Sukhaasan II सुखासन II  By Yoga Guru Shambhu Shankar Jha II

Sukhaasan II सुखासन II By Yoga Guru Shambhu Shankar Jha II

Let us do Sukhaasan. and what all their benefits that also we will see and discuss That means your left leg should be perpendicular means should be straight, as you can see or in this position, so this is the bonding which is visible we will place our ankle here and the calf of the right leg should be on left leg. So, this is perfect Sukhaasan and our spine should be completely straight. when we will be in this position then our body will be like straight, just like locked and stiff. So that will be perfect Sukhaasan. In this position there will be no problem , you can move from anywhere, you will not feel any stretch and pain due to this there will be no tension in our any of vein that means there will be no loss so, let me tell you once again, our left leg should be it should be in this position and the calf of right leg should be placed on the left leg like this and you can even sit and take the posture according to your comfort also there will be no harm in this, but make sure that your spine is straight then only you will get the special benefits of this exercise. Now what are the benefits of doing this let us remark on this , with this food gets digest nicely you feel hungry and the food get digest also, and the spine problem is also get relived to an extend. Acidity also get vanished but when,how and under which circumstances. So we should atleast do this exercise for 15 minutes then you will feel its benefits within 15 days only. so you can do it from 15-30 minutes It is not necessary that form the first day should be same like this Two things are most important to notice, that this leg should be straight. and bit of this and that way is acceptable later on it will be completely in form but your spine should be completely straight