks. If this feels
like a bit too much, you can also come up onto your fingertips. And remember to breathe,
breathe and breathe. Bend the knees as much as you need to, being careful not to lock
the knees especially if you feel an excessive amount of pressure going into the knees. Now
if you feel that you can stretch further down, into Forward Fold, begin to relax the torso
down, relax the neck, relax the jaw and just bring the palm of the hands to the earth or
the fingertips to the earth. If you feel like you can get even a deeper stretch, you can
wrap the forearms around the calves. Breathe and breathe and breathe. Bend the knees as
much as you need to, to protect your knees. Calming the mind with breath and deep right
relaxation as we’re doing Forward Fold. And then we like to come up from Forward Fold
as if I’m a rug doll, slowly rolling up, inch by inch by inch, one vertebrae at a time,
relaxing the shoulders, bringing up the head and neck. Back into Mountain, closing the
eyes and feeling your energy.