Strengthen Your Hip Flexors in 20 mins Yoga Training w/ Personal Trainer, Ben Harrison

So guys Warrior Addict and I’m Ben Harrison and today we’re gonna look at Not just stretching my hamstrings. I think back in yoga a lot of time. We over stretch our hamstrings potentially under strengthen them And yeah, we neglect the other side of all that initially so Quadriceps and hip flexors. It’s kind of strange when we talk about quadriceps and hip flexors because There’s some overlap here again really wanting to a class stretching concepts We can only stretch one one of the four quarts. You can stretch the rectus femoris this is the one that crosses the hip joint and It’s also the iliopsoas which is a daily active muscle connecting to the size to hear as a tensor fasciae latae there’s a few different things going on, but From now on for the rest of the video. We’re gonna call it the hip flexors This is what we’re doing. We’re gonna stretch them out. We’re gonna bring this leg back from here flexure We’re gonna take it back through into extension. I’m gonna focus here rather than into the hamstrings So hopefully if you’ve been stretching your hamstrings a lot and finding yourself Sat down the line you’re shortening here and tightening here. This sequence is gonna give you some balance we’re also gonna work some strength on these warm up before you stretch them out and This is gonna be useful cause it’s not just the case that our hip flexors are tight, it’s often the case that they’re Tight and not as strong as well. So I get a little therapy for modern living. Let’s get into it You’re gonna bring us out to lie Matt there’s no variation of this just swap hands We lie on our mat with the soles of the feet together without Bones to go scattered or to bring them into diamond shape compounded by the button if you like it kins. Thank you We just slow down on breathing Focus on creating long slow exhalation preferably through the nose We want to do at least five of these two gas holes in the correct state for yoga correct side of the nerve system can then activate the parasympathetic side of the notices they Use in the practice Dude I agree thing that’s in your practice Your binders etc as always guys modified prices for any injuries, of course And slowly I’m gonna break locks together you can you dance too if you want. I’m gonna he’ll turn these out to hip distance apart Has that press your shoulders back into the mat lift below the belly button roll on Until the chestnuts comes with each other You know, I’m gonna burn the hands up, okay Maybe just a little higher maybe lift up onto your toes if you want and then Excel Sink rise lowering the heels and rolling every distance by The time feedback together likes about together Elevate here stupid shut up reach forward. Oh five four three Two one fall with the Legs catch the feet roll up to see if you can just roll to one side and push them to see it if you prefer alright, so I start to activate now the hip flexors, so Not the rectus ABS as much I’m gonna switch on let’s go walk right here Now we’re gonna need to lift up and in below the belly bird So that creates contraction so vacuum up Let’s scale it fast. I’m going to lean backwards a little bit I’m going to point out to you legs are engage that right leg up and home five four three two one damn left five four three two Shake it out There’s what things get pretty challenging You’ll see if I’m getting can lean back father Canadians by if we can lift both legs up and down different repetitions on this So we’re just going to come up and down five times. It might be this today It’s okay five four three Two One down Brits out. Okay Pleasure to see bones and maybe scale it up to particle maybe even into a bit of a forward lean father you lean forward the more challenging this is gonna get Okay What kind of paints upstairs obviously gonna be? More difficult to great earlier than being her Back you blow the bulb and pointy edge relax. I’m going to lift this rod up and down four five four three two one left left five four three Two one and down And the last one that’s what press hands that feels like it’s the feeling of taking off up pinzer. All right. Good job We shout about hip flexors, I started a stretch expand through the hips so gonna walk on over Into our all fours position Pull them out apart with your hands through your back switch on pull them out apart with your knees until your butt switch on it how Little arch the back trying to do less but with the neck more good with the rest of the spine exhale round Inhale it’s a You know Excel Well, you know That’s how this comes in usual All right stepping back plank position on the five ran out back four three two One and you back into downward-facing dog? Relax the neck The ins are getting a little freestyle movements you wanna you can bring the forearms down onto the mat You can Kind of wipe these through you can tell me what them You can erase and that will have a dog Move the hips side to side. You can literally draw a circle with your ass if you wanted This is a good way get some movement into your qls Get pretty tight when you sit down for long periods a lot of us do All right, yes, you know bring the feet together and elevate the right leg up into that ah So looking on mobility now You’re bringing that get back into extension We’re gonna put foot Bring it over the body. Is that when the right arm to keep equal weight