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Back Workout | Charles Glass Trains Errol Moore at the Mecca

We’re at Golds Gym Venice Beach with the legend Charles Glass the Godfather we’re gonna hit back today so let’s see what he throws at us when you start throwing weight around what happens you end up getting an injury what you want to have control control the muscles contract the muscles squeezing right here […]

Pilates Reformer Exercises : Roll Back Pilates Reformer Exercise

Hi! My name is April Plank with Yoga Etc. Studio on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we will be doing the roll back on the short box. So I am going to have Helen go ahead and start with this. She is going to reach her arms in front of her. The shoulders […]

Common Rowing Error: Finding the Right Layback and Length

Leaning too far back at the end of the drive results in a weak position. There’s no benefit to a longer stroke if it isn’t powerful. Imagine leaning back to a position of 11 o’clock on the clock face and pull the handle into the top of your ribcage.


my name is Nathan Williams I’m known for having one of the widest backs on the natural bodybuilding stage today we are going through my back workout I always start with the hardest exercise I start with a deadlift and then go on to a row, pull up and I’ll taper it down towards the […]

3 of the Best Exercises for Sciatica

– Hi, my name is Jasper from Milton Chiropractic Clinic and today I want to show you three exercises for sciatica. Now sciatica is actually a pain which travels down the back of your leg, the back of the outside of your lower leg, and the outside of your foot and it’s caused by compression […]