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Learn Floor Aerobics to 80s Music : The Pony for Aerobics to ’80s Music

Our next move, which we’re going to add on to the reaches, is what’s called a pony. You might have done this before. You pony right, you pony left, you pony right, you pony left, and we’re going to add some arms to that. It’s a triplet. You go, right, left, right… left, right, left. […]

Learn Floor Aerobics to 80s Music : Warming Up for Aerobics to ’80s Music

Hi, I am Mandy Mensor with expertvilliage.com. I am your floor aerobics expert and today we are going to focus on the 80’s. I have been an instructor for 5 years at UCLA teaching everything from step aerobics strength, spin, sports conditioning and of course floor aerobics. Let’s get ready to work it out. We […]

Learn Floor Aerobics to 80s Music : Stretching for Aerobics to ’80s Music

So, we need to stretch. It’s very important to stretch post workout. This is when you want to stretch versus stretching before the workout. Notice that my warm up didn’t really involve stretching, that’s because we loose elasticity in our muscles, if we just go straight to stretching and don’t actually get some strength exercise […]

Learn Floor Aerobics to 80s Music : Reaches for Aerobics to ’80s Music

Alright our third move which is the most amazing move in my opinion, is reaching to the sky called the sky reaches. You’re reaching for inspiration, you’re reaching for love, you’re reaching for hope, you’re reaching for peace in the world. So how we do this is really creating opposition in our body. By reaching […]

Key & Peele – Aerobics Meltdown – Uncensored

male announcer: LIVE FROM THE NESTLE ARENA, WELCOME TO THE FINALS OF 1987 JAZZ FIT CHAMPIONSHIPS. REPRESENTING THE BODY SHOP FROM HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, FLASH. AND FROM THE SKIN SHOP FROM DETROIT, MICHIGAN, LIGHTNING. [’80s dance music] ♪ [dramatic music] ♪ [’80s dance music] ♪ [dramatic music] ♪ [80s dance music] ♪ [dramatic music] ♪ [’80s […]

’80s Aerobics Dance Challenge w/ Kate Upton

-Hey, guys, I’m here with Kate Upton, and we’re about to do an “’80’s Aerobics Dance Challenge.” You ready for this? -Yeah. ♪♪ -1, 2. 2 to the right. ♪♪ 1, 2. 2 to the right. -2 to the right. -Oh, yeah! -1, 2. 2 to the right. Now for toe-heel. -Oh, I got to […]