Stress Relief Yoga : Relaxation Yoga Poses

So the last pose I’m going to show is just
a great way to ease tension or stress that is going on in your body as a relaxation that
you can hold for at least 15 minutes. At the end of the day this is a great way to unwind.
You can take a bolster or roll up a blanket to support underneath your knees and then
take another one roll it up to support your neck. Placing it behind you so you want to
have it so it is keeping your neck nice and long and then your palms face up feet fall open
close your eyes feel the support of the earth beneath you. Allow yourself to settle into
that support and let go of anything that is holding on in your body could be physical
it could be thoughts just whatever you need to let go of you can let it release. And then
when you are ready to come back up you are mindfully going to reawaken yourself moving
slowly from your fingers and your toes and then roll to one side allow yourself to rest
on your side before using your hands to support yourself to come back up.