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Good Morning Meditation 6 – A New Place To Be

Good Morning Meditation this morning’s meditation I was ridiculously tired but something came out and it’s just fueling my imagination so I find that exciting A new place to be. Above and in the clouds a new place to be sits supported by love defies what we know but true to what we don’t the […]

Meditation for Artists – The Automatic Drawing Technique

Tim: Okay, everyone I’m Tim Gula. I’m here to teach you how to do quicksketch. Stan: Tim Gula is one of those guys that floor you when they tell you their history. He worked with Frank Frazetta and Moebius, major studios like Disney, Marvel, and DC. He studied with Alex Nino and Fred Fixler who […]

Motivated To Exercise

Haha, Beans. That makes no sense. ???: Says you, you’re lying on the floor! Can you really blame me though? W- wh-wait, who’s spoopin’ me? ???: It’s me, the thing you ate earlier. MUFFIN: The muffin you had for breakfast, remember? *Very gross burp* MUFFIN: L-Look, listen. MUFFIN: You need to scootch your toosh and […]

Best Drawing Exercises – Asking Pros

Yay! Hey, Cooper! Say hello. Best drawing exercise to improve your drawing skills. Gosh, there are so many. It’s hard to boil down one. I think looking at the world and turning it into the simplest geometric volumes, boxes and cones and cylinders and spheres. I think that’s the most valuable. That’s a biased opinion […]

Illustrator Tutorial: Yoga Pose Illustration Design Process

Hey what is up guys my name is Cosmin and in today’s video I’ll be showing you how to create this yoga illustration in just a couple of steps inside Illustrator. Now if you’re new to this channel this is the place where every week I’m trying to help graphic designers get better by sharing […]