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Morning Yoga (Best Wake Up Routine!) 20 Minute Vinyasa Flow

– Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect. Hi, I’m Lesley Fightmaster, today’s class: Morning Yoga. Sit up nice and tall, bring your hands together in front of your heart as you close your eyes. Ground down through the sitting bones and begin to lengthen […]

Full Body Yoga Stretch (Recharge!) You Deserve it

– [Lesley] Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga where it’s not about the pose and you don’t have to be perfect. I’m Lesley Fightmaster. Today’s class, Full Body Yoga Stretch. Begin sitting tall, with every inhale, lengthen; with each exhale, relax. Bring your hands together. May you move through your yoga today with comfort and ease. It […]

Yoga Fix 30 – 30 Days of 20 Minute Yoga Videos | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

(lively music) – [Instructor] Who here’s ready to get addicted? I’m talking strung out on yoga. Are you tired of sifting through countless online yoga videos only to find out it wasn’t what you were looking for? Do you want to make positive change in your life but you’re not sure where to start? Well, […]

20 Minute Yoga For Beginners (Weight Loss Workout) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

– [Instructor] Well hello. I’m so glad you’re here. This is Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss. If you’re new to yoga, you’re absolutely in the right place. If you’re not new to yoga, it’s always a wonderful to practice beginners yoga. Get two blocks today and your yoga mat and put on something comfortable. Don’t […]