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Calisthenics BACK WORKOUT – NO GYM EQUIPMENT – Street Workout

Hello guys and wellcome back to Street Brothers channel Today we’re gonna be doing a back workout. Here with my is Angelo yeah guys , you heard it right today we’re gonna be doing back workout In today’s workout , we have 5 exercises but before we start, let’s do some warm up Will you […]

How to Fix Uneven Hips at Home with Pelvic Clock® Exercise Device

When your hips are uneven You walk run and even bike ASYMMETRICALLY Till it hurts Is there a fix for chronic pain in the hips? The Pelvic Clock Precision exercises for hip alignment Stretch the tight side of your pelvis strengthen the weak side of your core Restore the symmetry in your hips.

9 Minute Workout That Replaces One Hour In the Gym.

Hi folks I’m Bob Shrupp physical therapist.Brad heineck physical therapist, and together we are the most famous most famous physical therapists on internet. In our opinion, of course Bob.We’re gonna do a 9 minute workout that replaces one hour of the gym now I know you’re gonna. I’m a little skeptical Bob I’ll work with […]

Onderrug flexibiliteit stretch

Welcome to a new video of Marks Pilates Power! Low back pain can have many causes Including tight or weak back, ab or core muscles, muscle sprains or strains, or a hernia. Stretching can help reduce back pain and help prevent back injuries. Lie on your back with the right knee bent (90 degrees or […]