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How to teach yoga to kids

In today’s fast pace society we all want to spend quality time with our kids. Our kids want to spend quality time with us. So, I wrote a book called Yoga Stories with Coco and Friends, that helps me and actually anyone to do 30 minutes of Yoga with children. You read a paragraph, and […]

Natural IBS Treatments – A Low FODMAP Diet Versus Yoga, Which is Better?

Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio. Let’s discuss natural treatments for IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. Most namely, a low FODMAP diet, and how that compares to yoga. A study was recently published that examined this question and I’ll put the abstract up here on the screen, entitled “Randomized Clinical Trial: Yoga versus a Low-FODMAP Diet in […]

Living Anatomy, Living Yoga

[Kelsey] This course was really interesting to me because it incorporates the mind so much [Emma] I’ve had a lot of friends take this course and say that it really helps them deal with stress. [Missy] Students come out of this class feeling like it’s really changed their lives, not just as dancers, but as […]

​What is the Purpose of Meditation? | Sadhguru

Questioner: Sadhguru I read in one of your question answer sessions that you were referring that even meditation is not the thing, like I mean, maybe it’s a confusion to me right Buddha didn’t meditate much though his followers did for, I mean it’s just a state of ecstasy which people get into. Is it […]

How to sew elastic (2 techniques) | Sewing Tutorial with Angela Wolf

Sewing elastic into a waistband or cuff is fast and easy. I’ll show you how simple it is in this quick video. Hi, I’m Angela Wolf! I’m going to show you two ways to sew elastic into a garment. One technique uses an elastic casing and in the other you sew the elastic directly to […]

Barbra Noh – Therapeutic Alignment Immersion (Official Trailer)

I’m Barbra Noh and this is the alignment immersion. I’m so happy to be presenting this six session program the alignment immersion is an educational series where you will learn about a therapeutic approach to alignment that will completely transform your practice it’ll make advanced poses possible and it’ll make basic poses more interesting I’ve […]