Sushumna Kriya Yoga Initiation by Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mataji at Puducherry

I am very happy to meet all of you here in Pondicherry. Firstly I would like to tell you all that I have never spoken in Tamil. Today, for the first time I will try to speak in Tamil with whatever little I know. In the year 1992, I read the book, Autobiography of Paramhansa Yogananda. In those days I used to think about Kriya Yoga. Who will teach Kriya Yoga and how can I learn kriya yoga. I had also asked several people in this regard. Some of them told me that I will have to go to Ranchi. There I would be given lessons in Kriya Yoga and it is only there that Kriya Yoga will be taught. I did not get permission to go to Ranchi alone to learn kriya yoga. During that time I had read in the Bhagavad-Gita about Third-eye Meditation and was practicing it. In 2005 while I was meditating on one fine morning, Sri Bhoganatha​ Siddar and Sri Mahavatar Babaji gave us the gift of a wonderful LATEST INNER SOFTWARE. That is called SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA. Nowadays nobody has the time or patience. That is why Kriya Yoga was shortened by to only 49 minutes and is designed as SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA by our great Masters. Unlike our ancestors, we are leading a comfortable materialistic life isn’t it? But in-spite of all the comforts, are we very happy?, or are we feeling very energetic? Just think for a moment, Are we really happy? if you Ask anybody, they are either depressed, or unhealthy or dis-satisfied . Something is missing. Some or the other mental stress or tension is there. Ask anybody they all say and feel the same. When we have all the comforts we should have been very happy. Here the equation is not tallying isn’t it? What is the reason for this? Many doctors say” MENTAL HEALTH LEADS TO PHYSICAL HEALTH”. These days many people are facing PSYCHO-SOMATIC DISORDERS isn’t it? In these times if we ask what is the medicine, it is only SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA MEDITATION. I can say this with great conviction. When I tell people to Meditate, they say they are doing Puja, they are going to the Temple, then why should they exclusively MEDITATE. They are asking. In the BHAGAVAD-GITA, LORD KRISHNA has once clearly said ” YOGAHA KARMASU KOUSALAM”. Which means that if we daily practice Meditation all our daily activities will be fine tuned. I mean in our daily life, in our daily activities, we will be fine tuned. In all of our activities isn’t fine tuning necessary for everybody or not? To do whatever we do in our daily activities with conviction, smartly, happily and with energy this practice of Meditation will help us in every way. now tell me whether daily meditation is necessary or not for us? When we practice Meditation daily our Soul and body are connected. When they get connected we will be taking correct decisions in our daily life. That is because our INTUITIVE THINKING will get developed through this practice. Apart from this why is SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA MEDITATION the most powerful Meditative technique? Because in this SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA MEDITATION Four Meditative techniques are embedded. That is MUDRA MEDITATION, OMKARA MEDITATION, BREATHING MEDITATION and THIRD-EYE MEDITATION. The combined four Meditative techniques were designed and gifted by our Great Masters to us in this Amazing SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA . First I will tell you about SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA First is YOGA MUDRA. That is keeping our hands in this posture. Why this MUDRA is so powerful is because when we keep our fore fingers close to us, great energy is received by IDA and PINGALA nadi. Like wise when our thumbs are pointed towards us great energy is received by the SUSHUMNA NADI and also when our fingers are interlocked an energy circle revolves around us. Like how we charge our cell phones daily, like wise we should also charge our Soul by the practice of Meditation. Daily we feed our body with food isn’t it? The food for our Soul is the practice of Meditation. After YOGA MUDRA is OMKARA. OMKARA is the HIGHEST SOUND ENERGY. OMKARA is also called MAHA MANTRA. Any Mantra recited without OMKARA will not have any power. That is why before any Mantra OMKARA is added. Once I was going to Vizag. In the aeroplane a 50 year old lady sat beside me. When we were discussing about Meditation she said she was from the States. She had settled in the States and she was going to