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Fun English Lesson 12 – Yoga

Welcome I’m your Yoga master While I am doing some exercises Your English teacher will lead you through today’s lesson In this lesson, we will talk about fitness using the words can and could. Can you play basketball very well? Could you play basketball well in the past? Before we watch a short movie, I’ll […]

Total Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– So, I got some big fans of the Total Body Yoga workout. Some of you guys love those videos. So I’m putting together another one today, especially for my friend Luto in San Francisco. He said that those are his favorite videos. So let’s do one of those today. Hope you enjoy. (guitar melody) […]

Yoga For Complete Beginners Full Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome to the Yoga With Tim, beginner video. So, you’re probably new to the channel if you’re a beginner trying this video out. Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy what you find here and this style of yoga class. Make sure to drink a lot of water after so that you […]

Detox Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome to the Detox Flow. Yoga in itself is detoxifying. When we practice the poses we twist ourselves, we contract one side, we help to stimulate the organs. But this sequence in particular, I chose some poses that should really help to wring out and to get things moving. So I hope you […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga Warrior 1 Pose

I’m Linda Black and we’re going to show you a warrior 1. First start doing the previous sequence that we did chataranga into an upward facing dog and then back into a downward facing dog. That’s the starting pose for this sequence. Stepping the right leg forward to your right hand. We are going to […]

One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

[Music] what’s up elite then exactly it’s it’s Chris area welcome to another video of fishel 10x today I’m gonna be showing you guys one exercise that’s gonna change your life the same way it changed mine basically this exercise is the gateway exercise that’s really gonna start taking your training to a whole new […]

How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners : How To Do The Chair Yoga Pose

Hello, my name is Samantha Raphael on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip I’ll be demonstrating Chair Pose. To begin step your feet together, big toes touch and go slightly apart, as you breath out, sit down. So imagine there’s a chair behind you that you’re sitting down on. Your knees should just come […]

How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners : How To Do The Warrior Two Yoga Pose

Hello, my name is Samantha Raphael on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip I’ll be demonstrating Warrior Two. To begin, step your feet about three feet apart, turn your right foot out, turn your left foot in slightly so it’s at about a 45 degree angle, with an exhalation bend your right knee so […]

Spoga Yoga Mat Review and Bonus Yoga Poses

It’s raining in Seattle, so let’s do yoga. [Popping Sound] [Donkey Sound] So I was on Amazon the other day and I was cruisin’ through like I do looking at a bunch of different products and one caught my eye. People doing yoga? I mean look at this lady. Stretch. Relax with Spoga. So you […]

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga Warrior Sequences

I’m Linda Black. We’re going to move now into another warrior series. Stepping back with the right leg. We’ll start off in Warrior 2 position. With the arms extended, the chest facing the side wall. Awesome. Then we’re going to bring the fore arm to the thigh. And lift that right arm, up and over. […]