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Vanessa – Meditate (Official Music Video)

My friends are all reckless. Tonight, I’m going out with them. Uhhhh We all getting fucked up, Might wild out but in my defense I’ll do whatever it takes To forget About you Away with the tears Deja vu I can’t do this no more Need this time to meditate Smoke this blunt to help […]

How To: Dumbbell Shoulder Press

What’s going on everybody I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com and I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell military press also known as a dumbbell shoulder press. First thing you do is grab your dumbbells, and then you’re gonna pick a bench with the seat totally upright. Some gyms have seats that are primarily […]

Ultimate Face Yoga Exercise To Do Before Bed

Hi guys my name’s Danielle Collins and I’m the world leading face yoga expert and I’m going to show you my favorite technique to do before I go to bed. Now it’s super simple all you need to do is take your index fingers and you just stroke between the eyebrows. Now it’s such a […]

Cord Cutting & Releasing The Past | Guided Meditation

Close your eyes softly and turn your attention inward. Begin to observe your body, how it is resting, breathing and barely moving. Tune your mind toward the peace and stillness that your body is experiencing right now. Observe each in-breath and out-breath and with each cycle of breath let go more and more and deepen […]