Vizag to attend some function. I was going from Chennai and she was sitting next to me. She showed me a prescription. After seeing that prescription I became very happy because she had developed sudden BP and her doctor had prescribed a medicine and next to that her doctor had written ‘morning 30 minutes evening 30 minutes Meditation’. I was very happy to see that and she said for six months for her high BP along with her medicines, she had Meditated without missing it for a single day. Now she does not have BP anymore. So by the practice of Meditation great benefits have happened. But we did not know about it. Today we will learn about it. Without missing it for a day, continuously we will do it. 49 days 49 minutes if you continuously do it the power of this Meditation will be understood by all of you without fail. That is because this Meditative Technique was not created by Humans. The Great Masters have designed this Meditative Technique. Now we will discuss OMKARA. When we recite OMKARA it should be recited from our Navel. We should hear our OMKARA while reciting. Our thoughts should not go anywhere while reciting OMKARA. While reciting OMKARA all our cells inside should vibrate, especially while reciting MAKARA we should feel the vibration in our head. We should recite it for 21 times. Why 21 times? It is because inside our body,there are SEVEN ENERGY JUNCTIONS. They are also called CHAKRAS. For every Chakra – three times OMKARA. Next is first YOGA MUDRA, second is OMKARA, third is DEEP And LONG BREATHING PRACTICE. Slowly breath in deep and slowly breath out. When we breathe in think of all the good qualities going in and when we breathe out feel all the bad qualities going out. You are breathing out your negative qualities. If we do this with great feeling, we will be seeing a great difference. This 49 days you will definitely realize. That is why 14 times we should do this deep breathing. Fourthly between the two eyebrows, that is the bindi region we should focus between the two eyebrows. During this time we should not recite any Mantra nor should we think of any form of God. A THOUGHTLESS MIND is called MEDITATION. What did our RAMANA MAHARISHI say, SIT QUIETLY. Now what is the most difficult thing for us to do? It is to sit quietly isn’t it? Just one hour daily if we can sit quietly without any doubt we can realize God within us. We can feel God in our Meditation. When we do Puja or fasting or go to a temple, God is different and we are different isn’t it? But when we Meditate we can feel God within us. When we realize God within us how happy and joyful would we be feeling isn’t it? We all know that one day we all have to leave this body. But every minute we worry about our bodies isn’t it? Also we all know that our Soul is Omnipotent and permanent, but what are we doing for our Soul. Till now we did not know about this. Now we know that we can do something for our Soul. Today we have learnt this. Without missing a single day continuously we should practice SUSHUMNA KRIYA YOGA. First after 49 minutes practice of Meditation we will discuss about this. Now everybody sit straight. Sit straight. It is said in BHAGAVAD-GITA ” SAMAM kHAAYAM SRIYO KREEVAM”. When we are sitting for Meditation we should sit straight. That is because when we sit straight great energy can be received by us. Keep your hands in the YOGA MUDRA. While meditating if you open your eyes in between, 80 percent of energy will be wasted. Okay. That’s why keep your eyes closed while sitting till I ask you to open your eyes,till 49 minutes are over, then open your eyes. Now all of us will start Meditation. I will teach you how to recite OMKARA. ohm ohm if we recite like this we will not get enough energy and the cells in our body will also not vibrate enough. There should be a small gap between each OMKARA Now how to do DEEP BREATHING?. Without any noise and with a feeling DEEP BREATHING should be done. Now all of us will sit straight. Keep our hands in the YOGA MUDRA. Close your eyes slowly. We will start Meditating. 21 times along with me recite OMKARA. 14 times practice DEEP BREATHING. Slowly place your hands over your eyes.Slowly open your eyes. Slowly place your hands over your eyes and come out of your Meditative state slowly. Now all of us, in order to completely come out of our Meditative state, will clap for One minute. Everyone of you have performed Meditation very well. this Meditation for 49 minutes should be practiced daily in the early morning hours between 3 am and 6 am. It will be very good. Those who cannot Meditate during this time can Meditate at their own convenient time.