Surya Bhedi Pranayam II सूर्य  भेदी  प्राणायाम II   By Yoga Guru Abhey Kumar Choudhary II

Surya Bhedi Pranayam II सूर्य भेदी प्राणायाम II By Yoga Guru Abhey Kumar Choudhary II

Namaskar Now i am going to tell you about Surya Bhedi Pranayam. It is that Pranayam If we human start doing this with the systematic way then he solve any type of problem of his life. it has two ways ” Sabheech & Nirweech” Here will do Sabheech Pranayam as in Nirweech panayam must get it done under Master’s supervision And master only can tell that whether our Nervous System (Naadi Tantu) is capable enough to do that pranayam or not. So, we will do Surya Bhedi Pranayam, Before doing this it is necessary to do Naari Shodhan at least 21 times. Moment you done Naari Shodhan for 21 times then you will inhale the breath from right nostril then that will be suray bhedi, how that i will tell you in detail. moment the Surya bhedi is done, then again you have to start Naari Shodhan for 21 times You have to do it carefully and when your body is aligned. The major quality of this, one who got heart attack and his surgery has not been done then he can get rid of by pass surgery his blockage can be opened. Those who have high BP if they will do this then their BP will be in control. Those who have skin disease that will also be cured by this. What all problems that liver is not getting oxygen and Liver related problems like cirrhosis and multiple problems in our organs so it is that such pranayam which is will rejuvenate all your organs and you will get converted to younger age from old age. by increasing its step to step.Moment the toxins get created in our body. And this SuryaBhedi Pranayam work wonder to get that toxin out of our body. So,first of all after doing Naari Shodhan for 21 times. Then will inhale deep breathing form left nostril and then will do kumbhak i will tell you, then will do the same from right nostril. This will be one set. Then right inhale, hold and then left exit. so this will be 2nd second. so this way after doing 5 sets you have to do Naari Shodhan again Then again you have begin with left, So i am doing it from right side, look at this, breathing inhale That was your Surya Bhedi Pranayam.Suppose i have done it for 5 times then i will do Naari Shodhan for 21 times in Surya Bhedi when you breath inhale then you have to hole it on for than 4 times and you to put force twice a time in breathing out. If you have done breathing inhale in 10 seconds then you will make you capacity to hold it for 40 seconds and till breath out in 20 seconds. So for 5 times this Surya Bhedi chain will go by changing the nostril Right inhale , hold and then left exit.after doing this 5 times then you will do Naari Shodhan for 21 times and then after that you will sit in meditation for 5-10 minutes. With this your multiple problems will be solved like your Migraine problem what all problems like germs in stomach,Gastric all of these default get disappear from your body. And this pranayam make Healthy,Successful and attractive and make your inner self awaken. That is called Surya Bhedi. Namaskar….