in both hands? Reach straight up to our hips. Bring knee towards nose touch those Down between the hands. Okay, you can do that clumsily as you are goes It’s okay. As long as we’re making that effort to control that slow down You can even use your hand sir. No just foot forward, you know, well the hands to the inside of the floor anyway When this part is a little bit of scare of evidence bite, so we’re just moving around here exploring the way clockwise circles heads and clockwise circles back and forth You come out on forearms you come out onto your chest maybe Doing tired today because don’t every knee down and Just watch some flexibility. So whatever you want to get out of the practice And that being said a Lot of the time you come to practice and want to do four things that were good out and find easy It’s not in the case that we need to spend a bit of time in the positions that we don’t enjoy Quite as much but making them manageable. Alright So here we already into this hip flexor. We’re gonna walk this foot in a little bit bring it back to the central Squeeze your bum punched I head down forward butterfly the hands that I have to be it’s theatrical but as I’m the Remembering of my friends. What about that? Come back to the political Release that hands of the five. A lot of people don’t really Recognize about the hip flexor. It’s not stretched and yoga sequence is down Marsha back It doesn’t just stretch from a back bend and this explosion of the leg here. It’s also more side Bend So if you combine the two things yeah, he stretched through so much side bend towards the don’t like Then here’s how besides bringing mountains quiet rectus femoris i’m gonna release this hand down Pull my heel up towards my butt You can pat out that knee a little bit if you wanted to a towel or something with whatever matthew using you can flip it over and use the edge of its warrior and if that’s pretty is pretty pad in any way, but I’m Going to reach back I’m gonna catch a hold of my foot from the outside Don’t even have to do that. You could be here what can strengthen your hamstrings it’s fine But maybe you get all over the foot the hand or strap square the chest forward kick into the foot squeeze your bum Maybe even feeling really flexible today Calm down here on the floor and this is it guys This is the peak pose if you will, I don’t always have a peak pose because it’s a subjective experience on the mat. But I Feel like this, is that today We sound like back That refrain we’re gonna step back Plank position maybe a vinyasa. Why not excel for it halfway down you can do it from the knees all the times Come on to the top of the feet inhale Lift it up push the floor away Exhale come back down the same plug opposing side. Yeah, how the real egg duck Pause for a moment. So you believe max which other Point of bend the knee I’ll look out under the left armpit most of the time but some teachers will say have to look out from another right on their Turf to see which one you like Well, should I say see which one you find most useful? Straighten out the leg And explore the hips pull your hips a You don’t have to rush into anything With yoga fat, it’s quite absurd y’see. Not see there’s a godly turn a response from the body when you rush into extending a muscle And it’s like a seat bow if you try and pull it out too fast, it locks Box in place. I’m gonna do that too, buddy. You wanna sneak past gonna be turnin response So let’s put a lot of emphasis on mobility walk which is like your active flexibility What in my sequence is my practice but so let’s say there’s a role Passive extension it can be useful Doing a little bit here quite passively And a lizard. Yeah boys All right, so don’t refrain won’t that in I’m will get back a little as well Still have a little bit of dorsiflexion going on have hips Gonna stay here just a house on the floor. Well good both laugh switch. The font doesn’t have to be theatrical Come back to my cool no side bet so that’s the bad life So try not to twist it they’re just side bet Notice if you stop breathing when your breath walk has become short bring that breath work back The left hand that’s on the left knee reaches back for the right foot for the motto very few like you once were you need to It should really be on the knee too much anywhere trying to roll forward off that kneecap Everyone can turn and wants to twist That would be easier to get away from Extending out that hip flexor, but you know we want to do the challenging work In a way which makes it look very untalented we’re trying to be like a Monk in a waterfall, you know frozen water falling on them and they look very serene Trying to create stressful postures and positions Approach them with this calm cynical It’s parasympathetic nervous system Release at that Refrain foot Step back Yes, uh optional Hey, so You know, I’ll pull the shoulders back Exhale come back through into down book Mr. On toast rolls right forward plank exhale lower all the way down Downs Conrad a class The left hand looks all right. Look your fingers roll onto your back. Okay, it’s not perfect with ourselves back onto the mat And then when we come back into The suits about konasana or shavasana will feel My hip flexors evoke them to look more comfortable than I did understand about practice Just be passive here For the last couple of minutes against Quality and the quantity one of your the ones we focus to breath You