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Yoga For Leg Flexibility ♥ Get You Full Splits

Hey guys welcome to your flexibility beach yoga were on a beautiful beach in St Lucia and I have a 10 min sequence for you that will help you get flexibility in your legs especially in your hamstrings and your hips so if you’re ready find some space grab a mat and lets do this […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Butterfly Pose

With the Butterfly posture, you’re going to take your feet together. When you take your feet together you try to join the toes together, the ball of the foot, the heel of the foot. Everybody’s different, you can leave your feet out here, you can take your feet in towards you, whatever it is for […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Rock a Baby Pose

Rock a baby it is very soothing, but it also is great for opening up hips. You take the left foot in towards you and take that left foot right inside your right hand. Take your left hand right on the outside of that left knee, and it’s like you are holding a baby in […]

Restorative Yoga Poses : Restorative Yoga Supported Bridge Pose with Bolster

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is supported bridge, or supported shoulder stand. And you’re going to need a bolster; if you don’t have a bolster, you can certainly use some pillows, and a couple of blankets. You’re going to need a block, again, if you don’t have a block, you can certainly find some books in your […]

Yoga traditionnel et place des Asanas – Sudhir Tiwari interview 2018

[Neda] Namaste [Sudhir] Namaste [Neda] Welcome to YogaLite [Sudhir] My pleasure [Neda] thank you for giving us some time to discuss important topics about Yoga. The first question I would like to ask you is what it is actually Yoga, what does it mean ? [Sudhir] You know Yoga has a literal meaning and Yoga […]

Gentle Yoga Poses : Yoga Thread a Needle Pose

In thread a needle, you can put a blanket underneath your knees, and you can put a pillow; a soft pillow, you can take your hands; make a fist, whatever it is for you. But take one arm; take the right arm underneath the left to begin with, you’ll lean in towards the right, and […]

How to Handle a Fart in Yoga Class

How to Handle a Fart in Yoga Class. It happens to almost every yoga practitioner at some point: You’re contorting yourself into a pose when you let one rip. Here’s what to do next — and how to help prevent future flatulence. You will need Preemptive farts Poker face Cough, sneeze, or exhale Scapegoat Wind-relieving […]

Yoga’s Healing Benefits

My journey with yoga began in the early 19 90s. I suffered a near fatal head injury from high school football that left me in a coma for almost six days and after coming out of the coma I really needed something to help me get grounded and find myself to kinda rediscover myself and […]