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Yoga For a Healthy Liver

– Hey everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene. Travel Edition! Here we are in beautiful Los Angeles and it’s a beautiful day. The breeze is blowing, there are lots of airplanes, you might hear them actually. And I wanted to hit the deck literally and find what feels good. We’re doing a […]

How to do chair yoga pose | The Right Way

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Francesca and today I’m going to teach you how to do chair pose, utkatasana, the right way and the wrong way. Let’s start with the wrong way. The knees collapse towards one another, the knees past the ankles, the lower back is rounded, the shoulders collapsing, the chest collapse, and […]

Dedicate – Day 30 – Liberate | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone. Welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. Thank you so much for being here. It’s Day 30. Bring your palms together, start to smile because you are awesome. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Way to show up. Way to tell a story. Way to go along for […]

Yoga For Grief | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have yoga for grief. So grab a little blanket if you have one, hop into something extra comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Hello my darling friends, welcome. We’re gonna begin today’s practice in a nice, comfortable […]

Yoga For Risk Takers | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone, welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and we have an awesome yoga for risk takers today. So hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright my friends, hi. Let’s begin standing today. Bring your feet together, really together. And go ahead and take your […]

7 Yoga Poses (Stretches) That Are Terrible for Your Back

♪ Bob and Brad, ♪ ♪ the two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ on the Internet ♪ – Hi, folks, I’m, Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most famous physical therapists on the Internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – So today, […]

Energizing Yoga Flow ♥ Complete Full Body Yoga

Hey guys welcome to to your oceanside flow yoga today is only a 10 min sequence that is going to get your blood flowing through your body help you wake up your mind and fully recharge your batteries so when you’re ready find some space lets grab a mat and lets do it alright guys […]