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Yoga poses for Thyroidism – Part 3

Are you suffering from hyper or hyporthyroidism? Try Yoga – Plow and Fish Pose have multiple benefits. Aside from helping you regulate your thyroid gland it also gives a complete stretch to the entire back of the body. Fish pose helps in opening and expanding the chest, shoulder and throat. Start with lying on your […]

Yoga & Diet

Yoga and balanced diet. After exercising Yoga.. ..an hour later.. ..you have to pay attention at diet! Which nutrition it is. What is called a balanced diet? In which there would be minerals and vitamins.. ..folic acid, zinc, iron.. ..amino acids, proteins.. ..calcium and magnesium.. ..all these elements are very important for our body! Yoga […]

The Science of Yoga (Part 2 – Posture)

welcome to the science of yoga part two in ancient times the Yogi’s in India intuited that bodily posture has a profound effect on a person’s state they believe that tiny channels called Nadi’s run through the human body carrying through them a force called prana lifeforce and it was said that if these Nadi’s […]