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3 MUST-DO Exercises for Greater Hip Internal Rotation

Hiep internal rotation is important for getting deep into a squat and also for keeping the knees healthy whether it’s the meniscus or the ligaments in this video you’re gonna learn three exercises and a quick little routine to get the hip internal rotators firing active and strong hey what’s up it’s Coach E here […]

Big Sean Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

(knocks) – [Interviewer] Big Sean, we’re here to see your gym and fridge. – Wrong house. “Men’s Health.” (ding) (ding) (ding) Why didn’t you say so? What’s up man? Come on in. (soft music) ♪ I’m single again ♪ ♪ I guess it’s just the way it’s gone be ♪ Hey y’all, wait a second, […]

Manchester University – Exercise Science and Athletic Training Alumni

I’m a performance coach, so we do speed training, we do physical strength training, work on functional mobility, work on injury prevention, ACL, we work on post-rehab patients. We do a lot of prudent and judicious monitoring of external workloads, sprint distances, player loads, and really try to make sure that our athletes are being […]

Parkinson’s exercise tips for mild symptoms

If you have Parkinson’s focusing on exercise can be as important as your medication to help you take control and manage your symptoms Regular exercise can help improve your balance, posture, strength, flexibility and keep your heart and lungs healthy It also helps with sleep and tiredness your mood and mental health In fact, research […]

How can I exercise with more complex Parkinson’s?

There are specific exercise styles to focus on as Parkinson’s progresses and your symptoms are making movement and everyday life more challenging You might find your muscles and joints getting stiffer It might be difficult to do things like turning and getting out of bed or making meals A regular exercise routine can help In […]