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5 Days Of Different Massages | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink and this is five days of different massages. Hey everyone, welcome back to Try Living With Lucie. If you’re new to Refinery29’s YouTube channel click the little subscribe box right here so that you never miss another five day challenge ever again. And if you’re a longtime fan then, hi!. One of […]

Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises to relieve back pain. Let’s get started. So these stretches and exercises are just for general back pain. If you’ve got some soreness in your back or it’s aching a little bit, maybe you pulled a muscle, but not […]

Restorative Yoga for Lower Back Pain | Gentle Yoga

If you’re tired of temporary solutions to your lower back pain then stick around because I’m going to share with you four restorative yoga poses for lower back pain that will help you reduce your symptoms and improve your mobility. In fact, one of my clients who frequently types all day at a computer went […]

7 Exercises for Back Pain Using the McKenzie Method

(upbeat guitar strumming) – Hi everyone, welcome back to Dr. Ho’s Healthy Living Blog. Now if you suffer from back pain, this is the video you’re gonna wanna watch. Today, we are joined by Chapman Fu who is a registered physiotherapist and he works out of the PT rehab center. Now, Chapman has actually has […]

Yoga for Breakups ๐Ÿ”ฅ How to Get Over Your Ex

downDOGMA Hey yogis, feeling down in the dumps about your most recent breakup? Here’s a list of of 8 yoga poses to helping you get over your ex. Pose number one: BOAT POSE because you escaped that sinking ship. [crying in the background] Pose number two: BIRD OF PARADISE because you’re the freest of the […]